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Boredom & a sore ankle just made me buy an Xbox One. What have i done? And i'm gold....shit.

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Oh shit. Being bored today cost me quite a lot of money!
Being bored is dangerous for me. My brain needs something to do & avoiding pain & chicken nuggets is always on my mind.

With a damaged ankle that looks like you put a chisel through it (on the outside of the right ankle/bone). I'm trying to let it heal, so not much walking and bruising is all the way to the big toe (which is black) and to think I did that and didn't notice for 24 hours.

Resistance to damage is useful in the short term, but it can prove dangerous. My mother used to say "No sense, no feeling" followed by an acknowledging look and a shake of her head when I'd walk into the house bleeding after say tearing open my shin. I remember my mother & girlfriend at one time both doing it after I went out looking for a cat, then reappeared 10 minutes later with blood leaking out of leg from a tear on funnily enough a shin.

What can I say, pain doesn't bother me much, especially when I was busy.

Anyway, I bit the bullet out of my gaming "last chance saloon/throw of the dice" to see if all interest has evaporated. Since Frank died of cancer, I hardly speak to the people I used to spend a lot of time with. That is mostly due to them using the One and my stubborn refusal to buy one.

I'm constantly left disappointed by how people on the site let people down & and the attitude of new people on the site is terrible. It's all 'me, me, me and more me' and I cannot stand the dishonest, the underhand or conceited morons.

I'm at the end of my thread regarding 'people taking the utter piss'.

So to combat this, now I've bitten the bullet if you want to use my 360 to dummy a title, which is silver....you have a choice....find a 48-hour code for it, or find another player on the site. I'll adjust which account is the one on the 'One' but it's not here yet, so you cannot get me to dummy yet, especially if I don't have a compatible headset or any adaptor.

After all, if I cannot find anyone to volunteer to dummy for a couple of days to do 'Medal of Honor: Tier 1 (after providing guides, running peoples sessions and generally hand holding for 8 years) I'm now going to stop going out of my way to dummy, help & otherwise be a considerate booster.

Unless you use the word 'Please' in making a request you are destined for being ignored or some choice, especially selected foul language.

If you know me, you know you can ask anyway, but if you are a site parasite, tough shit.

So that said I have been shopping and if you want to do some Xbox One titles these are the titles in the post;

Assassin's Creed: Unity
Dead Rising 3
Dead Rising 4
Fallout 4
Sniper Elite 3 (Ultimate)
Sniper Elite 4
Zombie Army Trilogy

Unless you are nice, friendly and can hold a conversation and not behave like a self-entitled, ignorant asshole you'll get short shrift from me. You could fall under the wheels of an 18 wheeler and I won't flinch, especially given what I was doing last November.

If you want to borrow 'Mongo' don't beg. Ask politely and have a 48-hour code. I don't see anyone offering to go out of their way to dummy simple shit for me, so if you don't know me well, don't ask to borrow multiple boxes without volunteering help.

This is the last throw of the dice to see if my patience has snapped and to try to see if I can generate some modicum of interest by playing games with nice people & the people I've lost touch with.

I'll rebuild my friend list with those who know what I'm like and know what my boundaries are. Cross those just once...you are gone. My new year's resolution is 'to be less helpful/dummy less'.

If you want to lure me onto new games, it might be a good idea to tempt me by insisting we do some of my incomplete shit, because my interest is through the floor. If you can pull this off you may even make me break my new resolution.

Fail to turn up, break your word, behave like a douchebag....i'm not interested in entertaining you any longer because you want to pop an achievement.

So be careful because from this point, because you'll get one chance to prove you are not one of the sites 'assclowns' and trying to bullshit someone with near photographic memory, well It's not a good idea.

I could use some advice ref accessories/manufactures of batteries/play & charge kits/charging stands/wired controllers so I don't buy rubbish in the next few days.

Otherwise, I'm bound to find incompatible headsets, poor battery packs, duff adaptors and so on, making me joining a party pointless if nothing works properly (for more than 2 minutes).

That will be just my luck!
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