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Clicker Heroes Disaster
I know I am really pushing out the content right now, but the iron is hot. Things will slow down to their normal pace soon, but I have a few more ideas I want to get out and they are all fairly time sensitive. To make up for the quantity of posts, they will be short (for me).

Today I want to talk about Clicker Heroes if you have not played it you almost certainly know what it is. As a F2P idle game it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of almost everything. Yet these idle games are surprisingly entertaining. This is not the first I have played, but having achievements tied to it means it is likely going to be one that I carry further than most.

What surprises me a bit about Clicker Heroes has been how the optimal strategy changes at different stages. Early on it is a pretty straight-forward earn more gold to buy more and better heroes to help you kill stuff faster so you can earn even more gold mechanic. Then, of course, you hit the standard ascension mechanic. After about 3-5 ascensions (maybe more if you are a more active player) even that starts to slow down and you start to build back up from the bottom. Early heroes are given exponential bonuses that catch them up with late heroes and surpass them substantially, at least for a while. In the meantime, you are leveling up a second set of heroes, "ancients," for extra power as well.

That is largely where I am. After about two months of playing the game basically once or twice a day I am getting ready to move out of that small stage onto the next stage which is all about making sure your "gilds" are on the right hero. Gilds are rewards for beating certain levels and they increase a hero's damage. They land randomly on a hero, but you can move them around, and doing so is a good way to ensure you have maximum damage.

My current gildsMy current gilds

I have about 20 gilds. Ideally, I would get them all to move over to The Masked Samurai based on my current progress. There are two ways to move gilds, and in that screenshot you can see them.

Press cn_X to de-gild the "selected" hero by one and add one gild to a different random hero. Costs 2 Hero Souls.
Press cn_A to remove a gild from a different random hero and add it to this hero. Costs 80 Hero Souls.

With 19 gilds to move, transfering all the gilds to Masked Samurai this way would cost 1520 Hero Souls, which is still a lot for me.

The disaster which I want to talk about, per my title, is what the screenshot is failing to capture. Clicker Heroes' "help" menu is that if you click the RS it will toggle tool tips. In the screen shot they are toggled on. If I click RS, that tool tip goes away.

This is very obvious with the heroes. The tooltip helps you determine how much damage each is doing, their percentage of your total damage, etc. But they can get in the way, so it is common to turn them off and on a lot. When I started buying Ancients I was dumbfounded that there were no descriptions at all. I looked them all up on the internet, matched by the picture and read their descriptions there. Crazy! Then I clicked the RS on a later trip and all the data was there in the tool tips. Of course!

Well, it came back to bite me with the gilding as well. I went into the menu and had the tool tips turned off. So it was just a table of heroes and gilds. What button do I press? If this were a normal game I would press cn_A on this hero with a couple of gilds that are not doing me maximum good, and then maybe I can press cn_X to move it off.

External image

Good-bye, 80 Hero Souls.

Wait, you mean there was no confirmation screen? Well, yes, actually. If you press cn_X it will ask you to confirm, but if you press cn_A it just takes the 80 Hero Souls and scampers. Even worse, the hero that ended up with that new gild did not need it--I was trying to remove them from him--and it may well have taken it from a hero who was in better shape to use it.

Worse yet, Hero Souls in the bank are worth multiplicative damage bonus. So this one misclick has set me back tremendously. My damage is decreased by about 50%, my goals are set-back and to earn the 80 Hero Souls back again is going to take about a week of solid play.

Clicker Heroes, the game where a misclick can cost you a week. That is a winning slogan.

Of course, the reality of idle games is that a week is nothing. I will still be playing this game, off and on, months from now. If this had happened a few weeks from now (or happens again) it would almost be a non-issue, because my hero soul totals should be increasing exponentially as well. 80 is a lot when you have ~140. Not so much when you have a hundred thousand. This just hit me at the absolute worst time.

But, hey, at least my save file did not corrupt.
Posted by Xpovos yesterday at 14:05 | There are 8 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
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