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Mohawk ChrisSaints RowMohawk Chris won 4 Achievements in Saints Row for 50 Gamerscore
Mohawk ChrisSaints RowOptimized achievementMohawk Chris won the Optimized achievement in Saints Row for 10 Gamerscore
Mohawk ChrisSaints RowWet Work achievementMohawk Chris won the Wet Work achievement in Saints Row for 10 Gamerscore
Mohawk ChrisSaints RowThe Side Job achievementMohawk Chris won the The Side Job achievement in Saints Row for 10 Gamerscore
Mohawk ChrisSaints RowMohawk Chris started the game Saints Row
So many BearsSo many Bears has reached a new milestone: 480 Completed Games
So many BearsGang BeastsSo many Bears completed the game Gang Beasts and is the 14,289th gamer on the site to complete it
WhingelockeyUnravel TwoWhingelockey won 3 Achievements in Unravel Two for 37 points
WhingelockeyUnravel TwoWhingelockey started the game Unravel Two
MonfrizzleControlMonfrizzle won 2 Achievements in Control for 98 points
          Secret AchievementFraGgle05 won the Secret Achievement in Deathloop for 15 points
FraGgle05DeathloopFraGgle05 started the game Deathloop
          Secret AchievementManky won the Secret Achievement in Grounded for 211 points
WhingelockeyGroundedWhingelockey won 5 Achievements in Grounded for 393 points
BarnzyGroundedFlavorful achievementBarnzy won the Flavorful achievement in Grounded for 115 points
doodles74doodles74 has reached a new milestone: 85,000 GamerScore
BarnzyGroundedBarnzy won 4 Achievements in Grounded for 406 points
BarnzyGroundedFrom Downtown achievementBarnzy won the From Downtown achievement in Grounded for 93 points
BarnzyGroundedAim Small achievementBarnzy won the Aim Small achievement in Grounded for 102 points
BarnzyGroundedFace Your Fears achievementBarnzy won the Face Your Fears achievement in Grounded for 107 points
BarnzyGroundedSnoopy achievementBarnzy won the Snoopy achievement in Grounded for 104 points
BarnzyGroundedInto the WoodBarnzy started the Into the Wood DLC for Grounded
CrusterminatorDeathloopCrusterminator won 2 Achievements in Deathloop for 49 points
BarnzyGroundedBarnzy won 2 Achievements in Grounded for 326 points
BarnzyGroundedExoskeleton achievementBarnzy won the Exoskeleton achievement in Grounded for 115 points
          Secret AchievementBarnzy won the Secret Achievement in Grounded for 211 points
MankyMoonscarsManky won 8 Achievements in Moonscars for 341 points
MankyMoonscarsGems Holder achievementManky won the Gems Holder achievement in Moonscars for 52 points
MankyMoonscarsHands off! achievementManky won the Hands off! achievement in Moonscars for 59 points
MankyMoonscarsThe Spiked End achievementManky won the The Spiked End achievement in Moonscars for 43 points
MankyMoonscarsThe Redemption achievementManky won the The Redemption achievement in Moonscars for 46 points
MankyMoonscarsHeavy Hand achievementManky won the Heavy Hand achievement in Moonscars for 37 points
MankyMoonscarsShe Craves achievementManky won the She Craves achievement in Moonscars for 28 points
Weekly Leaderboard Pos Gamers %ile
Gamerscore Week 41 2022 2,499 36,973 6.76
TrueAchievement Week 41 2022 6,326 36,973 17.11
TA Difference Week 41 2022 24,163 36,973 65.35
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
Gamerscore in All Games 1,849 View history chart 708,569 0.26
Gamerscore in Xbox One Games 1,621 View history chart 639,416 0.25
Games Played in All Games Australia 13 View history chart 6,700 0.19
TrueAchievement in All Games Australia 121 View history chart 6,700 1.81
Gamerscore in All Games Australia 62 View history chart 6,700 0.93
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
30+ Gamers Public 254 2,738 9.28
silencer018 Achievement whores Public 80 653 12.25
ESS3NC3 0F 3V1L 3,000+ Achievements. Public 58 460 12.61

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