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THAYLORCSGrand Theft Auto VTHAYLORCS won 2 Achievements in Grand Theft Auto V for 122 points
PV4N0Mad MaxPV4N0 won 3 Achievements in Mad Max for 50 points
PV4N0Mad MaxNo Brainer achievementPV4N0 won the No Brainer achievement in Mad Max for 21 points
PV4N0Mad MaxUp, Up and Away achievementPV4N0 won the Up, Up and Away achievement in Mad Max for 20 points
PV4N0Mad MaxJust Rewards achievementPV4N0 won the Just Rewards achievement in Mad Max for 9 points
PV4N0TrueAchievementsPV4N0 won 2 Achievements in TrueAchievements for 0 points

                Status change by LifeExpectancy at 23:09 on 31 May 2020LifeExpectancy status: Lol ended that last game at 24,999 achievements. Decisions...
PV4N0Just Cause 2Juggler achievementPV4N0 won the Juggler achievement in Just Cause 2 for 36 points
PV4N0Transformers: The GamePV4N0 won 2 Achievements in Transformers: The Game for 52 points
PV4N0BulletstormPV4N0 won 2 Achievements in Bulletstorm for 44 points
REB3LInstant War (Win 10)REB3L won 2 Achievements in Instant War (Win 10) for 150 points
LifeExpectancyStrawberry VinegarLifeExpectancy completed the game Strawberry Vinegar and is the 16th gamer on the site to complete it
LifeExpectancyStrawberry VinegarLifeExpectancy won 28 Achievements in Strawberry Vinegar for 1030 points
Deacon VexForza StreetDeacon Vex won 2 Achievements in Forza Street for 196 points
THAYLORCSTHAYLORCS has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 77%
PV4N0Borderlands 3PV4N0 won 2 Achievements in Borderlands 3 for 53 points
LifeExpectancyTask Force KampasLifeExpectancy completed the game Task Force Kampas and is the 1,021st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by LifeExpectancy at 21:53 on 29 May 2020

One of the easiest shmups Ive played. Got te 250k and survive 4mins both on 1st time playing, before I even died once.

Comment by Slayer Reigning at 22:51 on 29 May 2020

All the Eastasiasoft shmups are cake, if you're looking for quick points.

Comment by KY PRO 2008 at 04:14 on 30 May 2020

Easy? Yah ok. If i can get past that 1st boss ugghh

LifeExpectancyTask Force KampasLifeExpectancy won 21 Achievements in Task Force Kampas for 1051 points
LifeExpectancySnakeybusLifeExpectancy completed the game Snakeybus and is the 589th gamer on the site to complete it
LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy has reached a new milestone: 800,000 GamerScore
Comment by KY PRO 2008 at 21:41 on 29 May 2020

Well done

Comment by LifeExpectancy at 21:47 on 29 May 2020


LifeExpectancySnakeybusLifeExpectancy started the game Snakeybus
LifeExpectancyStoneLifeExpectancy completed the game Stone and is the 420th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by DemonSpawn2714 at 19:40 on 29 May 2020

To bad it wasn't called stoned.

Comment by Alchemist xPTKx at 19:50 on 29 May 2020

^especially since he's #420

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LifeExpectancyStoneLifeExpectancy won 4 Achievements in Stone for 479 points

                Status change by LifeExpectancy at 19:08 on 29 May 2020LifeExpectancy status: Finally got off my ass this week and pushed to 800k. Should get there today.
Comment by Kitty Skies at 19:20 on 29 May 2020

Awesome, you monster. :)

Comment by FEAR EPIDEMIC at 19:58 on 29 May 2020


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