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Just thought I'd let you all know that I ain't dead....yet.

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BeanpotterDOOMArcade ModeBeanpotter started the Arcade Mode DLC for DOOM

                  Status change by Clever Jake at 18:57 on 22 Jul 2017Clever Jake status: Anyone know any easy achievements worth 2,7 or 12 GS? Need to get all the 2's!
Comment by Mystic Typh00n at 19:14 on 22 Jul 2017

There's a feature for that

MusquitoStardew ValleyMusquito started the game Stardew Valley
matdanDOOMmatdan joined a Boosting Gaming Session for the game DOOM
Chad and JessieChad and Jessie has reached a new milestone: 470 Completed Games
Chad and JessieWordament Snap Attack (iOS)Chad and Jessie completed the game Wordament Snap Attack (iOS) and is the 151st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by HUstlinonradio at 17:01 on 22 Jul 2017

How did you get the Get in Shape achievement. I seriously suck at trying to get it

Comment by Chad and Jessie at 17:43 on 22 Jul 2017

#45. I got that achievement a long time ago so I'm not 100% sure it still works this way, but I believe I remember getting all the shapes without existing the game.

Comment by HUstlinonradio at 19:26 on 22 Jul 2017

Oh ok, my problem is that I am not really that good at the game (small vocabulary clearly) so getting words to make the shape is difficult

matdanDOOMmatdan created a Boosting Gaming Session for the game DOOM
Mickey BurnsToo Human
                    Secret AchievementMickey Burns won the Secret Achievement in Too Human for 107 points
RhyoliticFar Cry 4
Rhyolitic won 8 Achievements in Far Cry 4 for 129 points
matdanDOOMmatdan joined a Boosting Gaming Session for the game DOOM
matdanHomefront: The Revolutionmatdan completed the game Homefront: The Revolution and is the 117th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by He A Good Boy at 08:00 on 22 Jul 2017

Nice one

Comment by matdan at 12:42 on 22 Jul 2017

Thanks sir. :)

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matdanHomefront: The Revolutionmatdan completed the base game Homefront: The Revolution and is the 196th gamer on the site to complete it
matdanHomefront: The Revolution
                    Secret Achievementmatdan won the Secret Achievement in Homefront: The Revolution for 90 points
Comment by matdan at 06:29 on 22 Jul 2017

Stupid achievement.

Boots OrionBoots Orion has reached a new milestone: 215 Completed Games
Boots OrionShoot Many RobotsBoots Orion completed the game Shoot Many Robots and is the 7,341st gamer on the site to complete it
MightyMangoMightyMango has reached a new milestone: 1,060,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by pTartTX at 20:44 on 22 Jul 2017


Reborn InsanityElite: DangerousReborn Insanity has rated the game Elite: Dangerous 5 out of 5
edwiitos won 4 Achievements in Runbow for 667 points
edwiitosRunbowPerfect Darkness achievementedwiitos won the Perfect Darkness achievement in Runbow for 362 points
edwiitosRunbowShoo, Cat! achievementedwiitos won the Shoo, Cat! achievement in Runbow for 26 points
edwiitosRunbowNot Scared achievementedwiitos won the Not Scared achievement in Runbow for 165 points
edwiitosRunbowFinal Nightmare achievementedwiitos won the Final Nightmare achievement in Runbow for 115 points
MightyMangoBean Dive
MightyMango won 2 achievements in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
RhyoliticFar Cry 4Rhyolitic started the game Far Cry 4
OjotangoOjotango is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by Belainfi at 05:53 on 22 Jul 2017

Happy birthday mate!

edwiitos won 9 Achievements in Runbow for 836 points
edwiitosRunbowReady? Fight! achievementedwiitos won the Ready? Fight! achievement in Runbow for 16 points
edwiitosRunbowHard to Stomach achievementedwiitos won the Hard to Stomach achievement in Runbow for 140 points
edwiitosRunbowRide the Wave achievementedwiitos won the Ride the Wave achievement in Runbow for 119 points
edwiitosRunbowHanging 10 achievementedwiitos won the Hanging 10 achievement in Runbow for 277 points
edwiitosRunbowTalent Scout achievementedwiitos won the Talent Scout achievement in Runbow for 128 points
                            Secret Achievementedwiitos won the Secret Achievement in Runbow for 87 points
ChewieOnIceCastle Invasion: Throne OutChewieOnIce completed the game Castle Invasion: Throne Out and is the 578th gamer on the site to complete it

                  Status change by deluxnugs at 22:50 on 21 Jul 2017deluxnugs status: Thinking about grabbing DOOM this wekend for $15 and smashing through that before I dig in to all the hard shit ive in front of me.
Comment by deluxnugs at 22:56 on 21 Jul 2017

Fuck, I thought I was being cool. deluxnugs' achievements in Shadow Warrior

AwooMirror's Edge (WP)Awoo completed the game Mirror's Edge (WP) and is the 852nd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Vitiated1 at 22:31 on 21 Jul 2017


Comment by Awoo at 22:39 on 21 Jul 2017

Green across the board ma nigga

Comment by SprinkyDink at 22:47 on 21 Jul 2017

Wouldn't want to get in trouble awoo with that word^

AwooMirror's Edge (WP)Awoo has rated the game Mirror's Edge (WP) 2.5 out of 5
Comment by Awoo at 22:31 on 21 Jul 2017

Still better than the vast majority of ID platformers... smh

                  Status change by Rhyolitic at 22:19 on 21 Jul 2017Rhyolitic status: Nothing quite like a dewpoint in the 70s and 95 temp out there.
Comment by Rhyolitic at 22:20 on 21 Jul 2017

If I wanted to live in fucking bayou conditions, I'd move to Louisiana, but I don't.

