Anyone remembers where you can get 200m airtime in Ridge Racer Unbounded?


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                Status change by SarcasticJoker at 03:31 on 03 Jul 2020SarcasticJoker status: Has Project Cars been removed from Microsoft store?
Comment by SaidaiKanpeki at 11:13 on 03 Jul 2020

Seems like it. If that's the case then it might be RIP to the Community Events for good. (on consoles)

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Comment by SciKo at 08:24 on 03 Jul 2020

Such a great game, I hope you'll enjoy it!

Comment by KinectKid333 at 08:31 on 03 Jul 2020

Thanks! Years ago I'd always have so much fun playing this game at my friend's house. I didn't own it then, so I couldn't play it myself. Ever since it went GwG I've

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