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PermalinkThe Bottom Feeder: Season Two, Episode 1.02
It feels pretty good to be bottom-feeding again. My ISP isn't terribly thrilled as I download and delete game after game, though I am making a more concentrated effort at getting other "close-by" Achievements before removing a game from my hard drive.

Last episode's Achievements feel quite quickly and this next batch of six, spread across five games should also be an easy task.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season TwoThere Can Only Be OneThe There Can Only Be One achievement in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two worth 20 pointsComplete Chapter 2 of Episode 1
LivelockRe-chartedThe Re-charted achievement in Livelock worth 10 pointsCollect an Audiolog
Dante's InfernoHoly WarriorThe Holy Warrior achievement in Dante's Inferno worth 10 pointsKill 30 Minions
Dead Space: IgnitionStormed the Core!The Stormed the Core! achievement in Dead Space: Ignition worth 15 pointsSuccessfully complete a System Override hack in any single player mode.
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel worth 10 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
LivelockScrappedThe Scrapped achievement in Livelock worth 10 pointsDestroy 1 Upgraded enemy

If memory serves, I've only got the free first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two, so I will be sure to wrap the episode before I move on to the 1.03s. Not a lot to say this early in the season, as the low-hanging fruit don't require much in the way of time or effort. They're not particularly rewarding to unlock, but every little bit adds to the Gamerscore, and I'm getting very close to 300,000.
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PermalinkThe Bottom Feeder: Season Two, Episode 1.01
And I was doing so well, having cleared out almost every obtainable Achievement in my backlog with a ration of 1.29 or lower. The July hit, and with it, another Bean Dive. This time around I hit 77 games, still leaving me with several in my backlog that I didn't get to. I made the crazy decision to also Dive into Game Pass, which surely damages my completion ratio beyond repair as some of those games move out of the service before I complete them (unless of course I pony up to own them). But I've given up on a super high completion percentage long ago, instead enjoying the thrill of the hunt and raising the overall score instead.

I did take a bit of a break, and played some games for fun (GASP!) and working on a few easy completions to recharge my batteries but I'm ready for some more bottom feeding between now and next year's dive. I will be surely veering off course from time to time, but I played so many interesting games in my Dive I'm really looking forward to digging a little deeper into the majority of them. So now that Season Two (is it really? I'm going to consider it so) is about to begin, here is the list of 1.01 Achievements that need to be tackled.

Crackdown 2First Rung of the LadderThe First Rung of the Ladder achievement in Crackdown 2 worth 10 pointsFind and collect an Agility Orb.
We Happy FewDownerThe Downer achievement in We Happy Few worth 15 pointsComplete Arthur's intro
INSIDELeft BehindThe Left Behind achievement in INSIDE worth 71 pointsSafe falling and hard landings
Crackdown 2All Under ControlThe All Under Control achievement in Crackdown 2 worth 20 pointsSecure all Tactical Locations within one Cell stronghold, alone or with another Agent.
WRC 6NewcomerThe Newcomer achievement in WRC 6 worth 5 pointsComplete your first Stage in solo mode
Dante's InfernoWarming UpThe Warming Up achievement in Dante's Inferno worth 10 pointsPerform a 50 hit combo
Metal Gear SurviveSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Metal Gear Survive worth 10 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Just seven on this list, none of which look terribly difficult, as one would expect given their paltry True Achievements value. We Happy Few is the game I'm looking most forward to pursuing here, having a number of close friends on the development team, and it will help squelch the guilt I've possessed at not getting the game sooner. Really the only game I'm not looking forward to is Metal Gear Survive, having a bit of a history with Metal Gear that has left me emotionally scarred. Well, not really, but it made for a really rough stretch of my professional life that left me in no hurry to return to the franchise.

So welcome back, readers, and hopefully I will be able to continue dredging the depths here and entertaining you along this journey for another stretch of time to come. Onward, ho!
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