Comment by Warboy925 at 00:06 on 22 Jul 2017

Oh hush, try living in Phx AZ after it rains......talk about hell!!!

Comment by Rhyolitic at 01:17 on 22 Jul 2017

And that happens, what, once a century? This has been a constant summer of misery. laugh

Crimson DrifterTales from the BorderlandsCrimson Drifter completed the game Tales from the Borderlands and is the 39,800th gamer on the site to complete it
System of a DomLEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7
System of a Dom won 23 Achievements in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 for 454 points

                  Status change by The Globalizer at 20:57 on 21 Jul 2017The Globalizer status: In case you were wondering, dropping your phone into a toilet full of diarrhea and piss is as horrifying as it sounds.
Comment by The Globalizer at 20:58 on 21 Jul 2017

Incredibly, the phone works fine, but it smells like hot garbage even after a thorough cleaning. So.

Comment by rekikire at 21:14 on 21 Jul 2017

Time for a new phone.

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xDaffStardew ValleyCook achievementxDaff won the Cook achievement in Stardew Valley for 42 points

                  Status change by xDaff at 19:19 on 21 Jul 2017xDaff status: If anyone needs to do Diamonds to you! in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition let me know and we can get it done quickly.
Comment by T1TANMONKEY at 19:21 on 21 Jul 2017

I don't need it but can quickly join your world if you need.

Comment by xDaff at 19:22 on 21 Jul 2017

that would be amazing if you could smile

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xDaffxDaff has reached a new milestone: 150,000 GamerScore
Comment by T1TANMONKEY at 19:22 on 21 Jul 2017

Well done Rach!

Comment by xDaff at 19:24 on 21 Jul 2017

smile Thanks Ric!

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artyman60Age of Empires: Castle Siege (UWP)artyman60 has rated the game Age of Empires: Castle Siege (UWP) 5 out of 5
artyman60Battlefield Hardlineartyman60 has rated the game Battlefield Hardline 2.5 out of 5
artyman60Bee Movie Gameartyman60 has rated the game Bee Movie Game 3.5 out of 5
matdanHomefront: The Revolutionmatdan has rated the game Homefront: The Revolution 0.5 out of 5
Comment by matdan at 14:31 on 21 Jul 2017

Damn flashpoints, pure luck they show-up, count towards your progress and don't fail as soon as you get to them.

MightyMangoACA NEOGEO FATAL FURY SPECIALMightyMango has rated the game ACA NEOGEO FATAL FURY SPECIAL 2 out of 5
MightyMangoBattleship (WP)MightyMango has rated the game Battleship (WP) 2 out of 5

                  Status change by ParticleDuality at 12:43 on 21 Jul 2017ParticleDuality status: Deadcore makes you jump using the left trigger... what the heck?
Comment by Quickdontdie at 13:03 on 21 Jul 2017

Just you wait, the 4th and 5th levels are a "fun" surprise

Comment by Awoo at 13:29 on 21 Jul 2017

Lovely Planet does the same thing, but the A button also works in that game so I just clawgripped the motherfucker

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                  Status change by LifeExpectancy at 10:56 on 21 Jul 2017LifeExpectancy status: Praying to all that is good in the universe that I get the position I just applied for. Been in current pos almost 10 years and losing my grip!!!
Comment by LifeExpectancy at 10:57 on 21 Jul 2017

Come to work detesting my boss every day for like 4-5 years now. Need a change before I go off the deep end.

Comment by o DEEVIUS o at 10:58 on 21 Jul 2017

Be sure not to become like the one you hate

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matdanmatdan has just made a new blog post: Shooter List 2017

                  Status change by o Heres Jonny o at 07:21 on 21 Jul 2017o Heres Jonny o status: RIP Chester Bennington. Top, Top vocalist a sad loss to music and his family.

                  Status change by SpectreSubZero at 06:06 on 21 Jul 2017SpectreSubZero status: Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. 92.3% complete
matdanHomefront: The RevolutionIt's a trap! achievementmatdan won the It's a trap! achievement in Homefront: The Revolution for 165 points
Comment by matdan at 04:41 on 21 Jul 2017

Finally, glitch ass achievements.

Comment by BILE1418 at 04:57 on 21 Jul 2017

Nice you finally got it

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edwiitosRunbowedwiitos has rated the game Runbow 0.5 out of 5
GameTagwastakenClicker HeroesGameTagwastaken completed the game Clicker Heroes and is the 442nd gamer on the site to complete it
CounterInsurgntThe Walking Dead - A New FrontierCounterInsurgnt completed the base game The Walking Dead - A New Frontier and is the 14,307th gamer on the site to complete it
MightyMangoBean Dive
MightyMango won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
zigs00zigs00 is celebrating their 9-year anniversary of joining TrueAchievements.com
Comment by Beanpotter at 09:36 on 21 Jul 2017

wave I very much doubt you'll see this but it's the thought that counts, right?

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