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List of current games...
Haven't made a blog post in a while...I have a list of games that I need to work on to complete. Let's just call this a set of goals I am setting, and aim to follow to completion.

Clicker Heroes - Completed.

The Turing Test - Completed.

Sleeping Dogs - This would be the Xbox One edition. I played it a long time ago and got pretty far but never went back for some reason.

The Evil Within 2 - Completed.

Call of Duty: WW2 - 3 achievements left (All zombies achievements) Won't be getting the completion and even if I did, silly DLC achievements would ruin the completion.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (BC) - I never finished this game, would like to go back and give it another whirl. Probably just for the finish, not a completion, but we shall see.

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Series (1 & 2) - I started playing the first game a while back. I actually played all of the first one on Xbox 360, but I want my decisions to carry over on the 2nd game, so I decided to start the first one over on XB1 so I can do that transition.

Limbo - Some people want to crucify me over the fact that I've never beaten this game....at all....on any platform....But I do want to complete the game and get as many achievements as I can, there's one achievement I will probably never get...

State of Decay - I remember playing a demo for this game a LONG time ago, and it was fantastic. When I finally bought the full game, I found it....lackluster....Perhaps at the time I bought it, back when a lot of other games were out, it couldn't keep my attention for that reason...definitely want to give it another go....

Bastion - I have nothing against this game, other than the fact it's hard to play just because it's pretty much run down a path, and kill stuff while listening to a creative narrator...would like to finish at some point.

That is pretty much my list for now. As time goes along and I complete these, I will come back and cross them off the list. I may even add a new game to the list to replace that one, sort of a never ending list...but from that, there is my list of games I need to complete...

In regards to 2017, I have one as a contender for GOTY 2017.

GOTY 2017 - Cuphead

While I haven't put the time into it that my friends have (I also don't own it), Cuphead was a very fun platformer/battle game that brought new elements to the table that games as of late haven't had, the graphics being all hand drawn and the concept being simple yet so difficult makes for a fantastic time....but...Probably should bring an extra controller.

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