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Went to pick up Minecraft Dungeons on PC to find out it isn't a play anywhere title. Guess I'm stuck to my X1 version for now.

Zashule 1765
Zashule 1765

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Comment by Brando83 at 17:13 on 05 Jun 2020

Hope you're playing on a modded server.

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Comment by Kyojin13 at 11:26 on 04 Jun 2020

How is this so far?

Comment by Sighris at 13:43 on 04 Jun 2020

Idk, played 5 min for 1 achievement

Comment by Kyojin13 at 13:44 on 04 Jun 2020

I'll ask again in like a week then lol

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Comment by gavmanwv3 at 20:28 on 03 Jun 2020

Good work! I personally found this one more infuriating in some stages. Still was managable to get the 1000. :-)

Comment by CrippleThreat8 at 17:56 on 04 Jun 2020

My girlfriend was sympathy raging for me while I was playing. Haha. It's not excruciatingly hard by any means, but definitely some annoyance.

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