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Xbox... ONE?
I bought Xbox. Again. Huge, black box. Even bigger that my 360, when compared.
Looks like a miniature PC but with 0,1 % it's features. Dashboard? Super primitive.
If you don't believe me, see pictures under this text.

Is something wrong?

That IS XBOX that I bought. You may wonder: Retro feelings? Too much money? Misleading name? Why?

Let me answer that:
1. mainly yes, retro feelings. When I was young, I only read about something called
"iksboks" and it's ability to play games. I was PC gamer then, so didn't care much. Until
nowdays, when I wanted that piece of history for myself :). And to play some old games, too

2. well, no. I bought it preowned for 400 HRK (around 70 USD). I could get it for less,
that's for sure, but this one was well preserved. There was even cheaper sales, but most of
them were bad controller, damaged case or something else.

3. to me, that IS THE REAL Xbox One, not that new console M$ is trying to sell it! Why not
call it 720 or Durango or Infinity, but "One"? Were they stoned when coming up for a name?!

4. since original Xbox LIVE no longer exist, reasons for buying Xbox are playing old games
and turning it into Media Center. To sum it all: softmod. And having that little piece of
history at home.

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