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Borderlands 2 Saves (Xbox One Version). Help/Boss Killing/Weapon files.
This should be of no use to you as a reader unless you are trying to acquire weapons or class mods from me, or want some help, killing bosses or are blagging to be re-equipped with decent weapons at various levels.

While I remember, my auto-leveling people save while rubber banding is on 'Drop & Transfer' Rock Paper Scissors. Under no circumstances whatsoever does anyone enter the firing range & accidentally throw a shock grenade as happened the other day.

As a reminder, these are the only saves I can use for the above automatic leveling to a rank of 50 on True Hunter Mode.
Corrosive - Main Commando.
Slag ONLY - Drop/Transfer Character.
Shock & Corrosive - Main Assassin
Fire & Shock & Corrosive - Main Gunzerker.
Fire & Shock & Corrosive - Main Mechromancer.
Fire & Shock & Corrosive - Main Psycho.

All the other saves are on playthrough #1 or have been used up, such as my main Siren.

I'll add builds to kill bosses in the comments or somewhere on this blog, after I've checked the saves on Porky. Loading alone will take over a day.

I don't own a 'hacked' save so I cannot 'Insta-Level' you, so don't ask.

I do have hundreds of saves, basically, I've every perfect stat item in all categories at various levels. This amounts over my main account & dummy account to multiple tens of thousands of saved weapons, in every element.

It does mean every variation of every weapon, with every prefix, in every element. I maybe the only mug in the world to have done this!

The problem. If you need something or want to know if I have a low level say 'Sandhawk' I'll know I have them at 72, OP8 & OP10. They all have a sperate save, called that, but if you want a weapon lower than OP8 they are stored on Porky's save files.

So I don't have to remember what I have on Porky, or Lump I'll put the information here, so you or I can locate where & at what level I have say a 'Mysterious Amulet' or a Purple Relic of a certain type to pop the achievements for filling each equipment slot with purple/gold level equipment.

For future reference I'll post it here, so you'll know where it is if required, even if my laptops off.

Porky Sleet - Low level equipment storage
Heads #1 - Empty.
Heads #2 - Empty.
Heads #3 - Empty.
Heads #4 - Empty.
Heads #5 - Empty.
72 Nurse Mods - Empty.
OP8 Nurse Mods - Empty.

Original Whisp - Commonly referred to by 'dumb asses' as 'Master Copies'. About 200 originals. Level 40 Thunderball Fist pistol!
OP8 Original Items - Actual 'Master' items. Class mods/Shields/Grenades/Relics/Artifacts.
Bulk Transfer - 436 item level 80 weapon drop. All class mods, weapons, relics, shields, grenades. Basically everything you'll need at level 80.
Healing Items - Rubi/Fibber/Lady Fist pistols.

XP Relics 5.2 - Rank 10/7.2 Rank 35
Elemental Relics - Purple from rank 35.
Damage Relics - Low-level 'Deputy Badge' from Level 28/30/50 etc.
Stockpile Relics - Purple from rank 30.
Relics (Other) - Purple from rank 33.
Resist Relics - Purple from rank 32.
72 Relics - 'Ancients/Deputy Badge/Various.
OP8 Relics - 'Blood Of Terra'/'Vitality' (Health Regen) & Mysterious Amulet - 50/72/OP8
OP8 Damage Relics - 'Black & Gold & Purple versions of Sheriff's Badge'/'ancients'/Deputy Badge.
OP8 Elemental Relics - Dual Elemental relics/'Ancients'/Individual elements.
OP8 Relics Manufacturer - Tediore/Torgue/Dahl/Hyperion/Vladof/Maliwan.
OP8 Resist Relics - Assorted from OP3/6/7/8.
OP8 Stockpile Relic - Gold 'Triple' weapons relics. Rank 80. Purple & Blue items as well.

Shields - Low-level shields from 27 to 66 (Love Thumper/Order/Bloom/Absorb)
Legend Shields - Various low-level shields up to 71
72 Shields - Various 72 shields. (80-Rough Rider/62-Evolution)
OP8 Shields - Various OP8 Shields. Some lower OP & items that need to be moved into the correct file. (72 Sham/35 Blockade)

Grenades - Level 50 plus.
Legendary Grenades - From level 30.
72 Grenades - Level 72.
OP Grenades - OP8 grenades. For some reason, there's a pile of relics on this save that need removing.

