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Looking for someone to boost WWE2k16.

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The game list returns
New additions as of January 10th 2017 - OUTLAST, THE CAVE, WORLD OF VAN HELSING DEATHTRAP

Games I currently have achievements on

Rock Band - Online done
Rock Band 2 - Online done
Rock Band 3
Guitar Hero 2
Guitar Hero 3
- Online done
Guitar Hero World Tour - Will be looking to finish off the MP
Guitar Hero Aerosmith - Online done
Guitar Hero 5 - Online done
Sonic Unleashed – Still Eggmanland hotdog challenges left
Halo 3 – REALLY want the MP done on this.
Hexic HD - Just the 6 black pearls left
Shift 2 - Just the DLC left which I hope go on sale soon
Endwar – Will finish whatever achievements I can
Bejeweled 2
Dirt 3
- Hopefully the DLC will be part of a deal soon
Street Fighter 4 - Online done
RUSE - MP should be done
Assassins Creed Brotherhood - MP done
Halo Reach - Waiting for DLC deals
Resident Evil 6 - DLC and a few MP achievements left
Need For Speed The Run - Level grinding and DLC remain
Max Payne 3 - Not much MP remaining
COD World at War - Only Zombies left.
A World of Keflings - Thought I had the DLC but I don't.
Splinter Cell Conviction - Looking for a boost partner
Renegade Ops - No DLC
Sonic Generations
F1 2013


Forza Horizon 2 - No Porsche DLC so won't be finishing it yet.
Goat Simulator- No DLC
The Crew
Killer Instinct

Games I've not started yet:

The Beatles Rock Band
Lego Rock Band
Green Day Rock Band
Batman Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham City
Assassins Creed 2
Assassins Creed Revelations
Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary
Halo Wars
Super Street Fighter 4
Battlefield 3
Force Unleashed
Force Unleashed 2
Just Cause 2
Castlevania Lords of Shadow
Fable 3
Fallout 3
Fallout New Vegas
Alan Wake
Kinect Adventures
Sonic Free Riders
Alpha Protocol
Civ Rev
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
Mafia 2
Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy 13-2
Saints Row The Third
Prince of Persia
The Saboteur
Dragon Age Origins
Dragon Age Awakenings
Dragon Age 2
Deus Ex Human Revolution
Beyond Good and Evil HD
From Dust
Comic Jumper
Burnout Crash
Lara Croft Guardian of Light
Portal 2
Puzzle Quest 2
Scott Pilgrim
Sonic CD
Ms Splosion Man
Tropico 3
Tropico 4
Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 3
COD Black Ops
The Sims 3
Kinect Disneyland Adventures
Kinect Sports
Kinect Sports Season 2
Pac Man Championship Edition DX
Costume Quest
Lego Star Wars 3
Lego Harry Potter
Lego Harry Potter 5-7
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
LA Noire
Driver San Francisco
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning
Joe Danger
Kinect Star Wars
Bejeweled 3
Lego Batman 2
Sleeping Dogs
Fable The Journey
XCom Enemy Unknown
Assassins Creed 3
Halo 4
COD Black Ops 2
F1 Race Stars
Hitman Absolution
Lego Lord of the Rings
Omerta City of Gangstas
Star Trek
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
Grid 2
Splinter Cell Blacklist
Saints Row 4
Resident Evil 5
Batman Arkham Origins
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13
Dust: An Elysian Tail
Charlie Murder
The Witcher 2
Bioshock Infinite
Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag
Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes
The Walking Dead Complete First Season
Super Meat Boy
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Tron Evolution
Mirrors Edge
I Am Alive
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
The Cave


Just Dance 4
Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition
Strike Suit Zero
Crimson Dragon
Volgarr the Viking
Worms Battlegrounds
Child of Light
Castlestorm Definitive Edition
Massive Chalice
Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag
Metal Gear Solid V Ground Heroes
How to Survive Storm Warning Edition
The Deer God
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
Valiant Hearts - The Great War
The Walking Dead Complete First Season
Knight Squad
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
Hand Of Fate
Styx Master of Shadows
Lords of the Fallen
The Wolf Among Us
Sunset Overdrive
Defense Grid 2
Costume Quest 2
The Banner Saga 2
Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
WWE 2K16
Earthlock: Festival of Magic
Assassins Creed Chronicles: China
Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings
The Escapists
Super Dungeon Bros
Murdered Soul Suspect
Sleeping Dogs Definite Edition
World of Van Helsing Deathtrap


