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EthigyViking: Battle For AsgardEthigy won 18 Achievements in Viking: Battle For Asgard for 482 points
OldMateClownOldMateClown has reached a new milestone: 18,250 Achievements Won
OldMateClownRogue LordsOldMateClown won 2 Achievements in Rogue Lords for 300 points
iMaginaryySea of ThievesiMaginaryy won 3 Achievements in Sea of Thieves for 577 points
ChewieOnIceAnniversaryChewieOnIce is celebrating their 13-year anniversary of joining TrueAchievements.com
Comment by Legohead 1977 at 00:24 on 09 Jun 2023

Happy TA day!

Comment by MrZombieChicken at 02:00 on 09 Jun 2023

Happy TAnniversary!

misfit119Minecraftmisfit119 won 79 Achievements in Minecraft for 6443 points
misfit119MinecraftCastaway achievementmisfit119 won the Castaway achievement in Minecraft for 47 points
misfit119MinecraftPork Chop achievementmisfit119 won the Pork Chop achievement in Minecraft for 12 points
misfit119MinecraftStar trader achievementmisfit119 won the Star trader achievement in Minecraft for 100 points
misfit119MinecraftBullseye achievementmisfit119 won the Bullseye achievement in Minecraft for 43 points
misfit119MinecraftSneak 100 achievementmisfit119 won the Sneak 100 achievement in Minecraft for 34 points
misfit119MinecraftIt Spreads achievementmisfit119 won the It Spreads achievement in Minecraft for 39 points
misfit119MinecraftMoskstraumen achievementmisfit119 won the Moskstraumen achievement in Minecraft for 137 points
misfit119MinecraftZoologist achievementmisfit119 won the Zoologist achievement in Minecraft for 107 points
misfit119MinecraftThe End achievementmisfit119 won the The End achievement in Minecraft for 83 points
misfit119MinecraftThe End? achievementmisfit119 won the The End? achievement in Minecraft for 38 points
misfit119MinecraftBeam Me Up achievementmisfit119 won the Beam Me Up achievement in Minecraft for 44 points
misfit119MinecraftSuper Sonic achievementmisfit119 won the Super Sonic achievement in Minecraft for 102 points
misfit119MinecraftMe Gold! achievementmisfit119 won the Me Gold! achievement in Minecraft for 58 points
misfit119MinecraftAhoy! achievementmisfit119 won the Ahoy! achievement in Minecraft for 32 points
misfit119MinecraftLet It Go! achievementmisfit119 won the Let It Go! achievement in Minecraft for 55 points
misfit119MinecraftFree Diver achievementmisfit119 won the Free Diver achievement in Minecraft for 39 points
misfit119MinecraftDry Spell achievementmisfit119 won the Dry Spell achievement in Minecraft for 37 points
misfit119MinecraftInception achievementmisfit119 won the Inception achievement in Minecraft for 56 points
misfit119MinecraftTrampoline achievementmisfit119 won the Trampoline achievement in Minecraft for 36 points
misfit119MinecraftMap Room achievementmisfit119 won the Map Room achievement in Minecraft for 119 points
misfit119MinecraftCamouflage achievementmisfit119 won the Camouflage achievement in Minecraft for 76 points
misfit119MinecraftThe Lie achievementmisfit119 won the The Lie achievement in Minecraft for 60 points
Ethigy shared the news item Friday the 13th: The Game Xbox delisting and server closure announced at 18:11 on 08 Jun 2023Ethigy shared the news item Friday the 13th: The Game Xbox delisting and server closure announced
Comment by Ethigy at 18:11 on 08 Jun 2023

This should be fun.

Comment by SplotchyAndre at 18:32 on 08 Jun 2023

You doing it?

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misfit119misfit119 has reached a new milestone: 25,500 Achievements Won
misfit119misfit119 has reached a new milestone: 1,140,000 TrueAchievement Score
misfit119Minecraftmisfit119 completed the base game Minecraft and is the 26,321st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by misfit119 at 14:45 on 08 Jun 2023

Wow. Achievement worlds for the win I guess.

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