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I was almost finished with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Only two more achievements to go. Then the title update goes and adds 5 more. Now I have to buy even more dlc than I just did. facepalm

I almost got away.

Currently, I am stuck playing figure battles in Xenoverse 2. Before the update, all I had to do was spend the special in-game currency to buy figures. I didn't have to waste time playing the game. Now, I have to participate in its own special storyline in order to complete it and the side figure battles it unlocks. I also have to spend time doing more dumb stuff because the developers are rude. Now, its still a fun game. But it comes with not so fun achievements. Actually, the achievements were like that before the update. Some of those Expert Missions were a pain. Super fugging annoying.

But where was I going after Xenoverse? My only option left was Rise of the Tomb Raider. I suppose it was a good a choice as any. But what then? There was nothing after Lara Croft. I needed to know I was going to be ok. I needed a plan. A clear plan of attack to save me from the boredom mounting as I shy away from playing Xenoverse and its dumb achievements.

It just so happened that I was a Xbox Live Gold member and Square Enix was having a publisher sale. It had recently come to my attention that Rise of the Tomb Raider had a ridiculous amount of achievements. 143 to be exact. 66 are from the main game so more than half of the achievements for this game are from dlc. The disc copy I have was just a vanilla release and apparently they neglected to make a complete disc release for Xbox One.

So you guys just happen to have the digital copy on sale right when I need it. This is like the people on Facebook saying they see an ad for something they were just thinking about. Is this a coincidence or should I thank the FBI agent tracking my movements through my phone?

EIther way, it lead me down a path of destruction boredom creates. So not only did I get the complete 20 Year Celebration edition of Rise of the Tomb Raider, I got the Defenitive Editions of Tomb Raider(yeah, the reeboot.. the one I've already played and got all the achievements for and began to hate because of the online portion) and Sleeping Dogs(Another one I already completed. I liked the game but the story was average at best. Just your run of the mill mafia storyline. sleep I don't know what award it won or why but the studio who made it still shut down. The dlc was better. One of them anyway). I also got Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The sale was too good.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: $59.99 down to $19.80. That's Amazon prices right there.
Tomb Raider: $29.99 to $7.50
Sleeping Dogs: $29.99 to $4.50. So you know it wasn't that great if they're almost giving it away.
Deus EX: $44.99 to $11.25. This is for the Deluxe version that has the dlc included.

I also had the option of getting Final Fantasy Type-O. If it had came out during my PS2 days, I would have snatched it up without question. Now.. especially in a post Black Panther world.. I need so much more from Final Fantasy. They're not special.

I can take magic cards as a weapon. That's pretty slick. But if all these mofos have guns and you have to run up with your sword and stab them.. whut? Where's your gun? Clearly, they're everywhere and they work on you. Do better.

Murdered: Soul Suspect seemed kind of boring too. There was also the option of Life Is Strange. Now while I've played episodic story based games like this, I didn't want to play this one. I haven't even got around to Telltale's The Walking Dead most recent release and I've played the other two. They were good. But I guess I just want to punch and shoot people instead right now. But I can see how people like the drama. I'm a fan myself.

Thanks for turning me on to this. You know who you are. wave

So yeah. I feel better. I wish it had all been on disc, but since you have to download the games and dlc to the hard drive anyway, it doesn't make much difference. I now also need a headset because Tomb Raider needs some online coordination. Not getting one with make it so much harder. And I really don't feel like getting cussed out again for letting people know ahead of time that I don't have a mic. But I will be posting boosting sessions on TA for both Tomb Raider games instead of just going through the Xbox One. That should automatically weed out some undesirables.

At 2:26 - quotable laugh

And now, your moment of zen.
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That's all that really sticks out from Metro: Last Light. Unnecessary titty flashes and bad coding.

