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Permalink#122: For the Love of: Formula One - 16th July 2017
b]Hello & welcome to blog 122: For the Love of…. Formula One smile

Music while writing:
None this week, watching the post-race coverage on Channel 4, making the most of it as without Sky F1, I’ll quite happily take as much coverage as I can get.

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Following on from my previous blog a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t want to leave it too long before writing something else, I think spacing them every couple of weeks is about right for where I am right now, so I’ll plan for the next one on that basis

No recap of my self-imposed rules, I want to try and avoid repeating the same info, but if you want to read my previous offerings, then they will be listed out at the end from now on smile

I’ve been a fan of F1 for as long as I can remember, I had a period during the Schumacher dominance years where I fell out of love with it, but came back to it again during the Alonso period and have been strong fan of it since, which as expected will sway my opinion.

The British Grand Prix has just finished and it was a corker, be warned there are some spoilers below

Lewis showed a dominant performance and did the triple of Pole, Win and fastest lap, then did his now customary crowd pleasing, which was great to see.

It was a great race, full of great racing and late drama, the only thing that would have made it better was a bit of rain, but even without that it was thoroughly enjoyable, like a great deal of the races we have had this season.

Once again Max showed his pure racing pedigree, it’s such a shame his car has let him down so much this season, rest assured he will be a future world champ if he gets a good reliable car under him. I think there is enough talented young blood in the sport to make the future look tasty once the current top drivers move on.

Who could have expected the late tyre issues, it did remind me of few years ago at Silverstone when the kerbs were creating splits and multiple blowouts were happening, but I was just looking forward to see if Valtteri could take Kimi, but to see the tyre issues really spiced it up.

It also had the benefit of closing the gap between Seb and Lewis in the championship, which keeps things interesting for the second half of the season

I think this year is another epic year, last year was a good inter team battle and that was interesting, but seeing Ferrari once again become competitive and the battle between Lewis and Seb is making this a classic season which will be one to remember. I just hope it keeps going for the remainder of this year and I’m excited to see what happens.

Interesting seasons and championship battles have not always been the case, Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes dominance periods do end up creating dull seasons, which is why I think a season where there is some competition is so enjoyable.

The last race in Austria was a bit processional and could have seemed dull in comparison to the heated events of Baku in the previous race, which was another crazy and epic race, but not every race in F1 is an epic, which is why I think when they do happen, there are so good and memorable.

I think it’s clear to anyone that knows my gamertag that I enjoy motorsports, I actually enjoy all forms of motorsport and quite often watch Motorsports TV to catch up on Nascar and Rallycross, but will then quite happily watch NHRA, MXGP or the small random formula’s they show. The only thing I always seem to miss is MotoGP.

F1 in Gaming
I recently completed F1 2014, which with the exception of 1 glitched achievement in F1 2011 (PC) which bugs the crap out of me, means I’m now done on the previous gen titles, I’ve enjoyed them all, even boosting the 50 races in F1 2010 twice was bearable thanks to some good boosting partners.

I am looking forward to 2015 & 2016 on the XB1, this should be made all the better following a purchase I made in the past week.

It will be a while before I get round to them as I continue to focus on wrapping up 360 stuff, no doubt 2017 will be out and I have an inkling to do them all back to back, but there will be something new for me when I do get to them.

I’ve always been a control pad player, it’s what I’ve known and I’m reasonable but I’ve always had a hankering for a wheel, so when last week the price of the Logitech G920 dropped to £130 on Amazon prime day, I was a bit gutted as I’m not a prime member.

However my years of grinding and playing frustrating racing games has made me tenacious and after a bit of internet research, I found it on PCworld’s eBay site at £129, less than half price compared to their store price, so I jumped at it while it was there.

I also picked up the shifter and a GT omega V2 stand while I was at it, so it’s going to be a big change, I’m not sure how I’ll get on with it, but I’m excited to try it and I am using it as a motivator to finish up the 360 stuff so I can move onto XB1 stuff and start using it with feeling.

Longer term I may invest in a better wheel and even a different rig, but for now this is enough to get me into wheel based racing and see how I go.

I’ve been toying with the idea of iRacing, combined with either a triple monitor rig or maybe even an Occulus Rift, mainly driven by the graphics card slot in my current PC giving up the ghost, so a new PC could be in order, but that is all on hold for now as it’s some serious cash to spend.

Honestly it may be that after years of using a control pad I may not get on with a wheel, time will tell and I still have plenty of achievements to earn on XB1 racers before I get to a point where there is nothing left to play and I would seriously consider switching to PC gaming.

Fact is no-one knows what the future may hold and having some flexibility and the ability to adapt to the unending changes that life throws at us is vital, I do think that the mindset that comes from being a completionist gamer has its many frustrations, but also brings benefits that are transferable when dealing with changes in real life.

Thank it’s the hours up….. (1187 words)

Enjoy your life until the next time


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Taking A Break
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Permalink#121: For the Love of: Taking a Break - 2nd July 2017
Hello & welcome to blog 121: For the Love of…. Taking a Break smile

Music while writing:


It’s been nearly 2 years since my last blog and in that time I’m sure things may have changed with the way blog’s are perceived on here, there may well have been some format changes I am not up to date with and frankly my blogging skills are no doubt somewhat rusty.

All that aside, I felt the inspiration calling me and I have a few things I can write about so I thought I would have a go again and see what comes out of the fingertips.

