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Wazari x360aWazari x360a has reached a new milestone: 23,250 Achievements Won
NOTH ULTRANOTH ULTRA has reached a new milestone: 2,090,000 TrueAchievement Score
NOTH ULTRAMonster TrainNOTH ULTRA won 2 Achievements in Monster Train for 70 points
NOTH ULTRADOOM (1993)NOTH ULTRA won 5 Achievements in DOOM (1993) for 370 points
NOTH ULTRADOOM (1993)NOTH ULTRA started the game DOOM (1993)
Baby ShibsSwim OutBaby Shibs won 2 Achievements in Swim Out for 104 points
Baby ShibsSwim OutI* achievementBaby Shibs won the I* achievement in Swim Out for 54 points
Baby ShibsSwim OutI achievementBaby Shibs won the I achievement in Swim Out for 50 points
Baby ShibsSwim OutBaby Shibs started the game Swim Out
Eagle 0neKILLING FLOOR 2Eagle 0ne completed the game KILLING FLOOR 2 and is the 84th gamer on the site to complete it
the3ringmasterthe3ringmaster has reached a new milestone: 360,000 TrueAchievement Score
ShottyEddieBean DiveShottyEddie won 2 achievements in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
RyU913Cross the MoonRyU913 started the game Cross the Moon
BracewellBeastMinecraftBracewellBeast won 2 Achievements in Minecraft for 77 points
KY PRO 2008Knockout CityKY PRO 2008 started the game Knockout City
Baby ShibsWhispering WillowsBaby Shibs completed the game Whispering Willows and is the 7,043rd gamer on the site to complete it
Baby ShibsWhispering WillowsBaby Shibs won 19 Achievements in Whispering Willows for 1100 points
KY PRO 20080 DegreesKY PRO 2008 won 2 Achievements in 0 Degrees for 221 points
KY PRO 20080 DegreesLevel 25 achievementKY PRO 2008 won the Level 25 achievement in 0 Degrees for 111 points
KY PRO 20080 DegreesLevel 20 achievementKY PRO 2008 won the Level 20 achievement in 0 Degrees for 110 points
Sinacide IVSmart MovesDESERT achievementSinacide IV won the DESERT achievement in Smart Moves for 91 points
MariaJesusMcMariaJesusMc has reached a new milestone: 9,500 Achievements Won

                Status change by IrishWarrior022 at 19:21 on 22 Jun 2021IrishWarrior022 status: Indie game night starting @9pm EST hope to see some of you there!
Mystical DragonWin StreakMystical Dragon is currently on a 10 day achievement win streak
Comment by BeerNymph at 19:16 on 22 Jun 2021

Just 10?.. ooof

Comment by Mystical Dragon at 19:19 on 22 Jun 2021

My best is 33 days lol

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the3ringmasterHuman Fall Flatthe3ringmaster won 3 Achievements in Human Fall Flat for 512 points
the3ringmasterHuman Fall FlatAztecthe3ringmaster completed the Aztec DLC for Human Fall Flat
Baby ShibsExceptionProcess achievementBaby Shibs won the Process achievement in Exception for 51 points
BongoForza Horizon 4Bongo won 2 Achievements in Forza Horizon 4 for 120 points
Wazari x360aWazari x360a has reached a new milestone: 560,000 GamerScore
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
TrueAchievement in All Games USA 333 View history chart 44,440 0.75
GamerScore in All Games USA 505 View history chart 44,440 1.14
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
The Mascal 100,000+ Gamerscore. Public 69 659 10.47
TRUE TITLES Public 48 519 9.25
Stealth David Cheaters should be banned from TA! Public 65 435 14.94
XI AlphaMale IX TrueAchievement Hall of Fame Private 44 232 18.97
Ac3sta I WILL whoop that ass! Request 20 143 13.99
Apocalypse Kane Ten Thousand Club Public 27 103 26.21
Misha LinGhan AllUrPointsRBelong2Us Private 6 30 20.00
ZAKKE WYLDE Nontagteamer and Employed Public 8 28 28.57
ZAKKE WYLDE Guitar Player Public 3 27 11.11
SUPER FLY 1988 10,000 achievements won Public 5 6 83.33

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