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B.O.Y. = Basically Over You

This is now my breakup song with Dark Souls as I have completed all achievements for it and now have no use for it in my life. I'm a user. I got what I wanted then left. A horrible thing to do to other people, but for Dark Souls, I think it's a healthy, adult decision. I was in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship and I got out.

But in all seriousness, I COMPLETED DARK SOULS! Where is my pomp and circumstance? Where is my crown? Where is my Beyoncé moment? Do I at least get some kind of certificate? With my completion, the percentage of Xbox players that have unlocked all achievements for this game raised(?) to 1.3%. That's huge to me. A personal accomplishment that no one cares about..

You: *insert Daria Morgendorffer enthusiasm* "Go, go. Kick butt.." roll
Me: *insert Michael Jordan crying meme cry

But that is what it is. It's over and I'm finished with it for the moment. All the videos are up on YouTube so I can relive the memory of me getting beat by a stronger version of the Nameless King, and the fight when it all came together and I trounced his @$$. I can also relive the moment I stopped caring about DS3 and quit after finding the last ring. Good times. Good times..

No it wasn't. I posted a 30 minute video fail compilation of me fighting the Nameless King on New Game++. I spent at least 10 hours fighting him my first playthrough. I'm glad to say I cut it down to almost 3 this trip. The following video of my victory over him is actually quite special because it makes me seem like I halfway know what I'm doing when in reality I was touched by an angel. Jesus took the wheel! #hallelujah Maybe it was divine intervention. Maybe its was luck. Maybe the AI just felt sympathy for me. The latter I don't think is possible because its a Dark Souls game. But that was the last real roadblock in the run. While the game isn't easy for me(even though I'm consistently falling for its trap and thinking it is because I know exactly what I'm doing laugh), it's manageable.

As of September 24th, 2017, I am Dark Souls free. How's that for a recovery story?

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PermalinkOne More Time
I did it! In record time too. I wish I could be saying that about a Dark Souls speedrun, but I'm just not there yet. I did complete my new game plus run though. According to the video, I must be learning something. It didn't take me an hour like the other 3 times. Only 15 minutes.

I'm pretty happy about that. Being able to start my third and final run means I'm that much closer to being finished with this game. Having it all on YouTube means I can finally have myself in the background when I just need something on for background noise.

There is some danger ahead though. Remember how much I sucked at the Nameless King fight? Turns out, I have to beat him on the third run for access to a ring. I was able to skip him during this particular run, but now.. he's looming over my future: stronger, with a whole can of salt and a jar for my tears.

At this point, can I really complain though? Dark Souls made me go this far out of the way for achievements. I can't say I didn't expect to be forced to do something I didn't want to. Its basically the entire game. Dark Souls wants to be hard and frustrating. Which is why winning feels that much better. Its a pretty simple formula. Some people make the game look so easy though. I guess it becomes that way at some point. When bosses are no longer intimidating, you learn not to mash buttons, and you keep your composure at all times.

That will never be me. smile

Here are the last two videos from my New Game+ Ring Collector series. Its not much, but hey.. I did it though.

And here's one of many real challenges to put yourself through in Dark Souls.
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PermalinkRound 2.. 5?
With the ending achievements out of the way, I started prepping for my main save's new game+. The collection of all spells and rings were the only things I needed to do. Unlocking the achievement for all sorceries was easy. All Pyromancies, not so much. And all miracles,.. eff my life.

There are 8 different covenants you need to find for achievements in the game. 6 of these covenants have devotion level rewards that will earn you either a weapon, spell, or a ring for reaching them. To increase your affinity with a particular group, you must offer a number of a certain item(each covenant wants something different) to someone or something and gain recognition. In 4 cases, I needed 30 of a particular item instead of the base 10 to increase my standing with a covenant. Now, 30 doesn't seem like much but I'm playing Dark Souls. Dark Souls is not a nice game. Do you see where I'm going with this?

In my desperation, I looked to online multiplayer to save me. The offline npc drop rates in this game are horrible. Even with a 150 point boost to my item discovery, I would get the drop I needed once every 2 hours. A video on YouTube described item discovery with each point equaling to a .01% increase. So you're telling me that my 260 item discovery stat was only adding a 2.6% increase to finding all the rare ass rare as fugg boolshyt I need to find? cry Multiplayer, it is.

