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CheeszNIPSCheeszNIPS has reached a new milestone: 13,250 Achievements Won
Snapple CapAnniversarySnapple Cap is celebrating their birthday today!
BongoBlood WavesBongo won 2 Achievements in Blood Waves for 81 points
BongoBlood Waves500 zombies achievementBongo won the 500 zombies achievement in Blood Waves for 37 points
BongoBlood WavesMaster AK-12 achievementBongo won the Master AK-12 achievement in Blood Waves for 43 points
CheeszNIPSMass Effect 2CheeszNIPS won 3 Achievements in Mass Effect 2 for 20 points
CheeszNIPSMass Effect 2CheeszNIPS started the game Mass Effect 2
Revelation1318Far Cry 6Revelation1318 won 3 Achievements in Far Cry 6 for 237 points
CheeszNIPSLakeCheeszNIPS completed the game Lake and is the 3,459th gamer on the site to complete it
mikemnsnEA SPORTS UFC 4mikemnsn won 3 Achievements in EA SPORTS UFC 4 for 357 points
CheeszNIPSLakeCheeszNIPS won 6 Achievements in Lake for 835 points
CheeszNIPSLakeHometowner achievementCheeszNIPS won the Hometowner achievement in Lake for 149 points
CheeszNIPSLakeFree Spirit achievementCheeszNIPS won the Free Spirit achievement in Lake for 148 points
CheeszNIPSLakeWorkaholic achievementCheeszNIPS won the Workaholic achievement in Lake for 128 points
CheeszNIPSLakeMovie Carrier achievementCheeszNIPS won the Movie Carrier achievement in Lake for 123 points
CheeszNIPSLakeShutter Bug achievementCheeszNIPS won the Shutter Bug achievement in Lake for 129 points
mikemnsnmikemnsn has reached a new milestone: 950,000 TrueAchievement Score
APOPHIS1989EmbrAPOPHIS1989 won 4 Achievements in Embr for 2678 points
MiniogerMy Universe - My BabyMinioger completed the game My Universe - My Baby and is the 130th gamer on the site to complete it
APOPHIS1989EmbrAPOPHIS1989 won 5 Achievements in Embr for 283 points
APOPHIS1989EmbrState Secrets achievementAPOPHIS1989 won the State Secrets achievement in Embr for 114 points
APOPHIS1989EmbrProfit achievementAPOPHIS1989 won the Profit achievement in Embr for 23 points
APOPHIS1989EmbrLobbyist achievementAPOPHIS1989 won the Lobbyist achievement in Embr for 29 points
Revelation1318Far Cry 6Revelation1318 won 5 Achievements in Far Cry 6 for 169 points
CheeszNIPSLakeMetal Detector achievementCheeszNIPS won the Metal Detector achievement in Lake for 137 points
BongoBlood WavesBongo won 20 Achievements in Blood Waves for 860 points
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
1000+ Achievements Public 1,338 4,150 32.24
Reverend M3TA leaderboard Public 80 180 44.44
Big sama My top 10 games are all above 2,000 Request 49 62 79.03
Unnamed Saint Active Members Request 7 19 36.84
lXl Will lXl 3000+ Individual Achievements Request 12 15 80.00
N0T PENNYS B0AT Bright Falls Aficionados Request 4 6 66.67

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Saints Row (2006)
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