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A Birthday Lament For an Achievement Hunter
Today is my birthday, as the site knows and blasted out on my friend feed. It's a pretty significant one, too. I am now one with the universe and fully understand it.

I haven't blogged much in the past while, been busy with life and the random sparks of inspiration haven't been hitting as much. But today, I had one. So allow me to share, for your amusement.

I played all night long,
Didn't need no sleep.
I beat every level,
I got every bleep.
I played sixty games
of every genre (even the ones I don't like).
That was too much for my wife,
she told me, "Take a hike!"

I bought sixty games,
And what did I get?
Another year older
And a bigger backlog yet.
St. Peter don't you call me, 'cause I can't go.
I sold my soul to the Microsoft Store.

I hope this (for me) short entry amuses you as it did me as I worked on it. A note, I iterated on the lyrics with ChatGPT for quite a while, which was an interesting creative endeavor. It was both occasionally helpful and simultaneously so terrible that I burst out laughing at the suggestions it had. It reminded me of school group projects where that one kid always showed up and participated, but was largely useless. But he also had that one good idea so everyone has to acknowledge him and give him credit.

Also, worth noting, I'm still happily married, and my wife indulges my hobby.
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