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Permalink1 Year on TA
I gotta say. I love this site. The Wishlist and Sales updates have changed my gaming life. My Collection has allowed me to organize and update my entire collection with ease and have access to it anywhere. Achievement Hunting has also become one of my new favorite pastimes. It is a ton of fun! Two of my favorite types of achievement hunting are the events here, and following Maka91's video guides.

Thanks for everything TA!
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PermalinkWinter Olympics 2018 Update Day 3
We are heading into the afternoon of Day 3 of Winter Olympics 2018 and I wanted to do an update because I was having a lot of fun climbing the leaderboards before being decimated this weekend. I fully expect to drop out of top ten on all challenges by the end of the event. I just don't have the time or skills to compete with the user on this website.

That said, this has been one of the most fun events I have participated in yet. The design of choosing your challenges in any order and starting/stopping them according to your own skill level is great. This lets a casual achievement hunter like me challenge myself to goals and still be able to complete the whole challenge.

For the Ski Jumping Challenge I got a solid 916 TA by popping Zone conqueror in Clicker Heroes. I am extremely proud of that completion because I played the entire game legitimately for around one year. I am going to write a blog post detailing my strategy and final stats ingame this weekend. That achievement got me up to being tied for 3rd place in the Ski Jump when I popped it. I have now dropped to 12th place.

The next challenge I attacked was the Giant Slalom. I had a completely planned out 0.5, but I accidentally won a race in Viva Pinata Party Animals and triggered a low ratio achievement to pop. I ended with a 1.01 in 3 hours and 12 minutes. This was good enough to get me into the top ten last night, but I dropped to 11th this morning. I am more than happy with that result. The hardest part of this challenge was finding cheevos to pop that were the right score. Many have actually moved down in ratio and this is not reflected on their page here. The backend values must not update to the website until some scheduled time. I also have a limited number of started games so popping 1.99 ratio achievements was hard. Popping a lower value one first would ruin your score. Great challenge all around and a lot of fun.

Last night I also started the chair lift challenge. I left off tied for first with 5 achievements. This morning I have dropped 5th, with the new leader having 8 unlocks. The previous leader currently has 7 unlocks. I expect I will be able to get to around 7 or 8 before maxing out my time and skill. If I dedicated the whole rest of the month to this challenge I might be able to get another 1 or 2 higher, but then I would not have time to try the other challenges. I know I wont be doing well in the BIATHLON, but I would still like to do it for the personal challenge. The Alphabet challenge last year is what got me into this site in the first place.

The overall leaderboard is interesting because it is ranked by how much you have played the event. (challenges finished and then achievements earned for those challenges) I have been doing pretty well on it because I spent two nights gaming about 3 hours each. I am at 14th this morning, but I expect to fly downwards over the weekend. My social life leaves me little time to game on the weekend.

Overall this has been an excellent event. The support from the admin here has been top notch too. I pointed out a bug on the leaderboards for Ski Jump and they had fixed it within hours! I am having a ton of fun with this one and seeing my gamertag show up in the top ten, even if only for a couple of hours, is really rewarding. Usually I am completely outmatched on this website.

Best of luck to all the players out there. Congrats to all you crazy achievement hunters pushing me off the top 10! ;P You guys have mad video game skills!
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PermalinkExcited for February gaming.
February is the perfect month to stay inside and game in Atlantic Canada. We are about to get hit with the third snowfall > rain > flash freeze of 2018 tonight. Nasty!

I'm excited for Winter Olympics 2018 here on TA. I have a couple of nice hefty achievements ready to pop for the Ski Jump Challenge. I am a few days away from grinding out the last few levels of Zone conqueror in Clicker Heroes. Those that know me, know that I have been grinding that game for nearly a year. I actually really enjoy having it up in the background while I listen to a movie, podcast, or YouTube video. I have also lined up some strategic N achievements for the BIATHLON.

AGDQ 2018 was live in January and enjoyable as always. Runs I enjoyed so far were Arabian Nights, Bloodborne, Dog's Life, Cat Quest, and Yooka-Laylee. I still have a handful of interesting runs to watch too.

I actually caught the speedrunning itch myself. I've been doing some runs on Twitch for a while now, but I never got serious about running, recording, or uploading. A couple of days ago I made my first YouTube upload in years:

Obviously not a serious game or run, but I finally got OBS settings to work on my laptop, got a video editor installed, and got LiveSplit configured. I'm planning to speedrun Sand to Stone in FUEL next. I will probably upload everything under that "Stupid Speedruns" series simply because I suck at speedrunning and will never be seriously competitive. I am much better at being slow, but persistent. Like achievement hunting!

Anyway, cheers everyone. Have fun gaming and fighting cabin fever this Winter!
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