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Firstly; who is Vudix?
I’m a Game Developer, Bug Tester, Marketing Manager, and a Journalist. These are all extra things I do on the side, on my day to day I’m a full time active duty service member.

Why’d you make this post?
To let you know what I’m able to do for the community! This is also a FAQ to cover the most frequently asked stuff!

I have a lot of connections to Indie Devs and AA studios! I usually work in the shadows behind the scenes to get unobtainable achievements fixed by working with the developers. I also play test games before they release to the general public to ensure no achievements are broken when possible.

If you find a broken achievement and want my help, shoot me a message! I’ll see if I can get in touch with the studio and keep that game on my radar. I have a running list of upcoming patches to fix achievements right now. Ask me about them and I’ll send them your way. Alternatively you can also come visit the thread I manage: Get Unobtainables Fixed! That’s where I post the newest updates!

What games are you working on?

Current games in development/assisting with:

Away From Home
Away From Home Achievements
Veil Of Dusk
Don’t Take It Personally, I Just Don’t Like You. (June-August)
Don't Take It Personally, I Just Don't Like You
Hearts of The Dungeon List
(Can’t disclose) FY 22 Q1

Info about Hearts of The Dungeon List?

An RPG with a visual novel twist! Bust open dungeons, fish, and even... date?! A unique turn on exploring and enjoying the story at your own pace. Maybe you want to sit in the village all day and talk to your future wife? Nothing is stopping you! No quests locked behind how much you can progress, no key item you’re missing. Pick what you want to do and do it! Embrace a hand crafted world built from the mind of one man, Nick Bemiss!

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Info about Don’t Take It Personally, I just don’t like you?

A Lo-Fi dating sim to cry to! You’re going to have to accept that not everyone will like you, even someone you really want to love. Just try not to take it personally, y’know?

Slated to release this year in June! Title will be published by Ratalaika and priced at 20 dollars USD! Once again, it’s a visual novel but there’s a lot more to it. Born from the great mind of Christian DeCoster! I’m just here to help out.

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Info about Away From Home?
It’s a rhythm-based, turn-based adventure in another world! Mini-games are interspersed in combat regularly. One second you’re trying to use an item on an Enemy, next second, he’s hit you with a rhythm attack! You’re fighting to the beat to save your life! Somehow you’re winning, but you’ve been sucked into a mini-game! Now you’re playing Rock Paper Scissors to the beat...?

You can ask to view assets, mini-games, and animations if you have access to any server I’m in on Discord. Otherwise, please private message me here for my Discord username.

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Here’s a clip of early battle footage.
/NOT Representative of Final Product/

Are you affiliated with any projects that are coming to consoles?

Hearts of the Dungeon List (Marketing/Advisory)
The Kind Camomille (Advisor)
Away From Home (Marketing, AD)
There Is No Light (IM)
Don’t Take It Personally, I Just Don’t Like You (Marketing/Advisor)
Pull Stay (Marketing)
EVOLUTION - Versicorae Domlion (IM)
Additional notes:

Please do not solicit or harass me about:

A) Why a game hasn’t been fixed yet
B) Keys for games I’m associated with
C) Direct contact with any publisher or developer I have spoken to
D) Breaking games or providing insight as to how to access debug menus/console commands further than what I’m comfortable with providing
E) Anything that breaks TA rules regarding file manipulation or account data
F) Providing information locked behind NDAs or obvious FOUO.

It’s okay to ask about the items above, but please do not pester me relentlessly if I tell you the answer is no. While I have a lot of insight into what’s generally happening, I cannot control when a studio changes their mind or goes back on their word. I will never engage in any conversation about account sharing, save sharing, or anything that generally breaks TA rules. All in all, if you’re positive, I’m positive!

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for the 5th stack. & surreal to play the DLC that wasn't on Xbox for years.

Comment by jjaldana at 09:29 on 08 May 2021

The challenge rooms were released for bioshock 1 in the rapture metro edition of the game. But no achievements were added.

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