I really liked Metro 2033. The Metro Redux collection had 98 achievements since it combined both games into one listing. I finished 2033 in 8 days. I ate that shyt up. Usually games take me a month to complete. I don't get to sit there playing all day, but with the way 2033 is structured, I was able to take some very good shortcuts to unlock achievements. While Last Light does the same, the game itself is much less interesting to me as are the its achievements. The addition of mutant strippers and the game periodically freaking out didn't help much either.

If you heard the conversation around 5 minutes into the video, you'll know some of the women in the Metro come with a little something extra. Some of y'all just got excited for the wrong reason. Now, I get it. Radiation, mutation.. Ya gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Fair enough. But you just told me, the player, about this shyt then try and give me the jiggling dancers and straight up lap dances? Really? For whut? I am not the only one that has heard about that Teeth movie. Y'all out there living wrecklessly for what? No sir. No ma'am. Not I.

I think I remember hearing about a little controversy the developers had about adding nudity to the game. You really can go to a brothel and get a striptease. Tits right there in your face to jerk off or fingerbang to. Whatever floats your boat. It has nothing to do with anything but showing titties. For me, free nudity: yes. Skanks: no. So did I see it: yes. Did I stay and watch: no.

That shyt was weird.

Then*SPOILER ALERT* the woman you've known for 30 minutes of gametime shares a near death experience with you then opts to fugg since you're the only dude around she knows. Another titty for the player.. nothing special here. The game pretty much comes off chauvanistic. Women are either completely dressed(or not) npcs or prostitutes prancing around in their underwear. They are selling it and hoping you buy a bit. Then there's the one woman that you hung out with for a little while who automatically puts out for you because she's that vulnerable.. right. I might have believed it if there was alcohol involved or if you paid her too, but.. really bish? I guess normal dudes are hard to come by in the Metro too. But Artyom really isn't so good luck with that. I suppose it works out in the end.

Then there's the glitches. Once I got halfway stuck in the ground when I got up from getting knocked down. A few bosses didn't load correctly so I couldn't progress. Some bosses didn't go into their next phase so I couldn't progress. My AI partner got stuck walking in circles instead of leading me to the plot.. so I couldn't progress. Things just don't go as they should so you have to reload from your last save. I don't recall ever having that problem in 2033, but in Last Light it happens quite a bit. Seems as though the developers spent all their time making sure the titties were on point instead of making sure their game played well. Maybe I shouldn't be complaining. You know, a can't see the forest for the trees kind of deal, but eh.. I would have liked a better game myself.

At least Metro: Last Light had an ending. 2033 just stopped. Maybe that was the glitch in that game. At least all the achievements popped for Metro Redux when they were supposed to unlike Xenoverse 2. I don't see how that's still an issue.

Ok. Now let's say something nice about Last Light. It wasn't all bad. I met Pavel and killed Nazis. The dlc was shyt, but that's not nice so.. uh.. The game went quickly. I'm grateful for that. I am still looking forward to Metro Exodus. But I know better than to have any expectations.

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Hello everyone. I know its been a little while since the last update. So far I managed to complete Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, and the base game of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. For this blog I'm going to focus on my Xenoverse 2 experience.

The game itself is actually fun. For whatever reason, True Achievements awarded Xenoverse 2 Best Action Game of the Year for 2016. I didn't research the qualifications it takes for this site to give out such an award. I also don't know what other games, if any, Xenoverse 2 was in competition with for the award. But I do know that it managed to keep my interest and be fun even with all the repitious fighting that is the entire game. I found myself thinking that this game was put together pretty well. At first glance, its Xenoverse 1 just bigger. That statement is completely true. It has the same missions just tweaked a little bit. A change here and there. Once you get further into the game, you realize just how much extra shyt is in the game. Necessary? Not hardly. But it does adds up to offer a more positive and lengthy experience. The content added for Xenoverse 2 makes the game a better, more expansive and challenging version of its predecessor.

And most of the people online are still assholes.

