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Some more notes from my boosting circus. Welcome to an insight to my email inbox
Here we go again, Another dive into the gene pool with no social skills or initiative, who will resort to blackmail because of a feedback score.

I suspect you know how this will end with me, so here it is for your entertainment. Let's hope you don't have him in your session this week and get a variation of the following exchange.

I didn't receive anything saying anyone was online I was in game no one invited me so idk what was going on?
Received on 21 June 18 at 03:13

What a rocket scientist. Of course it never occurred to him to message any of us in the session. He just sat there like a retard with a thumb up his backside waiting on his messages to arrive, when he knew his messages were not arriving. Read on!!!

Re: Evolve
Well we tried inviting you with 0 and O and got zero response.
Sent on 21 June 18 at 08:26

Note the short reply. I knew this was going to develop and it does, sure as bears crap in the woods.

Re: Evolve
Yeah and I said something went wrong bcuz 2 hours before I was in a session and everything worked so something happened and I wasn't getting any invites so before accusing of no shows and giving bad feedback you should check with people who joined and make sure it wasn't connection issues. If you change mine to positive ill do the same and you kicked me out of all of your sessions assuming I did this on purpose. I was on the game playing matches waiting for you guys and I think I got bored at 3 bcuz the legit games suck I just wanted to boost this game.
Received on 21 June 18 at 13:53

So I’m now supposed to message people to check why they don’t turn up??? XXXX off. I am not running a creche for the people on the site with no initiative. People seem to think they are entitled and the world revolves around them, and you have to go to extra lengths so they don't have to retreat to their 'Safe Space' & get their Playdough or coloring book.

Re: Evolve
I kicked you from the sessions because you have an issue and I cannot rely on you getting or responding to messages.

Looks like you got the special Microsoft gift of a crappy system.
Sent on 21 June 18 at 15:54

Re: Evolve
Actually this is the first time this happened so it's not that I'm not reliable I joined the game and waited it's not my fault that Microsoft doesn't have their shit together. The player can't be blamed for poor service and my notifications are fine now so you don't know what you're talking about.
Received on 21 June 18 at 16:47

Oh, come on. I basically tell him this to give him the benefit of the doubt, then his brain somehow digests the information, reconfigures it, repeats it back to me, then tells me I don’t know what I’m talking about! You cannot make this up!!

I personally don’t care what the issue is, if he’s that stupid he cannot use his initiative while sitting there like a sedated slug, knowing his messages are not arriving, emailing me complete excuses for him not firing over a message, to any session participant that he was scheduled to boost with, so one of us might have known it was an issue…..or a figment of his imagination.

That said, whatever the reason I’m still removing him from my sessions because of his communications, attempted blackmail and abject stupidity.

Re: Evolve
Read what I typed again, I'm not holding you responsible. The 360 is terrible on a permanent basis, end of story.

So yes, the poor player cannot be blamed for MS and their crappy service. Read my message again then your message to me saying "I don't know what I'm talking about".

What the hell this refers to I don't even care to ask, so find some sessions to join. I'm not interested to find out how or how you came to this conclusion. I'm too old to be dealing with adult arse wiping, so find someone else to argue, debate or convince your ISP is shit, your router faulty, your firmware out of date.

I've given you the benefit of the doubt & changed your feedback. Now go boost the game.

Short version I've removed your negative feedback for not turning up.

Sent on 21 June 18 at 18:10

So I remove his feedback to positive & add a comment that apparently his messages were not received. You can guess what happened next.

I give him the benefit of the doubt because I don’t care less, but I’m a bit annoyed that he tried to blackmail me for a positive feedback when he’s trying to blackmail someone. That’s worse than not turning up, and having the nerve to put it print proves he’s an idiot.

So he doesn’t show up, admits he’s got a technical/software problem, tries childish blackmail and I still give him the benefit of the doubt, then doesn’t change his feedback!!

So this is the consequence, I re-edited his feedback to reflect his attempted childish blackmail. And people wonder why I stop trying to find out why people behave like dishonest idiots on this website, showing no initiative, no consideration nor common sense.

If you are not very bright, please do a search on the internet for what 'initiative' means. If you don't hear from someone who's hosting a session you might like to message them to find out why they have not got a party invite or message, especially if you've been stupid enough to include upper & lower case characters to appear to be something they are not when creating your gamertag.

All people on the site want to do is quickly assemble parties, say "Hello", and start boosting after perhaps a brief discussion of what or how a games going to be conducted.

Most hosts like myself put the priority of starting sessions for the people who turn up. I don't waste my time and others wondering and emailing people who are not responding to party invites!! I spend lots of time creating material to make the experience of people in my sessions as smooth & painless as is possible.

Don't be like this guy. Every host on the site is sick of excuses and if they have been here as long as many of us we have, it's time to grasp we've heard it all, much like teachers who hear an excuse that "The dog ate my homework".

A bit of advice. When doing this if crawling doesn't work, or using initiative, don't resort to blackmail...because some people might think that's worse.

Either way, if you have any problem, your headset doesn't work, your console was stolen, your eyebrows fell out, your router was just pissed on by your pet rock, I don't want you disrupting my sessions, or attempting to blackmail me!!!