Gunzerker Class Mods - From Rank 30.
OP Gunzerker Mods - From Rank 72 to OP3/OP4/OP8.
Psycho Mods - From Rank 12.
OP Psycho Mods - From Rank OP3.
Mechromancer Mods - From Rank 31.
OP Mech Mods - From Rank 72/ OP1/OP3/OP7/OP8.
Commando Mods - From Rank 20.
OP Commando Mods - From Rank 64/OP5/OP6/OP7/OP8.
Assassin Mods - From Rank 30.
OP Assassin Mods - From Rank OP7/OP8.
1-71 Siren Mods - From Rank 25.
72 Siren Mods - From Rank 70-72.
OP Siren Mods - From Rank OP6/OP7/OP8.

Sub-30 - Selection of decent weapons below rank 30.
Level 30-34 - Selection of decent weapons below rank 34.
Level 35-40 - Selection of decent weapons below rank 40.
Level 40-50 - Selection of decent weapons below rank 50.
50 Plus - Selection of decent weapons above rank 50.
60 Plus - Selection of decent weapons above rank 60.

Legendary Pistols - Low-level Gold Weapons:
Infinity -71/70/64/61/58/50/48/47/36/35/34/31/20
Unkept Harold -69/62/61/56/49/48/37/36/35
Gunerang -71/35
Maggie -59/44
Hornet -51
Thunderball Fists -50/35
72 Pistols - Rank 10 Logan's Run/Various Rank 72.
OP8 Legendary Pistols - Rank OP8,
OP8 Pistols - Rank OP8.
OP8 Aegis Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Citrine Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Dahlinator Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Devastator Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Fibber Pistols - Specific Build/Boss Killer. Rank 72/80.
OP8 Judge/Law Pistols (Specific Build/Requires Deputy Badge) Rank 80.
OP8 Grog Nozzle Pistols - Specific Build/Healing Item. Rank OP8.
OP8 Gub Pistols - Rank 73/80.
OP8 Gunerang Pistols (Specific Build/ Bladed Version is best.) Rank 80.
OP8 Gwen Head Pistols - Rank 80,
OP8 Infection Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Infinity Pistols (Unlimited Ammo). Rank 61/OP8.
OP8 Lady Fist (Specific Build). Rank OP8.
OP8 Little Evie Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Logan#s Run - Level 15 & OP8. (For specific build. .Shoot your own feet to reload rocket launcher)
OP8 Maggie Pistols - Rank 80,
OP8 Rex Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Rubi Pistols - Specific Build/Healing Item. Rank 80.
OP8 Stalker Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Stinger Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Teapot - Rank OP8.
OP8 Thunderball Fist Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Tinderbox Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Unforgiven Pistols - Rank 80,
OP8 Unkept Harold Revolvers (Best revolver in game). Rank OP8.
OP8 Veritas Pistols - Rank 80.
OP8 Wanderlust Pistols - Rank 80.

50 Launcher - For ranks upto 50.
72 Launcher - For rank 72.
OP8 Derp - Rank Op3/OP8.
OP8 Hive - Rank 79/80.
OP8 Mongol - Rank OP8.
OP8 Badaboom - Rank 4 for rocket jumping & Rank 80.
OP8 Bunny - Rank 80.
OP8 Roaster - Rank 80.
OP8 Puissant - Rank 80.
OP8 Rocket - Rank 80.
OP8 Topnea - Rank OP8.
OP8 Norfleet - Rank OP8.
OP8 Ahab - Rank 72/80.
OP8 Tunguska - Rank OP8. Is full of other material at OP 10. Playable character.

Legend Shotgun - Gold Shotguns. Lowest is 17 to 70. Lots of Conference Calls at multiple levels.
72 Shotgun
OP8 Legend Shotgun - Striker/Sledge's/Flakker/Bad Touch/Twister.
OP8 Shotgun - Orphan Maker/Teeth of/Hydra/Tidal Wave/Quad/Heartbreaker.
OP8 Butcher - Rank 78/80.
OP8 Conference Call - Rank 80.
OP8 Deliverance - Rank OP8.
OP8 Interfacer - Rank 80.
OP8 Carnage - Rank 80.
OP8 Blockhead - Rank 80.
OP8 Dog - Rank 80.
OP8 Jolly Roger - Rank 80.
OP8 Octo - Rank 80.
OP8 Omen - Rank 80.
OP8 Retcher - Rank 80.
OP8 Roksalt - Rank 80.
OP8 Slow Hand - Rank 80.