Case in point. When I first started the game, I knew I wanted to get the online achievements over with as soon as possible to limit my online experience to the least amount of time possible. I transferred my save data from the first one, did the tutorial mission, and went straight to work on unlocking the online achievements. As usual, I went through Xbox One's Multiplayer - Looking for Group tab. Tagged my post with No Mic, Casual, Cooperative, Achievement Hunting. Then wrote that I had just started the game and was looking for someone to boost or trade online wins with. There were only 3 online achievements to unlock. One for playing online battles for the first time, another for winning 7 times, and the last one for winning endless battle 7 times. Should be quick and easy, right?

Again, most people online are assholes.

I got a random win while waiting in the online lobby for someone to boost with. One achievement down. Now I had to sift through everyone's profile for a proper challenger to accept since even when you put set up a room with beginner's only attatched, Level 80+ players will still try and fight you. Lots of kicking going on there. Then the first person that responded to my post, of course, asked if I had a mic once I invited him to my game. By this time I had already accepted his party invite and started our first match. For anyone who might not know, you are able to hear other players through your tv when you join a chat party if you don't have a headset attatched to the controller or whatever. So the guy is talking and I and I answered(the question he should have known the answer to because I also explicitly wrote it out in the actual post as well) through a direct message.

Now begins his racist tirade.

His response to finding out I don't have a mic is, "What kind of dumb n*****, are you?" He goes on to talk all kinds of shyt about me and my chosen avatar to the point where I am fuming. That was a hard, completely audible "er" at the end of his slur. As if he practices saying it in the mirror daily before his nazi meetings. It rolled off his tongue so casually. I was still in shock as he continued to keep going with his insults. Then he had the nerve to throw in "no disrespect" at the end. I actually stopped playing and let him get a free win because I was too busy reporting him before just blocking him as usual. Now, he didn't know me from Adam or Eve. I could have been anyone. But to be able to go into something so hateful so easily without the means of fighting him in his face ass face had me so upset. My heart was racing. His response was so beyond anything I expected. His comments about my choice of character.. eh. Whatever. What did he expect? I literally just started as I stated in my post. I was level 3 taking on his level 80 character. Of course my character is weak. What gave it away? How much damage did he think I was going to do? The match still counted as a win for me due to time. But to talk about me directly.. this is why I hate online interaction. Trolls talk too much. Cheap tactics are one thing, but you want to start fights while offering to help somebody? Wtf? Why are you here?

The next bytch wasn't much better. I found someone to trade wins with but there were a lot of times the person "forgot" to let me win. They weren't following my example of not fighting back when it was their turn so everything just took longer. Then he said he needed revives too but when I tried to help him out with that, he was still beating my ass instead of reviving his party so.. blocked. Ain't nobody got time for that. I'm not here for fun. This is work.

After 4 or 5 hours with more than 7 wins and still no achievement, I found a decent person to boost with. We traded wins but still no achievement for either of us. Looked it up online and apparently both achievements for 7 online wins is glitched. Furthermore, you can unlock both offline with another controller locally.

I could have spared myself from everything that just happened. It was completely unnecessary.

I can say that if this had occurred after putting hours into the game, it would have ruined my experience all together. But I went online before starting the first real story mission so I managed to still experience the game itself without much deterrent from online players. I think that is really important. Other people can ruin your experience with all sorts of things. Manners matter. I ,personally, talk a lot of shyt.. to my friends. Those who know I am just messing with them and know they are free to do it right back to me. But even then, there are things you don't say. Things that are cruel and that you can't take back. People will remember 1 negative thing over 10 positive ones. The impact of negativity stays is more prominent in your head.

Now I am not suffering PTSD from this moment. I didn't cry myself to sleep that night or wake up in the middle of the night screaming because someone was a jerk online. I was riled up when it happened and it took two days to completely let it go and move on from. But that doesn't mean I'm eager to put myself in that possible situation again. Now you might say, all of it could have been avoided if I had a mic. Maybe but do you really want to talk to people like that? I've even seen the hashtag: please read post. That alone suggests that players are just going around responding to whatever without knowing what's really going on. They just want to play.. and ruin things for others.