I'm simply not interested in dealing with an amateur blackmailer with an Xbox issue. That's pathetic!
Posted by WhataLumpV2 on 23 June 18 at 15:32 | Last edited on 23 June 18 at 15:54 | There are 2 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
Evole sessions. How to turn boosting sessions into a circus.....
Now obviously there's plenty of people wanting to complete 'Evolve' at the moment and in true T.A. style people are applying for everything they see, hoping that if the keep applying for anything they might get something done.

Now it takes 5 people to fill a lobby, with 4 taking the place of 'Humans' and one player being the designated 'Monster'. The game lends itself especially now the stopwatch is ticking for people to boost with the same group of 5 people. It's in your distinct interests to do so.

So here' what i'm going to do if you apply to be a 'reserve' in one of my sessions. If you are unaware you've been left unapproved that is because I'm going to suggest you make up a group from the people who are 'unapproved' in my sessions. However, if the total hits 9 or 10 I'll approve everyone, assemble a party or send a group message on your behalf & expect you to arrange your own party & play with your fellow boosters without me inviting you to my part or lobby.

Yesterday was a typical example of the same people playing in 3 sessions with starting times split apart by 2.5 hours. People who were in my sessions applied & were approved for later sessions when they were typed, and I spotted it so went to the effort of telling the people, then going to the effort of telling the other two hosts, advising them which players they were going to lose from their sessions, giving them a timely 'heads up' & telling them which players they should delete in case they did not leave, because say they would not have access to a computer while at work.

It seems the second session by someone I knew (thus the heads up) was deleted at some point, but the third host emailed me this!

this is your only warning!
Hi. I saw you posted a giant thread on my Evolve session, and you even convinced somebody in my session to leave because you told him that I removed him (which I didn't).

So I just wanna say if you ever pull this shit again, I'm reporting your ass!

Leave my sessions alone and worry about your own!
Received today at 00:45

Now if you know me you'll have little sympathy for stupidity or ingratitude. Here's what I posted & sent as group messages, to explain why I went to the effort to suggest the other hosts remove people from sessions as they were not going to turn up to a later session that they signed up for days before.

I'm probably the only guy on the website who would have gone to the effort to explain why people would be leaving their hosts sessions (including myself) & we would be automatically replaced by reserves already in place.

My group message to host #2.

Evolve Sessions tonight. We are all playing tonight, across multiple lobbies!
This is regarding *Session Deleted*

I have a suggestion, so we spend more time playing & less time changing lobbies & reassembling parties.

My session starts tonight from 20:00pm, then I'm scheduled to play for a further 2 hours tonight. The people in my session all want to play for 4 hours tonight but are spread across multiple sessions.

So here's what I suggest, pulling myself from Eclipses session along with (name deleted) who is a reserve. That way he's playing in the same lobby for 4 hours. And the reserves take our places.

There's a slightly later session where it starts 30 minutes after Eclipses session where 2 people in my original session are signed up to play in Sonics session.
I suggest (name deleted) & (name deleted) basically leave the later session & are replaced with the reserves.

That way everyone gets to play, with next to zero disruption & the reserves get plenty of notice to actually turn up!

This way everyone wanting to play for 4 hours plays for 4 hours, and those playing for 2 hours can with zero disruption while people are not waiting for games to end in multiple different lobbies.
Sent yesterday at 11:33

Add to that I posted who was in each session, who to delete/remove from sessions (It's really a matter of delete an individual before they leave/or cannot because they are at work). Made sense, gave everyone over 9 hours notice and one idiot host cannot tell the difference between a 'Thread' & a 'Post'. Remember that is what you are dealing with on this site.

If you are American it's your right under the constitution not be able to read, nor realize when someone trying to help your ungrateful backside.

It's basically common sense and reduces time of reassembling lobbies & parties as the 2-hour sessions wouldn't be really effective as the time the game takes to load. With that in mind, you want to be in longer sessions, with the same people until you are finished.

Don't be the dumb, ungrateful idiot spitting in the face of someone trying to help. I hope he contacts the site moderators to complain about me arranging that he has 5 people to play with when his session comes around! That will be a first for the site. But complaining about it is new.

So if you want to join in my sessions you are welcome & I'll go to the effort of finding you a group of 5 people to boost with, but I've found a group who I'll keep together until we are done.

You can join in, but be aware I'm taking responsibility for you, telling you what o do, or organizing you. I'm sorry but idiotic responses I've had, such as the host's response above you'll understand why I don't really feel like organizing other peoples lives for them.

Nobody on the site will go to the effort I do to ensure you get stuff done in the least unproductive way possible. I only do efficient, organized boosting. Want to join in you can, but help me to help you by at least reading your messages!
Posted by WhataLumpV2 on 21 June 18 at 08:50 | Last edited on 21 June 18 at 08:58 | There is 1 comment on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Got and recommendations on what I might have been playing as a kid?

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Comment by LT Andy at 14:16 on 15 Aug 2018

You can still put it in the shredder after you have finished with it. So it may never hurt anyone else again.

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