The Internet is a dangerous place kids. Good stuff can happen but worse stuff happens all the time. If I was to say something nice, its that the Xbox One allows a very painless interface with others playing the same game. You only have to put a post up in the "Looking for Groups" tab and interested parties will respond. What I didn't know is that there is a whole trading community within Dark Souls 3. I didn't even know it was possible. I hadn't had the pleasure of online multiplayer since Mass Effect: Andromeda(and I enjoyed playing co-op). But I helped a guy do exactly what he was doing for me, then he wanted me to repay him for it. He was willing to trade, but using the favor for a favor excuse and trying to guilt trip me into giving into his ploy wasn't going to work since he had nothing I wanted and I had already got him the same thing he got me. We traded wins. Now you want me to put out too? No thanks. I also didn't realize that tagging a post with "All Content OK" meant that racial slurs and sexism were allowed too. Can we try to be respectful when playing with others? You can't see who is on the other side of that screen, but damn.. its called tact. Even I've got the sense to use it. Why can't you?

After that there are the fight clubs. I'd heard about them and I know you're not supposed to talk about them. But I'm not in a fight club so.. here's what happened. I kind of interrupted a few the first time I started playing online with others. The point of some of these covenants is to offer assistance when another player's game is invaded by someone else. Basically, you act as a defender to give the other player a better chance of survival. At least, that's how I took it. I kept getting summoned only to watch others duke it out or just in time to get sent back since the fight was over. Sure, freebies are nice. I still got the covenant item for my "participation", but you have to wait a LONG time before you are even summoned. I played an entire day for 30 ears! E A R S ! I was trying to get them to drop from in-game enemies while waiting to be summoned for the guaranteed drops in multiplayer and it still took forever to get 30.

*gets up on stage* "Vertebra Shackles and Proofs of a Concord Kept have ruined my life." - My Dark Souls Anonymous testimonial.

Thankfully, the other covenant items I needed had slightly better drop rates so I was able to farm them offline. It took at least 3 hours each to meet a covenant's respective 30 item requirement. Only 2 of the 6 groups let me get away with only donating 10 for what I needed for achievement. I spent two days just trying to farm items. That's not far off from the work I had to do to get one specific drop in the first Dark Souls. Some of y'all remember the Channeler's Trident and a lot of you would rather forget the whole mess that is getting that weapon.

This is just another reason people stopped playing. Those that still enjoy this game ignore its achievement list. Hardcore DS players just cheat. My salt is real.. but I have no one to blame but myself. I knew what I was getting into. I knew. It still doesn't make it right, From Soft! You tricked me! You always have some ulterior motive to get me killed, waste my time or both. You treat me like garbage. I hate you but I can't live without you. What's wrong with me?!

Long story short, I only need one more achievement. Technically, its two but one will unlock the other. If you want you can follow along with my second adventure through Lothric on Twitch or YouTube. Just be warned: I suck at this game. I really do. Here's the latest vid though.

Yes, I know. The quality is.. well, bad. I've seen it and I know I need a capture card to make it all flow so much more smoothly. One day. Its on my list of things to do. Until then, it is what it is. The live stream from Twitch gets posted directly to YouTube.
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PermalinkI Did That
After what seemed like a very long time, I beat DS3 again and started my third run through the game for the basic ending achievement. I say it took a long time because speedrunners can beat Dark Souls in an hour if they don't glitch the game. My second run took me 20 hours. Compare that to my initial run where I spent 70 hours going everywhere, collecting everything and getting beat by the Nameless King. I was able to skip a lot and was glad to do it. I also changed up my playstyle quite a bit and I think I was better for it.

If you didn't know, in Dark Souls, you have the option of holding a one-handed weapon in two hands for an increase in attack power. This ,of course, costs you the option of using a shield or what have you in the off-hand. In previous DS games, I mainly equipped a sword and shield. Blocking damage was my forte. My first run of DS3 was different in the fact that I swapped the usual sword for spear type weapons. Towards the end of the game, I started two-handing my weapon more often. By the time I started my second run, I had come up with an idea.

Now there is nothing revolutionary or game breaking about this idea of mine. Shields can offer more than just damage protection. Initially, I chose to finish the game with the Shield of Want because it added a percentage to souls earned. Souls are used for leveling up and as currency. Normally, you will want as many as you can. The shield's bonus stacks with other soul augmenting equipment so I was getting much more souls per enemy by proceeding through the game this way. Since I hadn't limited myself to the collection of souls, I was able to employ a different strategy going forward. For my second run, I used paired swords. I did equip the Grass Crest Shield for its stamina regeneration bonus, but wearing it on my back didn't allow me to use it for protection. Now, relying on dodge rolls to avoid damage took some getting used to. In fact, I'm not that great at it. My timing is reliably off. But the ability to stun enemies with combos was a great trade-off. I messed it up in the end by sacrificing combo speed for longer reach and damage output, but hey, I still did it. For this third run, as you might see, I opted for a strength build. I did something very similar for the first Dark Souls and remembered how much quicker the run went because of the damage per hit. So I decided to try it again. I even remembered not to compromise my speed as much. So far, so good! The Great Club might do more damage, but the moveset for the Large Club is much better for me. I wish I had the video proof for it. Strength builds can have a much easier time in this game alongside a weapon that really utilizes their stats. Holding your weapon in two hands, just means your killing everything that much faster. That's pro strategy right there. You can really just mash the attack button. Otherwise, you just have to get good. Apparently, my first playthrough build wasn't that great. Either that or I'm just better at DS3 now. I'm not going to test that theory. That's just what the game wants me to do. #itsatrap