Uno Rush
Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2
Shadow Complex
Streets of Rage 2
Sonic 1
Sonic 2
Puzzle Quest
Bomberman Live
Sega Megadrive Collection
Fuzion Frenzy 2
Lego Indy 1
Lego Stars Wars Complete Saga
Dirt 2
The Simpsons Game
Race Pro
Race Driver Grid
Sega Rally Revo
Mercenaries 2
Outrun Online Arcade
Saints Row
Monopoly Streets
Harms Way
Sega Superstar Tennis
Snoopy Flying Ace
Burnout Paradise
Castle Crashers
Tiger Woods 12
F1 2010
Split Second
Forza 2
Forza 3
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
De Blob 2
Sonic 3
Tomb Raider Legend
Assassin's Creed
Sonic 06
Star Trek Legacy
Stuntman Ignition
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Tiger Woods 13
Test Drive Unlimited 2
Red Dead Redemption
A Kingdom for Keflings
Puzzle Quest Galactrix
Modern Warfare
F1 2011
Fable 2
Saints Row 2
World Snooker Championship 2007
Full House Poker
Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing
Crash Course
Dirt Showdown
Lego Batman
Doritos Crash Course 2
Forza 4
WWE 12
Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012
Splosion Man
Lego Indy 2
James Bond Blood Stone
Goldeneye Reloaded
C+C Red Alert 3
Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed
Forza Horizon
Risk Factions
Monday Night Combat
Sonic and Knuckles
Bourne Conspiracy
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
MX Vs ATV Alive
Sonic Adventure
Joy Ride Turbo
After Burner Climax
Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider Underworld
Sonic The Fighters
Bejeweled Blitz Live
Sonic Adventure 2
Rayman Origins
Sonic 4 Episode 1
Sonic 4 Episode 2
Rayman Legends
F1 2012


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
Halo: Spartan Assault
Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious
Pneuma Breath of Life
Castle Crashers Remastered
Pool Nation FX
Rayman Legends
Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments
So Many Me
F1 2015
Forza 5
Forza 6

Games that I can’t finish due to unobtainables

Tiger Woods 07

Games I have but probably won't start on my main account

WWE 13
Yoostar 2

My oldest 10 MP games that I've not started

Halo Wars - No DLC yet
Resident Evil 5 - No DLC yet
Modern Warfare 2
Super Street Fighter 4
Scott Pilgrim - No DLC yet
Fable 3
COD Black Ops - I think I have the DLC
Driver San Francisco
Portal 2
Ms Splosion Man

Message me if you could use an extra person for any game on these lists and we'll try to work something out.
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                  Status change by Alphamaniax at 18:10 on 23 Jan 2017Alphamaniax status: Typical! Looks like I will only get 19 Community events done in Project Cars cry
Comment by Cipher Kaput at 18:16 on 23 Jan 2017

Is it any good? I got the GOTY on Saturday

Comment by Alphamaniax at 18:34 on 23 Jan 2017

It is realistic and quite frustrating. Visuals are good and there aren't any simulation racers out there that are miles better. Car handling requires patience!

Comment by Alphamaniax at 18:36 on 23 Jan 2017

Dirt Rally is an excellent sim racer but you can't really compare it with Project Cars.

                  Status change by Sashamorning at 16:03 on 23 Jan 2017Sashamorning status: Why did my Gears 3 cheeves just jump?
Comment by planting42 at 16:15 on 23 Jan 2017

DLC/TU swap iirc

Comment by Sashamorning at 16:42 on 23 Jan 2017

Interesting that it's catching up now. I'm not complaining.

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Comment by MasterHouze at 08:43 on 23 Jan 2017

almost at 70% clap

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 09:39 on 23 Jan 2017

Thanks! Will take some time before I reach 70 % :) But its all about the 99 % goal! :)

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Comment by Boss Vegeta1 at 16:28 on 23 Jan 2017


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                  Status change by MattiasAnderson at 19:10 on 22 Jan 2017MattiasAnderson status: I cant get true nobility in dungeon defenders! I killed for sure more than 50 enemies in 5 seconds but no.
Comment by planting42 at 19:35 on 22 Jan 2017

If I could finish it you surely can. I should see if I still have my gear...

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 19:36 on 22 Jan 2017

Just did challenge monster fest killing them so fast but no luck. This game is so crap!

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Comment by cnirvana at 16:40 on 22 Jan 2017


Comment by Sashamorning at 21:20 on 22 Jan 2017

So close to the top 10. Hard to do 100 days with your main phone.

SashamorningMinecraft: Pocket Edition (Gear VR)Sashamorning completed the base game Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Gear VR) and is the 16th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by xMidget Furyx at 21:11 on 22 Jan 2017

So achievements aside how cool is the VR for this?

Comment by Sashamorning at 21:25 on 22 Jan 2017

It's pretty damn cool, although when you actually turn your body instead of just looking around, it looks a bit choppy.

SashamorningSoda Drinker ProSashamorning started the game Soda Drinker Pro
Comment by cnirvana at 16:41 on 22 Jan 2017

gulp gulp. Shame there is no GEAR VR version of this game yet....

Comment by Sashamorning at 21:21 on 22 Jan 2017

That would be even mote trippy...

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                  Status change by KillCrazyCarl at 23:28 on 21 Jan 2017KillCrazyCarl status: Well this sucks. Went to start boosting gears 2. Load up game and it crashes/freezes on me. Find a fix and I'm back from lvl 17 to lvl 1 :(
Comment by IKV91 at 23:34 on 21 Jan 2017

Well you can go from 1 to like 26 in 1 match so it could have been worse. I'm level 92 so it would suck balls if it would glitch on me.

Comment by Psychotic Sully at 23:35 on 21 Jan 2017

Everything sucks balls. Even achievement hunting

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Comment by n4k3dLEE at 12:34 on 22 Jan 2017

Juicy Double!

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