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redraider104Call of Duty: Ghostsredraider104 completed the base game Call of Duty: Ghosts and is the 4,109th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by oxHARMONxo at 01:26 on 24 Feb 2020

Change your DLC settings!

Comment by redraider104 at 02:02 on 24 Feb 2020

They’re on.

Comment by oxHARMONxo at 02:57 on 24 Feb 2020


Comment by oxHARMONxo at 02:57 on 24 Feb 2020

Just realized it said base game ??

redraider104Call of Duty: GhostsInto the Deep achievementredraider104 won the Into the Deep achievement in Call of Duty: Ghosts for 25 points
Comment by redraider104 at 00:40 on 23 Feb 2020

This is the worst level in any call of duty ever

redraider104Call of Duty: GhostsNightfall Completionist achievementredraider104 won the Nightfall Completionist achievement in Call of Duty: Ghosts for 101 points
Comment by Ess Rod at 12:22 on 22 Feb 2020


Comment by chuckles37v3 at 13:26 on 22 Feb 2020

It's happening......

JCDRANZERFable FortuneJCDRANZER completed the game Fable Fortune and is the 101st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by JCDRANZER at 17:53 on 20 Feb 2020

It's's finally done.

Comment by Slayer Reigning at 17:57 on 20 Feb 2020

Nice work!

Comment by Ace at 17:58 on 20 Feb 2020


Comment by MattiasAnderson at 19:39 on 20 Feb 2020

I will start this the next week. lol And try to finish it quickly!

redraider104Tekken 7redraider104 completed the game Tekken 7 and is the 5,834th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by BIoodyEagle at 07:07 on 20 Feb 2020

How am I the only person not breezing through this game. Wtf

Comment by fighterx93chipp at 14:59 on 20 Feb 2020


redraider104Tacomaredraider104 started the game Tacoma
Comment by Ess Rod at 22:48 on 16 Feb 2020

Dat ratio

Comment by redraider104 at 00:45 on 17 Feb 2020

it’s nice

redraider104Red Dead Redemption 2Notorious achievementredraider104 won the Notorious achievement in Red Dead Redemption 2 for 494 points
Comment by chuckles37v3 at 20:56 on 16 Feb 2020


Comment by oxBURN3Rxo at 20:59 on 16 Feb 2020


Comment by Ess Rod at 22:47 on 16 Feb 2020


Comment by redraider104 at 00:46 on 17 Feb 2020

I’m so glad this is over. Thanks to everyone that helped.

Comment by Darth Maul FTS at 13:14 on 17 Feb 2020

Nice dude

JCDRANZERDragon Ball Z: KakarotJCDRANZER has rated the game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 5 out of 5
Comment by JCDRANZER at 12:10 on 16 Feb 2020

This game is a love letter to the Dragon Ball franchise. I absolutely loved it.

Comment by MaxSilverfox369 at 18:26 on 16 Feb 2020

Well done, dude...respect.

Comment by Rapture639 at 21:18 on 16 Feb 2020

Agreed! Can’t wait to see what they add as DLC. I’m hoping it’s stuff related to the movies, or maybe even Dragon Ball Super!

Comment by JCDRANZER at 21:58 on 16 Feb 2020

Probably Broly

Comment by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS at 01:47 on 17 Feb 2020

Sadly if he is dlc they probably wont have vic voicing him

Comment by JCDRANZER at 09:30 on 17 Feb 2020

I did watch the Eng dub quite a bit as a kid but when I knew I could watch it subbed, I switched plus I do prefer the Japanese voices more than the English voices.

Comment by JCDRANZER at 09:38 on 17 Feb 2020

Vegeta's voice is legendary.

Comment by JCDRANZER at 09:55 on 17 Feb 2020

However, I'm aware of Vic and his Broly voice is just top class when compared to Eng dub voices in general.

JCDRANZERJCDRANZER has just made a new blog post: Current Priorities in Gaming - Feb 2020
Comment by Rayhoven at 10:07 on 14 Feb 2020

I'll play DayZ with you on the weekend if you'd like. I know FF as a deadline date

SCOTTLAND1986Gears 5BFFs achievementSCOTTLAND1986 won the BFFs achievement in Gears 5 for 435 points
Comment by SCOTTLAND1986 at 21:54 on 13 Feb 2020

Disgusting achievement


                Status change by redraider104 at 20:49 on 11 Feb 2020redraider104 status: Red dead online is the most broken online experience that I’ve ever played. It’s almost to an absurd degree how shit it is.
Comment by SCOTTLAND1986 at 23:25 on 11 Feb 2020

Great. Still got that shit to go back to.

Comment by redraider104 at 01:01 on 12 Feb 2020

If you see me on feel free to hop in I’ll show you the way I was taught to farm XP

Comment by SCOTTLAND1986 at 05:37 on 12 Feb 2020

Alright, I’ll do that if no one is on to play Gears 5

redraider104redraider104 is now in the top 500 of the TrueAchievement Leaderboard for Shooter
Comment by Darth Maul FTS at 13:10 on 06 Feb 2020

Nice dude

Comment by chuckles37v3 at 14:09 on 06 Feb 2020


Comment by oxBURN3Rxo at 14:35 on 06 Feb 2020

Ya nothin

Comment by Ess Rod at 15:11 on 06 Feb 2020

Good for you.....

SCOTTLAND1986Gears 5SCOTTLAND1986 created a Boosting Gaming Session for the game Gears 5
Comment by SCOTTLAND1986 at 00:08 on 05 Feb 2020

Getting BFF done in 8/9 days from scratch at this rate ????

                Status change by JCDRANZER at 12:46 on 04 Feb 2020JCDRANZER status: Who still needs to do Battleborn? The last day to buy currency aka Platinum is the 24th Feb, you need this to buy the DLC in-game.
Comment by BROOKER 513 at 13:07 on 04 Feb 2020

Me, and last time I played the servers kept giving connection errors.

Comment by wwe is aw3some at 13:29 on 04 Feb 2020

I need to do it still hopefully servers are at least a little better then what i been hearing

Comment by M I K 3 ID v at 14:02 on 04 Feb 2020

I want to get the DLCs but I’ve heard their are issues at the moment with game progress being saved. Need to look into it

Comment by VictimOfDesire at 14:33 on 04 Feb 2020

The server issues also affect buying platinum, so I'd get on that sooner rather than later. Took me like 10 tries of refreshing for my purchases to go through.

Comment by BROOKER 513 at 17:45 on 04 Feb 2020

Bought the game for $5, dont expect to purchase anything more then.