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McTennisDMadden NFL 21McTennisD won 3 Achievements in Madden NFL 21 for 308 points
VendettaAnniversaryVendetta is celebrating their birthday today!
Its Uncle KevLake RiddenIts Uncle Kev completed the game Lake Ridden and is the 529th gamer on the site to complete it
N0RVYDefense Grid 2N0RVY started the game Defense Grid 2
DudeWithTheFaceHITMAN 2DudeWithTheFace won 4 Achievements in HITMAN 2 for 91 points
DudeWithTheFaceHITMAN 2SiberiaDudeWithTheFace started the Siberia DLC for HITMAN 2
DudeWithTheFaceHITMAN 2Hantu PortDudeWithTheFace started the Hantu Port DLC for HITMAN 2
McTennisDTurnOnMcTennisD won 3 Achievements in TurnOn for 32 points
McTennisDTurnOnHappy Parents achievementMcTennisD won the Happy Parents achievement in TurnOn for 10 points
McTennisDTurnOnIlluminator achievementMcTennisD won the Illuminator achievement in TurnOn for 11 points
Chris1984ukShenmue IIChris1984uk won 3 Achievements in Shenmue II for 163 points
M317Sea of SolitudeM317 won 2 Achievements in Sea of Solitude for 177 points
M317Sea of SolitudeSunny achievementM317 won the Sunny achievement in Sea of Solitude for 45 points
M317Sea of Solitude
            Secret AchievementM317 won the Secret Achievement in Sea of Solitude for 132 points
Waggly BeanWaggly Bean has reached a new milestone: 280,000 TrueAchievement Score
Waggly BeanCall of the SeaWaggly Bean completed the game Call of the Sea and is the 5,314th gamer on the site to complete it
Its Uncle KevGears of War 4 Its Uncle Kev won 2 Achievements in Gears of War 4 for 1942 points
Its Uncle KevGears of War 4Seriously 4.0 achievementIts Uncle Kev won the Seriously 4.0 achievement in Gears of War 4 for 1648 points
Comment by Its Uncle Kev at 01:05 on 24 Jan 2021

Holy shit. About time. I’ve spent playing 10-30 more hordes than planned. Who knew it never counted Fallout, the first map I ever completed when it launched haha

BeanpotterTorchlight IIIBeanpotter won 2 Achievements in Torchlight III for 53 points
LV 1 Blue SlimeLegend of the TetrarchsLV 1 Blue Slime completed the game Legend of the Tetrarchs and is the 81st gamer on the site to complete it
N0RVYPersona 4 Arena UltimaxN0RVY won 2 Achievements in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for 308 points
McTennisDMadden NFL 21McTennisD won 2 Achievements in Madden NFL 21 for 73 points

                Status change by Sashamorning at 20:23 on 23 Jan 2021Sashamorning status: Elite friends... I'm considering a carrier trip to Beagle Point, stopping at Sag A*. It'll take a few days to prep. Anyone interested?
Comment by Sashamorning at 20:24 on 23 Jan 2021

Carrier will probably be gone around a week. If you don't want to stay after Sag A*, feel free to suicidewinder home.

Comment by Sashamorning at 20:26 on 23 Jan 2021

Carrier is Aurora V2J-6TY. Permissions are set to friends. Come aboard when you like.

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DudeWithTheFaceHITMANDudeWithTheFace won 2 Achievements in HITMAN for 110 points
Chewy027Chewy027 has reached a new milestone: 590,000 TrueAchievement Score
Chewy027The Walking Dead: Season TwoChewy027 completed the game The Walking Dead: Season Two and is the 80,129th gamer on the site to complete it
Chewy027Ben-HurChewy027 completed the game Ben-Hur and is the 12,372nd gamer on the site to complete it
Totally KrispixStarbound (Win 10)Totally Krispix completed the game Starbound (Win 10) and is the 4,340th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Marco DeGammo at 18:48 on 23 Jan 2021


Comment by Its Uncle Kev at 21:04 on 23 Jan 2021

You mother fucker

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