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Mission MGS-HD Complete!
A series I enjoyed the most on the 360 to be enjoyed again. I didn't think I'd actually be able to complete this whole collection myself but as a MGS Veteran, I was determined.

MGS2 -probably my most mastered MGS game out of the 4 was easily done in 3 to 4 hours easily. (No Stealth camo) Surprisingly I ended up being 4th on the site to get the Great Dane achievement for collecting all dog tags. The only two things that were really hard on MGS2 were the VR missions and Snake Tales. These were the two things I never actually did back in the PS2 days. Snake Tales took almost as long as doing RE4's Ada Wong's Mission. The VR Missions overall the hardest thing to do once it comes to doing MGS1 Snake's Missions. The solution on the site had a good video guide for all the VR missions. I ended needing help for some of the Sneaking and Hold-up missions. In the end I came up with my own routes being faster and easier. Finally ended this game by doing a few speed runs of the game; good times music

MGS3 - Snake Eater theme, so great. Still did not like that this game didn't have the radar but whatever. Collecting frenzy with all animals, frogs, and outfits. The Ocelot Time Paradox achievement, extremely funny when I found out that was an achievement. The other random Easter eggs in this game were just as hilarious as that one.

MGS: Peace Walker - Never ever finished this game because of its horrible controls on the PSP. I'm so glad this was in the collection. (even though MGS1 would have pretty nice to have cry ) I was even able to go through the whole Main Ops with partner. Online play was actually not bad even with the notification lag. Peace Walker story was actually really cool surprisingly. Even though I had a partner for the game, I ended S ranking ever mission by my self for the achievement. The extra ops were a lot like VR Missions only 100x easier. I ended getting Mother Base completed and all my teams to lvl 99. Fooling around with the tornado shooting musket and rail gun was ridiculous.

For the MGS HD I ended being in the top 100 to finish the game clap

Looking back at it now, I think I could easily make a complete walk-through for both games. I may eventually end up doing so at some point.

Now with this aside, maybe I'll go through Silent Hill Collection next or continue with the DMC Collection. Maybe one of these could be my next possible completion.

* Thanks to Mingledorff for being an awesome partner throughout my whole time playing Peace Walker *

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