If you want to take that trip, here's 4 hours of me going through Dark Souls from my Twitch feed. Yeah! I got a Twitch feed! For the most part, I fared pretty well. In one case, I super sucked.
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Success! Dark Souls isn't impossible for me.. yet. One ending down. Two more to go. That's the easy part. The 4 major collection achievements for having all rings, miracles, pyromancies, and miracles is what's going to take a while. Let's not overshadow my win right now though. Its a good start towards completion, right? I mean, I do have to go through the game 2 more times.

My current DS3 stats: 590/1000 gamerscore with 32/43 acheivements unlocked.

You'd think that with the number of achievements unlocked the score would be higher. But since hard ass bosses like the Nameless King are only worth 15 Gamerscore(that was worth at least 50g.. 100g for me since he took hours of my life), the real points come from beating main story bosses, hardcore collection, the endings, and a final boost for unlocking all achievements. Whatever though. Dark Souls isn't known for being nice or fair. Thankfully, I don't have to play the dlc. I've actually never played any of the Dark Souls dlc for any game. I own it all. I've seen other people play it. That's enough for me. Extracurricular Dark Souls isn't my thing. Having the option to play is all I really want with dlc in this game. I mean, its just as deadly, but there have never been any dlc achievements in the games I've been through. So.. why would I take the risk if there's no reward?

Going forward with the game, my plan is to unlock the two other ending achievements then finish with the collection ones. Now I could be efficient and start collecting more rings and go for a different ending in new game+. I need to go all the way to new game++ to find all the rings I need anyways. Two more endings too.. makes sense. But I've got OCD. Fuck being rational. I care about the order of my achievements more. Its like feng shui. I need my list of achievements to flow properly. So now I get to play the game 4 times! I can run through and get two endings on normal difficulty, and then deal with the boolshyt it will throw at me for having the audacity to go through the game again: twice!

For anyone who doesn't know, Dark Souls only allows one save per character. Your game exists completely off of autosave. There is no manual save option. So if you do it, its done. The game autosaves damn near everything. There are a few ways to get over on it in the first Dark Souls, but I haven't tried or looked for any loopholes in DS3. And as a bonus, every time you finish a playthrough, the game will start you over at a higher difficulty because that's why you're playing Dark Souls in the first place: you're a masochist. You hate yourself and those around you. You use this game as a form of self-harm.

We're hurting ourselves for these achievements.

Those Xbox achievement percentages don't lie. Almost 30% of Xbox One gamers hate themselves enough to get to the next to the last boss in Dark Souls 3. That drops to 20% for beating the last boss and finishing the game because someone realized they had a problem and hopefully got help. These percentages continue to get lower and lower as less than 2% of gamers have unlocked all achievements for this game. Clearly, I am in need of a mental evaluation and psychiatric medication. My goal is to be in that 1.31% crazy enough to waste their time and energy completing this game. I'm fucking nuts.

To put that in a little more perspective, currently, 80% of the people that played this game got a free achievement just for lighting a bonfire. So the other 20% realized there was something wrong and just stopped playing within the first 10 minutes of being introduced to the game. They might not have even got past the opening cinematic, character creation or the first tutorial message. So from the 80% that can actually claim this game on their achievement list, less than 1.31% had the meds they needed to finish. Even Dashie got to the first bonfire.. but that was the one thing he accomplished and only time he put up a Dark Souls video. He got out. Shouldn't you? Its too late for me. Save yourself.

Here's his beginning..

and his end. The two princes(Prince Lothric specifically) is the last Lord of Cinder you need to beat before the last boss. This is that make or break point 10% of people got off the ride on. He also missed the elevator that is right there so you don't have to run through that gauntlet to the boss. #justsaying He is quotable on that From Software development tip though. I do love his insight.

My first playthrough is at 70 hours. Aside from exploration, soul farming and regular progression, I'm sure at least 10 hours belong just to that Nameless King boss fight. Yeah, I had that much trouble. I told you he didn't let me play! But this.. wow.

This dude cheated though.. like SUPER cheated. Haha
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