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I Wonder Where This Titanfall Idea Came From!
Quick and to the point, no mucking around here.....
I just watched District 9 for the first time yesterday. I know I am a 5 years late (and yes, I thought the film was amazing), but there were several instances throughout the movie that reminded me of Titanfall. I had to fight through the buzz clear my head a bit, but I eventually came to the realization that Titanfall could have very well ripped off been inspired by District 9.

Exhibit Number 1: The Weapons. The color scheme is remarkably similar; not to mention the fact that the shade of orange used is identical. Beyond that obvious keen observation, the pattern is also identical.
External image

Exhibit Number 2: The Mech/Titan. Um....I mean.....really? Just look at the pics. Astoundingly similar, right down to the orange stripes on the paint schemes.
External image

External image

Exhibit Number 3: Mech Abilities/Characteristics. The mech in District 9 had what Titanfall calls a vortex shield. In one scene the Wikus catches hundreds of bullets and then slings them back at the slumlords. This ability is a main defensive system in Titanfall.

Not enough evidence you say? In both cases, the mechs open up in front to expose the cockpit.

You want more? How about the weapons the mechs used. In one scene in the movie, Wikus fires off what Titanfall creators termed "Quad Rockets". And in another instance Wikus disintegrates an enemy with an Arc Cannon.

All of this reminds me of an episode from one of my favorite TV shows of all time - 30 Rock. Liz is once again struggling with delivering bad news to her writers and decides to blame everything bad that ever happens on a 'fictitious' executive named Dale Snitterman. Unfortunately for Ms. Lemon, she later discovers that she didn't pull that name out of thin air but rather from her unconsciousness. Snitterman was real. Liz saw his name on an office door and simply didn't remember.

Whether or not the creators of Titanfall purposely stole borrowed from District 9, or they did so unwittingly, there are far too many similarities. And in my opinion, in the immortal words of Ricky Ricardo, "They have a lot of 'splainin to do!"

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