So please, if you are reading this, don't be an asshole. Don't be a dick. Don't be a mother fugging jerk. In all things not just online. Treat people like you would want to be treated and save the trash talking for those who mark their posts with it being ok. I'm sure they'll give as good as they get and still end up blocking and reporting.. I don't get it but whatever. People are petty. I know I am.
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Maybe I'll just do both!

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen has been completed! Yay! I was surprised how they ended it the second time through. I was also surprised that I finished Speedrun Mode in just under an hour. I honestly like this game. It wasn't the greatest, but it was fun and I think it looked good too.

I still have a problem ending up with the inkeeper though. Dragon's Dogma tracks affection levels through interaction. So if you talk to one person a lot, like an inkeeper, the game will put you in a relationship. Now this was reworked a bit later, but the old formula unfortunately still applies. During my initial run, I did what the game wanted me to do and ended up with the person the game was nudging towards me as my soulmate or whatever. But during the post game, even though I had given the other person the Arisen's Bond aka wedding/promise ring to greatly boost affection levels, I ended up with the inkeeper. He's got good prices.. what can I say? And while it has no real bearing on the story except for who pops up at the end, its just weird to see. I felt like the Arisen should be yelling, "That's my inkeeper! Give him back!" I basically saved the dude that watches my stuff, then watched him pounce on me, then got back home and the same guy now charges me to sleep in my own home because he lives there now too..? Ok then.

I beat the game 4 times. Everytime.. he was there. All I did was one quest for him back during my first playthrough. I teleported him to where he wanted to go and left him there. After that, we obviously knew what true love really was.

The real blessing happened after I beat the game. I was in my Xbox menu and checked my Dragon Ball Xenoverse achievements and that damn bugged achievement finally popped. More than a month of waiting and checking and it randomly pops after I beat another game. DBX wasn't even in the Xbox. In fact, no game was playing. But I got the achievement and that's what matters. So now I get to to the long, luck-based haul of collecting the rest of the super and ultimate attacks for the last two achievements respectively. Its really 3, but the last one is for getting all achievements which I read is also a little buggy for some. But I'm not going to just sit, replaying the same missions over and over hoping for skills to be rewarded. There's other games to play and enjoy!

I took a closer look at Xenoverse 2. Saw some good and a lot of bad. Good being the graphics, updated combo system, and its connection to the current iteration of the anime itself. The bad being the rest of the game. The fights are still good. But all that dialogue.. if the shows Saved By The Bell and Dragon Ball had a child, it would be Xenoverse 2. Why high school? Why do I have to talk to all these people and upgrade rank with mofos I beat in the very beginning of the first Xenoverse? I know I said Yamcha did well in Fighter Z but not Xenoverse. Not at all in Xenoverse. Have he and Krillin suddenly become the shyt? I doubt it. Not with all the visibly stronger people running around in the game. I want to play the game, but I don't want to sit through all that talking or that background music. Vegeta's got a tight ass though? Wait, what?! Did you read that or did I type it? You must be seeing things.. like dat ass. toast

Returning to Moscow though? That's definitely going to happen. Going back into the tunnels, hiding in the dark, and throwing knives into the backs of the unsuspecting sounds like fun to me. Of course, its not all fun and games. Not everything is human or easily taken down with a knife to the back. I really want to find out how it all turns out.

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Since I find myself kinda back into the Dragon Ball series via Xenoverse, I started to think of what my favorite anime is. It damn sure isn't Dragon Ball. My initial complaint of it taking forever still exists and even confirmed by people who currently watch the show. The Tournament of Power is timed.. but full episodes happen and there is still 11 minutes left in the tournament at the start and end of the episode.. huh? Anyways, I wanted my favorite series to be Neon Genesis Evangelion. I loved it. That ending was trash, but I always imagined things differently. If Toji had been in the program long enough to fight the Eva Series alongside Asuka. Then again, I wouldn't want to take away from Asuka's awesomeness for doing it all by herself. Shinji tried though.. sort of. Not when it mattered..

