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Ain't It Dead Yet?
No, I'm pretty clearly not dead. I've been fairly active in gaming, but quiet in terms of the blog and other things. So a quick run-down on some of the major motions of late.

The GTASC abides. The competition has gotten stiff enough that I've seen fairly competitive gamers get knocked out. Some high scoring guys, too, who though the line couldn't move as fast as it did on a Wednesday morning. I'm having a slow week this week myself. It might pay off in the form of a bonus, but I don't think I'm going to count on that. I should be dumping some more points tonight and tomorrow for:

The TA Happy Birthday Community Challenge. For those who missed it, the site has elected to give out 1-month of TA Pro to every member who completes the spelling challenge prior to midnight on Wednesday. A single month is not a lot, but I'll take free for a challenge I was intending to complete anyway, right? The downside is... I haven't even gotten my first H to start spelling 'Happy' yet. My weekend was not game-free, but it was differently focused. I spent a lot of it working on the stuff that pays the bills, rather than one of the hobbies that saps the funds. What did I play, though? Time for some more one-sentence reviews. I haven't done these in a while.

Crypt of the Serpent King It looks like it plays like Dungeon Hack clone, a 1993 D&D dungeon crawler; yet the original has everything the clone lacks.

Seriously, I knew Crypt of the Serpent King was a bad game, but I was amazed at how bad. The concept is solid enough that it could have worked, but it is remarkably empty. The 1993 SSI game, Dungeon Hack is better in every single way, except graphics. And even that is a more of a wash than a point in Serpent King's favor. Still, I like the style of the game, in part because I loved Dungeon Hack. I'll force myself through the rest of this soon, mostly on that nostalgia. This game has that odd feeling where it's clearly terrible, and yet... almost.

Manual Samuel Take literal control of every aspect of a day in the life of a douche. Seriously, how is breathing hard?

War Planet Online: Global Conquest (Win 10) Clash of Clans is huge, we should make a Clash of Clans clone and then obfuscate everything so that people don't realize.

Mafia II Open-world story-driven game about a criminal = the brown shooter of the second half of the decade.

I've been playing Mafia II (when the kids aren't around) to get to the H for that spelling challenge. Once I've got that I should be able to make some faster progress with the rest of the letters.

FIFA 12 FIFA itself is surprisingly fun, but the achievement design is arranged for maximum discomfort, particularly for hack victims.

Borderlands I was overly harsh on this game when I first reviewed it; it turns out that if you get good enough to shoot skags and find some powerful loot, this game has the solid bones that could be turned into the far superior sequel.

Bejeweled LIVE (Win 8) Yo, Dawg, I heard you liked puzzle-matching games; so have some puzzle-matching to match while you match more matches, because you're going to be here for a while.

Charlie Murder This is not the greatest side-scrolling beat'em-up, it's just a tribute.

I streamed my playthrough of the story portion of Manual Samuel. It's currently still available on my Mixer channel (http://mixer.com/xpovos) and will be as a VOD for a few more days. I haven't loaded it to YouTube yet. I did that as part of a community effort for the folks over at Zed to Zed. That was a fun little side-project. Also a nice infusion of points for the GTASC. I didn't get the completion, of course, but I did get over 400 GS in a little over 2 hours of gameplay on Sunday. The completion seems tedious, but mostly it is just pattern memorization. I've done worse, so I'm sure I'll get this done sooner or later.

I hit 10,000th place overall (and a bit above) on the total TA score leaderboard. There are fewer than 10,000 tracked gamers left ahead of me. And since we know the vast majority of anyone who is an achievement hunter in the world is on this site, either actively or having been added, it's probably fair to say that I'm pretty much in the top 10,000 of all achievement-hunting gamers now. Yet...

I'm still not in the top-10,000 for RPGs. Every other game genre I care about I'm well under. 4000-5000 regularly, often lower; sometimes much lower. My CCG score is 34th! Somehow, RPG has eluded me, and I haven't even "kept pace" with the average gamer in one of my favorite genres. I should fix that.

One other thing I wanted to discuss that I'm very much looking forward to is that I'm going to be doing a release day stream of Sea of Thieves. This is not because I'm super-excited about the game and want to. I am excited, but it's mostly because the opportunity is there in a unique way. Since Sea of Thieves is going into GamePass from day one, I can play it on Day One with a Game Pass subscription, which will net me a lot of other benefits as well. Des, my stream partner, has her trial periods, so she and I, and likely two others will be setting sail as a team to see what the game is all about. Come check us out at 9PM EST (UTC-4 due to DST!) on the 20th. I'm thinking it's going to be a hopping show.

Of course, feel free to join us tomorrow night as well, we'll be playing Shantae and the Pirate's Curse to continue the pirate-themed month.

*For those who didn't catch it, this was a Skinny Puppy reference:
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