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Comment by TheBlackDragonX at 20:29 on 26 Feb 2020

Started wishing that you could use a mouse for this game yet? Controller is terrible.

Comment by aqzman at 20:46 on 26 Feb 2020

It's amazing that after all these years you still have random 360 games to start like this one.

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smrnovGrizzlandBird achievementsmrnov won the Bird achievement in Grizzland for 89 points
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smrnovGrizzlandGardener achievementsmrnov won the Gardener achievement in Grizzland for 84 points
smrnovGrizzlandStrange Guy achievementsmrnov won the Strange Guy achievement in Grizzland for 61 points
smrnovGrizzlandRookie achievementsmrnov won the Rookie achievement in Grizzland for 61 points
smrnovGrizzlandsmrnov started the game Grizzland
xxxSPE3DYxxxControlxxxSPE3DYxxx won 3 Achievements in Control for 145 points
MightyMangoAnniversaryMightyMango is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by YODA12320 at 00:20 on 26 Feb 2020

Happy bday!

Comment by Movie Mario at 00:51 on 26 Feb 2020

Happy Birthday Yo

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Calibur80Two Point HospitalCalibur80 started the game Two Point Hospital
smrnovProject Starshipsmrnov completed the game Project Starship and is the 924th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by WolfWood37 at 02:03 on 26 Feb 2020

looks like another easy one.

Comment by SniffinRails at 05:30 on 26 Feb 2020

Super easy took me about a half our wolf

Comment by SniffinRails at 05:31 on 26 Feb 2020


smrnovProject Starshipsmrnov started the game Project Starship
smrnovsmrnov has reached a new milestone: 2,520 Completed Games
smrnovBunny Parkingsmrnov completed the game Bunny Parking and is the 191st gamer on the site to complete it
smrnovWin Streaksmrnov is currently on a 62000 achievement win streak
Comment by LambOfGore at 21:42 on 25 Feb 2020

Good Lord smrnov

smrnovBunny Parkingsmrnov started the game Bunny Parking
smrnovMass Effect 3Defender achievementsmrnov won the Defender achievement in Mass Effect 3 for 40 points
Comment by Nioh#3508 at 02:06 on 26 Feb 2020

How’d you get this to be your first? Any tips

Comment by smrnov at 14:01 on 26 Feb 2020

Do the first solution, you can do it through a webpage and then just launch the game.

smrnovMass Effect 3smrnov started the game Mass Effect 3
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