But really, my favorite series is.. Sailor Moon.

She's like the Barbie of anime. She's been here fighting evil by moonlight since I was a kid. I can't just let all those memories go. Sure I left Voltron and G-Force behind, but.. but?! I have no good excuse. I can't keep from falling back to Sailor Moon. She's eternal. And I'm talking about the original anime. Not that crystal boolshyt. Fugg that nonsense. But props to Sailor Moon for introducing me to the over-the-top transformations and power names(you have to say it when you do it) I have come to expect in anime in general. Even though Japan's been doing it for years, I caught Sailor Moon doing it first. Well, there was that Blazing Sword, but that's besides the point.

And now for a retraction. Do you remember when I said Injustice 2 was trash?

I was wrong. Its actually a lot better than I remember the first one being. Even though I have a few issues with some female character models(i.e.: They're still ugly), the rest of the game is pretty solid. I was able to watch the Northeast Championship and Frosty Faustings tournaments on YouTube and, lo and behold, I like watching people play Injustice. The Tekken bit was ok too. Street Fighter V is still pretty boring to me and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is just not UMVC3. I still watch Infinite but its mostly background noise. It doesn't interest me much besides that.

Speaking of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the Frosty Faustings tournament also held a tournament for it this year, and I watched the whole thing. I ate that shyt up! I am still very much in love with the game and can't believe they released Infinite looking the way it does. Even the addition of Black Widow to the Infinite playable character roster was a let down. She looks alright, but that voice.. she sounds like Gamora to me and Gamora's voice is kinda deep.. so.. no. I also know I'm not the only one who misses Austrailian Rocket Raccoon. "What you need is a raccoon!" That line is always fun to hear. The decision to cut out the option for English or Japanese voices for Capcom characters was disappointing. All these little things they changed just add up to one major flaw: the game.

Still, I do like seeing a Rocket and Gamora team in Infinite. They're supposed to work together so it fits. But unfortunately, it fits into a subpar game. Its showing at Frosty Fausting was marginally entertaining. You don't usually get a show like that at Next Level Battle Circuit. But whatever.. it still ain't 3.

I'm also looking forward to playing Dragon Ball Fighter Z tonight. There was a recent showing on Team Spooky's YouTube channel and I like it even more. Beerus is my guy! But I think I want to run #teamEARF as my B team. That's right. It's not Earth, it's E A R F ! Tien is my fave, I've seen Yamcha put in some good work, and Krillin.. well he's there too. Why do they always make the games look better than the actual series? Maybe because they want people to play them..

Last thing though, I still don't get the how achievement percentages of people that have said achievement are being tracked. I thought it was just for people who owned the game. But now I think it might be for the Xbox community as a whole.

Resident Evil 7's first achievement is unlocked just for surviving the first cutscene. It's a freebie. Mia talks, Ethan drives, Ethan parks and gets out of the car: achievement popped. Its at a ratio of 84.05%. Do you mean to tell me that of the people that played this game, only 84% of them made it through the initial cutscene? Like the opening movie then the cutscene of Ethan driving was too much for them to handle? Too scary so they turned it off? Too lame so they quit and moved on? It has to be a census of all players regardless of whether they have the game or not. Doesn't it? RE7 was pretty popular so I can understand such a high percentage. But Dragon's Dogma less so. 86.91% of players unlocked the achievement for completing the prologue. That drops to 80.94% for the next achievement just for leaving the first town. I don't think 80% of players even looked at Dragon's Dogma. So I honestly have no idea how these percentages came about. Either a lot of people buy games and never play them(guilty) or the whole thing is just like power levels in Dragon Ball: pointless.
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