Here’s my own self-imposed rules, you know I love rules right laugh

Time Allowance
I’m allowing myself a max of an hour to write this, if the hours up and I’m mid flow, well tough, the blog stops, in all honesty I think I’ll be done in less than 30 mins, but this is a trick from journaling and so I thought I’d give it a go

Giveaways, just say NO.
The only thing I am giving away is my time, thoughts and advice, no freebie games, no promo codes, no swift hand jobs behind the bike shed, so if you came here for that you are out of luck, go follow someone else who does that

New start, new series
So while I blog for this spell, may as well change the name of the series from the old “Sunday Ramble” which worked well at the time to this new series “For the Love of”

Basically, I’m going to cut all the extras and just focus on 1 topic, it keeps it simple, may end up being quicker to write up and frankly I’m not sure who read all that extra blurb in my old blogs anyway.

Sure it was a nice way to thank my new followers, but it was a bit of a gimmick to fish for new followers, and it worked, but that was when that seemed important.

Release Day and Topics
It will still be published on a Sunday, no set time though, just on a Sunday at some point and as for topics, whatever really, I’m not going to limit myself to just rambling about gaming

Well I’ve been gaming again for a few weeks now after another of my well known gaming breaks, any long term reader will know, it’s just what I do and it works for me.

Generally I take a break as I’ve lost the love for gaming or I just feel the need to shift up my routine and do something else for a bit, but this most recent break was somewhat different and I know only a few people know the real reason behind it, so here’s an explanation, not that’s I felt I needed to, just for those that wondered.

The C Word,
No not cunt, cancer.
In December, just before Christmas my mum was meant to be having an operation, as part of the pre-op testing they actually discovered she had cervical cancer, thankfully it was at the early stages.

I’m sure anyone who has been through this with other family members can appreciate it’s quite a shock, but she was fast tracked and the planned operation was cancelled and replaced with a removal op instead that happened in early Jan.

Most of my free time in the early part of the year was caring for her, good news is she got through the op ok and the most recent test showed she is clear, but naturally it was quite a stressful time.

The W Word
No not wanker, work.
As is usual for me I take the week off before Christmas and last year was no exception, I left work knowing my mum had cancer and I had told my colleagues and boss so they were all aware of the ongoing situation.

The plan was to have a good Christmas, then get back and start the New Year in my new role, so I was already quite anxious about the return as it would be something new I have no experience in.

Got back to work in the New Year with the operation due the following week to find out that the most vital team member had been let go on the 24th December, this essentially meant I had 2 jobs to do as I had the elements of my new role and all his old stuff as no-one else in the business new how to do it.

No hand over, nothing, just gone, but it’s ok as Ash is amazing and can do it all…. That was basically their attitude, now use of the first C word to describe them would be appropriate. The timing couldn’t have been any worse, but hey that’s how life can be sometimes.

The B Word
No not bollocks, break.
I had 4 months of working stupid hours at work with loads of stress there and then all the stress that came with caring for my mum.

I turned back to my old faithful daily practice of Meditation, Tai Chi, chi Kung, Yoga and mixed in some affirmation work and self reiki, basically I spent any free time I had working on my own resource levels so I could get through this challenging period

I’d get up at 4.24am, do a load of this good stuff to set me up for the day, then get through the stresses of the day without being too phased by it, then would go to bed at about 20:30, and get up the same time the next day and do it all over again.

Sounds crazy, but it worked, check out Hal Elrod’s “The Miracle Morning”, the books ok but you can basically find it contents online / YouTube. It’s essentially doing stuff I did anyway, but sticking it all together.

It has the ability to change your life, so if you are feeling stuck or going through a stressful time, look it up and give it a try as you may surprise yourself and it could open up whole new avenues for you.

This routine went on from Jan to May, so it was a pretty tough period and basically meant something had to go and the easiest thing was gaming time.

Sometimes it’s good to break an addiction with cold turkey, frankly gaming for me, and I expect for a great deal of the people on TA is an addition, we just don’t think of it like that and at the same time enable and encourage each other, but there are worse things I’ve been addicted to, so it’s all relative really.

So that’s why I took the last break, a much needed step away from it to focus on some things that are actually really important, like family and earning a living.

Now I am aware of the recent sad event’s that some people know about and have blogged on, I did not know the person involved, but having had depression for over 30 years, I know that very well

Life is an interesting journey, sometimes things will come our way that are meant to really test us and it can often feel like it’s all too much, sometimes we will be pushed beyond what we thought we could handle, but somehow, if we stick with it, we get through and it’s only when we look back we realise how difficult a time it was and sometimes then wonder how we did it.

I think that’s because we spend too much time listening the voice our mind creates and believe that is us, that constant chatter of crap which can quite often be full of doubt and self-criticism, it just does it so the ego retains control it’s so scared of losing it’s grip, it really is no wonder the world is such a mess.

Anyway, just realise that you have in you an abundance of ability that is untapped just waiting to come forth when you need it most.

Now if you want a simple trick to being happy then start a gratitude log.
Write 3 things a day you are grateful for, it can be anything from a bit of shit rag so you can wipe your arse and soap to wash your hands to a smile from a stranger or getting paid, it doesn’t matter, just 3 things a day for 21 days and notice how you feel at the end.

Thank it’s the hours up….. (1445 words)

Enjoy your life until the next time

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