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PermalinkE3 2017 Podcast Episode Now Available
We've got our E3 episode of the Eclectic Gamers Podcast now up and available:

In addition to Kamik678 and myself, we were joined by three guest hosts (gamertags for them are LockeCJ, Clone4858, and The5thCylon). We cover all the major presentations (EA, Microsoft, The PC Gaming Show, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo). However, I'd say we spent the most time on Microsoft (I think it was an hour of the entire 3-hour episode), so Xbox fans should hear a lot of relevant content.

There is about 10 minutes of pinball news at the start of the show (pinball fans are actually our most active listener base, so we cater heavily to them, and while it was a slow week in the pinball world there were a couple major happenings I couldn't skip out on providing updates for). toast
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PermalinkMath Consultant Discusses TA's Use of Geometric Mean for DLC on Podcast

We had Bowen Kerins on our show because he's one of the world's top competitive pinball players. However, he's also a mathematical consultant who works on education curriculum and has consulted for many game shows (including NBC's The Wall). As such, towards the end of the episode we had a math segment.

I walked him through how main-game rarity is calculated, and the change from a few years back on DLC (shifting from how we still handle the base game to the geometric mean model). This was hotly debated back in the day, as to whether or not the math made any sense.

Anyway, given it is directly related to this site, if you want to listen to the TA discussion you can hop to 1:16:30 and that's where I begin the lead-in.

If you want to hear about his work for game shows, you'll want to go to the start of the math segment, which would be timestamped at 1:05:15.

Sadly no other video game talk this time (we normally cover pinball, video games, and tabletop gaming), but we rarely talk TA specifically so I figured I should announce this here.
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