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ThulgrumDonut CountyThulgrum started the game Donut County
ThulgrumThulgrum has reached a new milestone: 860 Completed Games
ThulgrumOutbreak: EpidemicThulgrum completed the game Outbreak: Epidemic and is the 809th gamer on the site to complete it
ThulgrumOutbreak: EpidemicThulgrum started the game Outbreak: Epidemic

                Status change by RadiantViper at 10:19 on 07 Aug 2020RadiantViper status: Free Gold weekend, got everything set up to boost Arkham Origins with 2 copies and 3 accounts .... and apparently the MP has been down since April
Comment by RadiantViper at 10:21 on 07 Aug 2020

I remember they said the online services were shutting down years ago but then the game was still playable and they just shut down some secondary things. Might be the

Comment by RadiantViper at 10:21 on 07 Aug 2020

whole thing this time. Shame

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                Status change by Sashamorning at 06:17 on 07 Aug 2020Sashamorning status: Carrefour briefly posted PS5 prices before removing them. Standard is 499€, digital is 399€. Don't know how reliable that is yet.
Comment by C64 Mat at 08:35 on 07 Aug 2020

Pretty much as expected, right?

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The PNW TrollRogueCubeThe PNW Troll won 3 Achievements in RogueCube for 201 points
The PNW TrollRogueCubeThe PNW Troll started the game RogueCube
RadiantViper shared the  in Truck Driver achievement list at 13:02 on 06 Aug 2020Truck DriverHidden Places & Damage SystemRadiantViper shared the Hidden Places & Damage System DLC for Truck Driver achievement list
Comment by RadiantViper at 13:03 on 06 Aug 2020

Just so everyone knows, I suggested they add achievements with updates on an official survey for this game so I'm pretty sure I'm the reason for this wink

Comment by Kitty Skies at 13:51 on 06 Aug 2020

How dare you! I'm gonna blame all of my lifes shortcomings and failures on you. All. Your. Fault!!

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ThulgrumThunder PawThulgrum completed the game Thunder Paw and is the 1,971st gamer on the site to complete it
ThulgrumThunder PawThulgrum won 5 Achievements in Thunder Paw for 492 points
MXR5150Rare ReplayMXR5150 won 3 Achievements in Rare Replay for 291 points
RadiantViperRadiantViper has reached a new milestone: 365 Completed Games
RadiantViperGrand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)RadiantViper completed the game Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) and is the 2,656th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by RadiantViper at 10:04 on 06 Aug 2020

Nice to delete all the crap that comes with installing this game off my hard drive

Comment by Beachem at 13:43 on 06 Aug 2020

Jealous :-( I'll never be able to complete this.

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XI AlphaMale IXXI AlphaMale IX has reached a new milestone: 405 Completed Games

                Status change by Sashamorning at 22:55 on 05 Aug 2020Sashamorning status: Huh. Now Xbox is partnering with Samsung to augment xCloud. Sony has locked itself into a console at its peril.
Comment by Sashamorning at 22:55 on 05 Aug 2020

PS5 users can keep Spider-Man. xCloud is so much of a better exclusive.

Comment by Ostrowidzki1989 at 23:17 on 05 Aug 2020

It's strange that playstation users seem to think not being able to play their games on multiple platforms is a win.

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SashamorningSashamorning has reached a new milestone: 845 Completed Games
SashamorningDonut CountySashamorning completed the game Donut County and is the 2,305th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by MrZombieChicken at 02:53 on 06 Aug 2020

I've always associated quick completion games with low quality. I was shocked to see the rating for this one.

Comment by Sashamorning at 06:44 on 06 Aug 2020

I liked it. There are some good short ones. Sagebrush was surprisingly deep for a game I finished in an hour.

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ThulgrumRogueCubeThulgrum won 9 Achievements in RogueCube for 805 points
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Sashamorning112th SeedSashamorning completed the game 112th Seed and is the 638th gamer on the site to complete it
Sashamorning112th SeedSashamorning won 4 Achievements in 112th Seed for 387 points
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ThulgrumRogueCubeThulgrum started the game RogueCube
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ThulgrumConcept DestructionThulgrum completed the game Concept Destruction and is the 2,593rd gamer on the site to complete it
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ThulgrumConcept DestructionThulgrum started the game Concept Destruction
ThulgrumJisei: The First Case HDThulgrum completed the game Jisei: The First Case HD and is the 1,099th gamer on the site to complete it
ThulgrumWarhammer QuestThulgrum won 4 Achievements in Warhammer Quest for 145 points
MXR5150Rare ReplaySerpentine! achievementMXR5150 won the Serpentine! achievement in Rare Replay for 100 points
RadiantViperPrototype (Xbox 360)Pt achievementRadiantViper won the Pt achievement in Prototype (Xbox 360) for 344 points
Comment by RadiantViper at 13:17 on 04 Aug 2020

Feels good to knock this one off the ol' cheevo bucket list

Comment by Beachem at 16:51 on 04 Aug 2020

Damn! Nice one

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