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Dare to ask: does anyone have access to Uxie raids in Pokemon Go? Me and a few friends are still looking for a few

Van Uden

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Comment by SnapDragon at 15:58 on 27 Mar 2023

I honestly don't know how to rate this broken level relative to others. How many flavours of 1/5 are there? What a crappy, poorly-tested game.

Comment by Mr Rodster at 16:15 on 27 Mar 2023

Yeah, that level was a mess. I have enjoyed most of the others in co-op, but this one was frustrating.

IrishWarrior022IrishWarrior022 shared the blog The Hidden Levels Guides (Mar 20 ~ Mar 26) by Sangriaz
Comment by OldMan Kaens at 15:59 on 27 Mar 2023

Nice summary, I didn't realize Sangriaz was blogging like this. Honestly, I haven't seen anyone do blogs worth reading on TA so this is awesome.

Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 16:14 on 27 Mar 2023

He does some awesome work! Enjoy!

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Comment by SnapDragon at 14:04 on 27 Mar 2023

A cool 4-bit retro puzzle platformer! Takes an interesting mechanic and builds some very clever puzzles out of it.

Comment by SnapDragon at 14:05 on 27 Mar 2023

More people should give this a try. Thanks K4 for letting me know it existed. :)

Comment by K4rn4ge at 14:08 on 27 Mar 2023

Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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XxChiCubs32xXXxChiCubs32xX is now in the top 5 of the GamerScore Leaderboard for Baseball
Comment by YazFromAlcatraz at 08:26 on 27 Mar 2023

Congratulations! Big stuff here right before MLB The Show 23 release!

Comment by YazFromAlcatraz at 08:33 on 27 Mar 2023

I saw Anthonyd46 got removed from the top 5 in baseball and all his leaderboard ranks got removed also

dropK1CK ninJAAnniversarydropK1CK ninJA is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by Gutsy Goddess at 01:42 on 27 Mar 2023

Happy birthday 🎂

Comment by Rhyolitic at 06:17 on 27 Mar 2023

Time keeps on slippin'...HBD!

Comment by Beanpotter at 10:20 on 27 Mar 2023

HB, dK!

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Taco BobDead Space
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Comment by K4rn4ge at 00:02 on 27 Mar 2023


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