Legend Sniper - From Rank 30.
72 Sniper - Godfinger/Trespasser/Cheramie/Lyudmila/Morningstar/Pitchfork -
OP8 Legend Sniper - Godfinger/Cobra/Skullsmasher/Longbow/Volcano.
OP8 Sniper - Rank 74-80 (Various)
OP8 Invader - Rank 80
OP8 Pitchfork - Rank 80
OP8 Lyumila - Rank 80
OP8 Storm - Rank 80
OP8 Chere-amie - Rank OP8
OP8 Fremington - Rank 80
OP8 Hybrid - Rank OP2/OP8
OP8 Morningstar - Rank OP8
OP8 Moloko - Rank OP1/OP8
OP8 Patriot - Rank 80
OP8 Pimpernel - Rank OP8
OP8 Sloth - Rank OP8
OP8 Trespass - Rank OP8

Legend SMG - Rank 25-54.
72 SMG - Rank 72-76.
OP8 Legend SMG - Rank OP3-OP8.
OP8 SMG - Rank OP8.
OP8 Actualizer SMG - Rank 80.
OP8 Avenger - Rank OP8,
OP8 Baby Maker - Rank 80.
OP8 Bane SMG - Rank 80.
OP8 Bitch - Rank 80.
OP8 Bone Shredder - Rank 80.
OP8 Florentine - Rank 80.
OP8 Plasma SMG - Rank 80.
OP8 Sandhawk - Rank OP8.
OP8 Tattler - Rank 80.
OP8 Good/Bad Touch - Rank 80.

Legend Assault Rifle - Rank 9-72.
72 Assault Rifle - Rank 72.
OP8 Legend Rifle - Rank OP8.
OP8 Assault Rifle - Rank 72/OP8.
OP8 Bekah - Rank 78/80.
OP8 Madhouse - Rank 80.
OP8 Bearcat - Rank 80.
OP8 Sawbar - Rank 80.
OP8 Blaster - Rank 80.
OP8 Hail - Rank 80.
OP8 Kitten - Rank OP8.
OP8 Lead Storm - Rank 80.
OP8 Rapier - Rank 80.
OP8 Scorpio - Rank 80,
OP8 Shredifier - Rank 80.
OP8 Veruk - Rank 73/80.

These are the file names to store the lower level guns & are not immediately accessible if I'm helping on my main profile. I'll continue to update it over the next day or so.

The main guns are on my main profile, all at OP8 & OP10. They are accessible. Those saves dwarf Porky's. There's a named file for every decent weapon type, a little like a walk-in wardrobe!

I'm every gun in the game, absolutely everything, perfect parts, and it took thousands of hours to find it all!

A full set of lower-level (Approx level 35) Rainbow items on an save on the Lump profile. OP10 items have their own file, but I've thrown in enough of the lower items to facilitate the popping of the achievement.

The lower Rainbows I've found are as follows and are in Lump's 'OP10 Rainbow File'. They are as follows. I'll add stuff here as I find it. Everything is in same place for simplicity.

Rainbow Stuff
Mouthwash Relic - Level 73/80
Retainer Shield - Level 75
Antifection Grenade - Level 73

Peak Opener - Level 74
World Burn - Level 76
Toothpick - Level 72/73/75/76/78
Toothpick File - OP10 Weapons
Peak Opener File - OP10 Weapons
Hot Mama File - OP3 & OP10 Weapons.
World Burn File - OP10 Weapons.
Nirvana File - OP10 Weapons.

You'll need a working a headset/ability to speak English to get me to even consider dropping a file for you. If you are normal, patient. I'll help after sorting this task out.

Be pushy like a few people have recently, you'll find me very hard to get in a party all of a sudden.

If you want anything killed such as say Haderax on your playthrough #1 or #2 that won't require a 2-hour session. It will take me say 5 minutes getting to Terramorphus & Haderax & killing both. Same with the dragons. All dead, bye-bye.

I don't mind helping, but please, not at 4am! I'm in the UK so a suitable time where I'm not up like a vampire will be required.
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