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PROJECT: 100% Discontinued Leaderboard
This is a project, not a blog, per se. But I'm using the blog system to get it published, publicized and hopefully updated. That said, this will be extremely unlike my normal content, though it is partially related to this blog: Xpovos' blog post - The Free to Play Gods. I hope that it will be interesting all the same.

  • Part 1: Definitions

What is a 100% discontinued game?

It is a game where NONE of the achievements are available to be unlocked by a new player, or remain available to a player who has previously played that game. This is most commonly caused by a server shutdown, but can, in some situations, be caused by bad patches, oversight in testing, or the like. In almost all cases it requires that the achievements have been online-required flagged before becoming discontinued-flagged.

A game with discontinued achievements and games with non-discontinued achievements, even if there were servers that went down is not a 100% discontinued game. E.g. Project Spark is a game that featured an extensive amount of online content, and that content was required for a large number of achievements. It has 64 discontinued achievements, making it a game with one of the most, if not the most, discontinued achievements ever. However, the game has numerous achievements that are still obtainable, even to a new player, if they can locate a copy of the game. Therefore, it is not 100% discontinued and is not applicable for this leaderboard.

A game with discontinued achievements and partially discontinued achievements, is also not a 100% discontinued game, because the existing player base can potentially earn them, even if new players cannot--as is the most common outcome of that situation. If the achievements are all discontinued, but it remains possible for some people in fairly rare, but predictable and non-cheating manners, to unlock the achievement, it is not a 100% discontinued game. E.g. Happy Wars currently has all 57 of the achievements marked as Partially Discontinued/Unobtainable (PDU). This is because for Windows 10, the achievements are discontinued, but they can be readily earned simply by playing on an Xbox One. Therefore, it is not 100% discontinued, though it might potentially be for some players, based on their situations.

A game with nothing but unobtainable achievements and discontinued achievements is 100% discontinued, even though it has achievements that are not flagged as discontinued. I couldn't find a game example of this, but here's an app that fits: WWE Network. E.g. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 fits this definition. .ht to EddieM1974 for spotting this one for me.

  • Part 2: The List

This is an attempt to make a complete list of all 100% discontinued games. (Apps are not going to be included.) I will try to keep it updated as the list grows. I appreciate all help that I get in maintaining this list, because it is manual. Specifically, I want to thank Facial La Fleur for his early assistance in helping me collect this data.

Below is a list of games that are not currently 100% Discontinued but are on the watch list as likely to be 100% discontinued in the future.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

  • Part 3: The Leaderboard Construction

After thinking, for months, about how there's no perfect way to track any particular statistic when it comes to something like this, I've come to a conclusion.

Tracking TA is futile. Not only is it based on GS, and therefore always going to have GS as its base, it is also in flux, making a manual counting as I have to do for now, unreasonably difficult.

Tracking GS is a decent choice but different games have different GS values. A lot of games on the list are WP games, which were worth 200GS. That gives those titles short shrift, which is unfair.

Tracking achievements is problematic for the same as above, plus the fact that newer titles break old systems "rules" with regularity regarding the number of achievements. See the Project Spark example in Part 1. If that were a 100% discontinued game, it would dominate the chart against Windows Phone, XBLA, and even many Xbox 360 or other Xbox titles.

So here's how the leaderboard will count.

Σ (X1/X2)

Where X1/X2 is the number of achievements the gamer has earned in the game divided by the number of achievements available (including unobtainable) in the game.

Example calculation
A gamer who earned 3 achievements in Ascend: Hand of Kul, 10 achievement in Wordament (Web) and 11 achievements in 1 vs 100 would have a leaderboard score of: Σ((3/30)+(10/10)+(11/12) = 2.017.
This could be further normalized by dividing by the total number of games (average) or the total number of started games in the leaderboard, but the raw number is most useful for broad comparisons.

  • Part 4: Discussion

Because these games are all finished and the achievements cannot be unlocked any more, there is no way to move up this leaderboard the way there is others. The only way to move up this leaderboard is for a game you have spent time on to disappear into the ether. In some ways, every point on this board is a little defeat instead of a little victory that an achievement is supposed to be.

Yet, it is also a leaderboard that rewards dedicated gamers who are willing to take some risks, grind out the F2P titles, or of course, pay their way to greatness.

Because there's no movement unless a game goes down, it should be relatively easy for me to maintain in a manual way, which is one of the reasons I'm doing this. It also interests me. I've spoken on many occasions about how the server shutdowns motivate me (for good or ill) and how I dislike the ephemeral nature of server based gaming. This leaderboard can be my tribute to all of that.

If you're interested in having your information added and tracked, leave a comment and I'll get you added as soon as I can.

Also feel free to let me know of games I've missed (either already "finished" and should be on the board, or for the watch-list) and of any news that we might need to track those games on the watch-list. Some are obscure, have tiny player bases, or are otherwise hard for the Game Information team to track. If something needs to be updated, let's help them out.

UPDATE: I found that a technique I was using to check lists may be faulty if the game has been hidden on TA by a user setting. I'm going to have to double-check my work later on.

  • Part 5: The Leaderboard

It'll take me a little to add folks, so give me a bit of time to add you once you ask, but if you ask, I should be able to add everyone. My next step in this project is to make the whole thing more robust to accommodate even more people and future-proof for when lots of games go down.

Version 1.6.1
External image

  • Part 6: Changelog

Version 1.6
Added two new games from the Windows collection. There is a chance that these might come back, but they are currently completely discontinued and count for this leaderboard. I don't expect Turtle's Quest to come back at this point, because it's such an odd duck. Alto's Adventure could easily come back, but there's no official discussion about it, however, at least that I can find. Both games are discontinued because they do not allow logging in to the Xbox Live servers. There are likely more games in this situation, but it's not affecting all Windows games. I'm doing my best to dig into this further, but it's a mess. Feel free to send me what you've got and I'll continue to work on it. And if these games come back in the future, they will be removed from the leaderboard.
Added Lies of Astaroth from the watchlist to the discontinued list. The developers indicate that the game will be down for several weeks at a minimum and all signs point to unstable servers even when it was technically still up. The addition of this game didn't shake up the leaderboard any. smrnov continues to top the chart, so his completion just further cements his spot. And while my completion got me some points over others, it wasn't enough to move up on the leaderboard. Most managed to avoid this "gem".
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