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EldritchSSRiverbondCrystalwatchEldritchSS started the Crystalwatch DLC for Riverbond
EldritchSSEldritchSS has reached a new milestone: 17,750 Achievements Won
EldritchSSHuman Fall FlatDarkEldritchSS completed the Dark DLC for Human Fall Flat
VileZeroAnniversaryVileZero is celebrating their birthday today!
EldritchSSHuman Fall FlatDarkEldritchSS started the Dark DLC for Human Fall Flat
EldritchSSHuman Fall FlatAztecEldritchSS started the Aztec DLC for Human Fall Flat
EldritchSSHuman Fall FlatSteam LevelEldritchSS completed the Steam Level DLC for Human Fall Flat
EldritchSSHuman Fall FlatEldritchSS won 2 Achievements in Human Fall Flat for 187 points
EldritchSSRiverbondEldritchSS has rated the game Riverbond 3 out of 5
EldritchSSRiverbondEldritchSS won 28 Achievements in Riverbond for 636 points
EldritchSSRiverbondAAARR! achievementEldritchSS won the AAARR! achievement in Riverbond for 32 points
EldritchSS12 Days of ChristmasEldritchSS has completed the Five 15GS Challenge in the 12 Days of Christmas event
EldritchSSRiverbondEldritchSS started the game Riverbond
VileZeroVileZero has reached a new milestone: 270,000 GamerScore
NeonInVermontLife is StrangeNeonInVermont completed the game Life is Strange and is the 36,933rd gamer on the site to complete it
NeonInVermontRiverbondNeonInVermont started the game Riverbond
EldritchSSKorganEldritchSS completed the game Korgan and is the 7,336th gamer on the site to complete it
EldritchSSKorganEldritchSS has rated the game Korgan 1 out of 5
Comment by Pedle Zelnip at 07:47 on 07 Dec 2019

That good eh?

Comment by EldritchSS at 07:49 on 07 Dec 2019

Possibly the most boring game I’ve ever played. The last level got a bit harder, otherwise it would have gotten a 0.5

EldritchSSKorganEldritchSS won 6 Achievements in Korgan for 711 points
EldritchSSKorganEldritchSS started the game Korgan
DullestIILife is Strange 2DullestII completed the game Life is Strange 2 and is the 5,436th gamer on the site to complete it
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Player One AFK Maryland Gamers Public 14 58 24.14

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