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The Projects
I love December. I think it's my favorite month. I'm not a fan of secular Christmas-time, but December starts with my wedding anniversary, and that's always a happy reminder of the good times. There's also something exciting about sitting at the edge of the next big thing, waiting in anticipation for it to come, but not quite having it yet. The anticipation is always better than the actuality. The hype is always overplayed, and the playing leaves us disappointed. December is the hype; a new year is the disappointing product.

But December without Christmas would be like... January!But December without Christmas would be like... January!

Also, December is quiet at work, finally. I normally get to take some vacation time in December, which makes it a great time for gaming. Last December I crushed The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Life Is Strange and Project Spark. In 2014, December was slower, due to an actual out-of-town vacation, but I still managed to finish the gold grind in Diablo III and get started in earnest on Assassin's Creed III.

What's in store for December this year, and going forward?

  • The Big Score

I am "sitting" on a lot of GS. Over the years I've managed to collect quite a number of games which are largely just "quick" GamerScore games. I've not played them because I've been holding out for a "reason", such as being part of a contest like the GTASC. But really, isn't the reason to play games "to play games?" Why am I holding on to so many games with so little reason? Wouldn't it make sense just to play Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) and Beyond Eyes and see what these games are really all about. Are they as good artistically as I hope? Too often, blinded by the gaudy numbers, I can forget that the purpose of games like this is to enjoy the experience.

But, I have a lot of them. And not all of them are as artistic as those two. They're all games I want to play. Well, maybe not Nickelodeon Dance. But I played that game's sequel with my girls and it was an enjoyable afternoon, at least. And spending time with the kids is even more important than the grind for score.

In fact, playing with the kids is what's causing a lot of my concern here. My oldest are now of an age where "playing games with Dad" is much more interactive and more genuinely fun. I've played the majority of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes with my eldest. And they keep wanting to play new games. So I've loaded up several of the games I've mentioned to let them play, but not wanting to start them myself was holding me back from enjoyment with my kids. What stupid reason is there for doing anything like that? I have so many games, just so I don't play them when a great opportunity arises?

Thinking about those missed opportunities I started adding all of the titles up in my head and thought, "Wow, that is a lot of points. What happens to my score if I just dump them all in 2017?" What indeed? To that end, I'm planning on making 2017 a huge year. It still won't be on par with anything like what the best gamers here can do, but I plan on making a big splash. I'm going to set up a series of goals. The first will be to match my best year ever in terms of GS/TA: 2015. In 2015, fueled by my GTASC team's run, I scored 83,550 TA on 46,728 GS. That's a good year for me, but it's a tame target for the backlog of cheap points. So my secondary target will be 200K GS. That's somewhere around 65,000 on the year, depending on what I've done since writing this.

But I don't plan on just playing easy games. I still have a primary focus on Xbox Fitness. I'm concerned about the potential for an AirMech Arena server shutdown sometime in 2017 or scheduled for 2018. Similarly, Happy Wars (Xbox 360) or World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition could take a higher priority, and if none of them do, I've got loads of games already started, including some with a lot of points available. From my three Bean Dives (2014, 2015, 2016) I have 49 games sitting at only one achievement earned. That's a depressing statistic I'd really like to see shrink, and going for "easy" score will likely mean pushing a lot of those 49 games out of "easy point" range and therefore much further along in the storylines at least, if not finished.

So, on December 31st, I'll be creating three goals for the 2017 year as I move to slam these easy titles and go for a big score year. First the GS as of 12/31 + 46728. That should be a given considering the backlog I'm coming in with. Second, a stretch goal that is attainable. Working my way towards that 200K. That'd be a big year for me for sure, and hitting a nice round number by the end will be worth the effort.

Finally, the one that will shock. Working my way towards 250K GS. That's right, a quarter of a million, or almost doubling what I have now and am likely to have as of 12/31 within in a single year. It's possible. Plenty of gamers have pulled off that kind of score in a year. But it'll be quite the stretch for me, even with the arsenal of quick points. But what's the fun of making easy goals? Shoot for the moon!

External image

And because having just one set of over-arching gaming goal for the year is for weaklings...

  • The End of an Era

It was bound to happen. I'm spending more and more time on my Xbox One. And as much as I loved the Xbox 360, eventually mine will die and I'd rather not have to buy another one at this point. Any new game now is coming out for the One, not the 360. Maybe for both, but I'd go with the One version for sure, right?

So I should really focus my attention on the 360 library of games I own before my 360 unit fails and I am either forced to buy a replacement or make do with an impressive library of unfinished games.

I'm going to list out a huge number of non-backwards compatible (BC) Xbox 360 + XBLA games that I have started, or otherwise own--generally excluding GwG titles--so I can start to prioritize some of them. The order of priority includes:

Physical > Digital
I can theoretically re-sell physical games I'm not interested in preserving as a legacy copy for some reason. Selling these sooner rather than later is good because the market value of most games will do nothing but go down. Additionally, the disc drive is a failure point on the Xbox 360 (that's what happened to my last box) and even if that fails I can still play many digital titles for a while longer. This digital priority has already come up with the opportunity to cheaply buy a digital copy of a game I owned a physical copy of. If the game ever does go BC, I have that lined up more readily, and I can sell the disc immediately, likely at cost of the digital product or better. If more opportunities like this present themselves, I should consider them, even if it delays a game's priority

Kinect > non-Kinect
In addition to almost assuredly never going BC due to hardware issues, these games take an added priority because at any point the Kinect hardware could itself fail, independently of the Xbox 360, rendering much of the content in many of these games useless.

Other considerations
Some games also get a bonus bump on priority because they are "on loan" or have other requirements that put them in the lead. Some of these are time-sensitive in themselves, such as server shut-downs. Others are just precautionary, such as plastic instruments. I also have titles that I've bought, as in paid real money for, or otherwise acquired at some cost to me. These games should either be played or sold off so as to minimize my loss. Finally, I'll have a list of games that I have 'started', but don't actually have access to. Because getting these done will require spending new money, they'll necessarily have the lowest priority.

One more item
This list is not exhaustive of definitive. I have missed items in the past and I wouldn't be surprised if I did again. And even if I missed nothing, new titles could be added. While all new GwG are supposed to be backward compatible, even an official statement to that effect from Microsoft is no guarantee that it'll stay that way, so it is certainly technically possible for more GwG titles to end up on this list, or I could start some of my 360 non-BC GwG backlog. And of course, I can always just buy more games. I won't buy many more 360-only titles, but if the perfect deal comes along how can I be sure I'll resist. I won't, I'll crumble like I always do.

External image

For now, this list is adequate.

Kinect Games
Total: 11
Running Totals: 11
Disc: 7
Digital: 4
Arcade: 4


Physical (non-Kinect)
Total: 45
Running Totals: 56
Disc: 52
Digital: 4
Arcade: 7

Digital (non-Kinect)
Total: 46
Running Totals: 112
Disc: 52
Digital: 50
Arcade: 33

Additional Unstarted and Paid
Total: 17
Running Totals: 129
Disc: 62
Digital: 57
Arcade: 35

No access to continue--includes non-complete but max-possible score games.
Posted by Xpovos on 01 December 16 at 20:15 | There are 6 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
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