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PermalinkGTASC Quicky of the Week*: Rare Replay
A 30 game collection featuring mostly outdated games and a few gems
Enjoyment level: Low-High
Difficulty: Mid
No unobtainables but many achievements can be slow to unlock

This massive and popular collection is an enormous completion which will take many hundreds of hours to complete. The nonlinear nature of the collection means that most of the not very popular(good) games have a very inflated ratio that certainly does not match the effort to obtain them.
For the fastest score in this collection you can start with the playlists and snapshot feature.
These snippets of gameplay from the older titles yield a hefty score for time it takes to complete them. The 6 playlists alone can give you around 1000 TA in less than an hour. 150 more if you can complete one without losing a life.
Completing every snapshot for a game yields around 150TA. Most of these can be done in 15 minutes per game. 16 games features these snapshots, estimating 2400 TA in 4 hours.
You will pick up a few bonus achievements along the way for collecting stamps and even more can be unlocked by starting up and closing some extra features.
Bonus: If you are going for some really high ratios Blast corps and Jet Force Gemini are incredibly inflated. They are not short games but also not difficult.

*Get that team ratio above 4.0!
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PermalinkGTASC Quicky Of The Week*: The Escapists: The Walking Dead
Retrofitted prison break game turned not zombie zombie survival game
Enjoyment level: Mid-High
Difficulty: Mid
No unobtainables or glitched achievements

While the entire game and its 1250 GS worth 3826 TA can be completed in around 10 hours the really quick score can be found in the survival mode added with a title update.
The survival mode can be completed in 2 hours for 250GS and 1037 TA.
If you are new to the game I’d recommend running through the first tutorial level before tackling the survival mode. Detailed strategies are available on TA.

*Go for 5K TA!
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PermalinkGTASC Quicky Of The Week*: In Between
Platformer about a terminally ill man coming to terms with his slow and agonizing death.
Enjoyment level: Sad-mid
Difficulty: Mid-high
No unobtainables but some glitchy achievements.

This game can be completed in a few hours but can be quite difficult which could add a considerable amount of playtime. TA estimates the completion at 5-6 hours but completion time estimates varies wildly.
While easy to find, use a guide to avoid missing any collectibles. If you manage to unlock the glitchy achievements and don’t get stuck on any of the levels you can earn 1359 TA in 3 hours.

*Double feature; Sad and sadder
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PermalinkGTASC Quicky Of The Week*: Fragments of Him
Stroll playing game about love, loss and prejudice.
Enjoyment level: Sad-mid
Difficulty: Very easy completion
No unobtainables or glitched achievements.

This 2 hour long walking simulator requires very little effort to complete and the few missable achievements are easily mopped up with the chapter select feature.
A mature walking simulator about the death of a loved one. Mature as in the serious and reflective. Not sexy violent fun time.
A completion worth a whooping 1027 TA can be yours in under 3 hours.

*Double feature; Sad and sadder
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PermalinkGTASC Quicky Of The Week*: LA Cops
Buddy cop twin stick top down murder spree
Enjoyment level: Mid
Difficulty: Easy 900 GS worth 1300 TA, final achievement can be challenging for 250 additional TA.
No unobtainables or glitchy achievements

TA estimates the completion to 6-8 hours but the time can easily be halved if you are ready to do some slightly grindy prep work.
You will only ever need 2 cops. Choose 2 and stick to them.
Normal and Hardcore allows you to snap your aim with X. Pressing X followed by RT kills most enemies before you even see them. This is not available on nightmare difficulty.
Difficulty achievements do NOT stack requiring 3 playthroughs.
The key to a quick completion is playing the first level over and over again until you have at least 1 high level cop and preferably the second cop slightly upgraded as well. Make sure to get them the assault rifle as a starting weapon. Try to arrest 3 of the bad guys every time to get the best rating for the level which awards you with 4 upgrade points every run. You would have to do this anyway to fully upgrade a cop but doing this before you actually start the rest of the game will make it significantly easier than the other way around.
Since the level grades are not tied to achievements you are actually dissuaded from arresting bad guys since there is an achievement for 1000 kills.
If you spend your first hour grinding the first level you should be able to finish all levels on both normal and hardcore difficulty within 2 additional hours.
If you are good enough you should be able to complete nightmare difficulty within an hour as well but it is a lot tougher. If it proves too difficult or frustrating and you still haven’t gotten the 1000 kills choose a level with many enemies and grind it out on normal.
If you don’t get stuck on a level you should have either 900GS or 1000GS worth 1300-1550 TA within 4 hours.

*New period, completionist week, top 25% go!
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