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First things first, I'm not going to go through nine years of my life and tell tales of old and new about a boy who became a blah blah blah. I'm a terrible blogger, just let that sink in for a second.


Think of this as just my own little post-it note I've stuck on the Trueachievements site to commemorate my love for gaming, hitting my goal of 100K with some form of commitment and to also give a big thanks to the TA community for the support, news and good times. just like it's name, you can also ask me questions (if anyone would want to!) and I will post them into this blog post. Kinda like a continual Q+A thingy I can keep progressing into some direction.

So without further or do, my favourite part, the part with all the list and statistics and stuff!

cn_guideGamertag: VARNY

Old gamertags: TheJadedSage, A7V7, Im Varney, WhatsFUBAR to name a few. I don't know why but I was never satisfied with my name choice, I think I've ended up having something like 15 gamertags since I've started playing Xbox. All I can say is I'm sticking with my current one and that's final.

cn_guidePlaying Xbox since: December, 2002.

When I was 9 years old, I was given an Xbox Original that came with the SegaGT/Jet Set Radio Future disc bundle and a copy of Halo: CE. Officially, I put in the Sega/Jet Set disc set in first because of my attraction to the logo for Jet Set Radio Future. Looking back, I'm glad I did because both are awesome titles. But when I loaded up Halo for the first time that cold December evening in 2002, that was it, my life changed. Gaming became my life and throughout the years playing many different titles, the Halo universe is still and probably will always be my favourite.

cn_guideXbox Live Member Since: March, 2008.

I got my first Xbox 360 in December '07 but it wasn't until March the following year when I bought my first XBL Gold membership with a copy of Halo 3. To this date, this has been one of the best decisions in my life.

cn_guideFirst Achievement: March 10th, 2008.

A little bit of a grey area cause I was playing a few titles the year before and popping achievements. Due to not registering my gamertag to xbox live gold, my achievements weren't being officially date stamped. But personally I like to think this achievement in particular has some twisted sense of resemblance and nostalgia all wrapped up into a nice little 10G package smile

Halo 3GraduateVARNYThe Graduate achievement in Halo 3 worth 12 pointsEarn 5 EXP or finish 10 games to complete the requirements for basic training (Online).

cn_guideTA Member Since: June 23rd, 2010.

By now I was at the age of being introduced to a work environment during education, y'know, work experience and weekend stuff. That's when I came across working for a games retail company and meeting new people. Growing up, gaming used to be a way of entertaining myself and escaping everyday. As I got a bit older, I came out of my shell more and that's when I got into social gaming, party chats, lobbying and sometimes going outside and socialising, yes that's right! Outside! I was introduced to TA by a work colleague after discovering everyone's competitive nature in the friend group when it came to gamerscore. By this point about 4 of them were close to hitting or had just passed 100,000GS

Side note, it was around this time I discovered my interest for achievement hunting and set myself the goal of 100,000GS.

cn_guideAnnual breakdown of GS gained since joining XBL+TA:

2008: 1,845G - 122 Achievements in 11 Games. - year joined Xbox Live
2009: 5,670G - 232 Achievements in 16 games.
2010: 9,356G - 496 Achievements in 33 games. - year joined TrueAchievements
2011: 19,690G - 635 Achievements in 48 games. - best year for most GS/year I decided on 100K goal.
2012: 9,742G - 422 Achievements in 27 games.
2013: 15,275G - 858 Achievements in 49 games. - best year for most games played/achievements.
2014: 8,350G - 450 Achievements in 28 games.
2015: 13,150G - 664 Achievements in 27 games.
2016: 11,040G - 538 Achievements in 40 games.
2017: 5920G - currently 139 Achievements in 15 games as of 20/05/2017

If I could comment on my progress over the years in any way, it would be that I wished I hit my goal a lot sooner. That being said, I have been busy over the years growing up being part of different activities, teams, groups etc. Can't be everywhere at once I guess roll

cn_guide100K Achievement:

As I was getting closer my goal, I was starting to think whether it would be cool to pick which achievement would be the one that would send me over the big one oh oh... oh oh oh. Maybe something that had some sentimental value or maybe an achievement that held high respect in the upper echelon of achievement hunters. In the end? I decided I couldn't care less, just hit the target and celebrate! Wooooo! I ended up hitting my goal by recently playing through Battlefield 1, which I must say is a great game.

Battlefield 1Conquering the mountainsThe Conquering the mountains achievement in Battlefield 1 worth 105 pointsUnlock all Codex Entries in Avanti Savoia!

I was breezing through collecting field manuals and ended up finishing something else in the process. Needless to say, the 40G put me over my target goal!

cn_guideNew and Current Goals:

Over the years I've set myself many completion goals but due to either being busy, forgetful or lazy; I have failed a lot of them. One being 'get 100K quickly...ish'. Now that I've hit the main goal I've always wanted for GS, I don't feel the need to attain more anytime soon. The rest is just gravy. Why bother going for the highest possible when the #1 world record holder is pushing steady towards 2 million? I mean, massive kudos to the true hunters out there maintaining streaks of countless months and all but I'm never gonna be that good or make a big name for myself laugh

-That being said, this is what I'm gonna aim to do for the rest of 2017. A little bit of cleaning up across multiple titles so I can save up for some new releases-

* 5000 achievements in 200 games. - FAILED already. 4,942 'chieves in 201 games laugh
* Complete Halo Series: MCC - currently 57%
* Complete COD Modern Warfare Series - currently 99% COMPLETED 30/05/17
* Complete Borderlands Series - currently 81%
* Completion percentage of 70% - currently 60.77%

So yeah, now I'd like to take the opportunity to thank TrueAchievements and the TrueGaming team and community for providing one of the best sites for online gaming. Without you, my gaming experience wouldn't of been as rewarding and it would of taken me a lot longer than 9 years to hit my goal!
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PermalinkLeftovers: Codes for Trade
I've been going through a massive clear out and found an old collection of codes ranging from XBL to game add-on content/DLC for Xbox 360 and XOne. I'm not gonna need any of them anytime soon, so I thought I would list them here and if anyone is interested they could message me about trade. Just to point out, I don't know what sort of content some of these codes are as they were just unspecified slips when the game was bought.

Xbox 360 Codes:
-Alan Wake Game Add-On DLC
-Fable III Game Add-On DLC
-Forza Motorsport 3 Game Add-On DLC
-Gears of War Full Game Download (+ 48 hours XBL Gold)
-Gears of War 2 All Fronts Map Collection (Extra campaign mission + 19 multiplayer maps)
-Gears of War 2 Flashback Map Pack (5 multiplayer maps)
-Halo Reach Bonus Content Code
-Lips Number One Hits Game Add-On DLC

Xbox One Codes:
-Fifa 16 Full Game Download
-Halo 5 Fotus Armor Class + Multiplayer Emblem

XBL Gold:
-48 Hour
-1 Month

- Crackdown 2 Helicopter for Avatar

Let me know if you see something you like!
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