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Yonder the Cloud Catcher Chronicles Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Achievement
The shivering plains is the best place I've found to get this achievement. Go just past the guild there, and you'll keep climbing the mountain through a cave. Eventually you'll come across a teleport there which requires you to mine 3 nodes and return. (They're all in the immediate area). Go just past this teleport shrine, and there's a small area of Murk you'll have to clear. Once cleared, there's a treasure chest with a shampoo, and a ledge that sticks out. From there jump off the ledge, and float to the left side of the cliff to get the achievement.

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Comment by TheIceColdPain at 07:14 on 25 May 2020

Nice one now kingdom hearts chain of memories

Comment by Ostrowidzki1989 at 11:45 on 25 May 2020

Yeah haha. Bbs took a lokg time. Hoping com is faster.

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