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                Status change by Stallion83 at 19:27 on 07 Dec 2019Stallion83 status: Live streaming now! The indie showcase stream!<br/>Playing a new indie game every 15 minutes!<br/>
A 0 E MonkeySudoku (WP)A 0 E Monkey started the game Sudoku (WP)
MomieOne LeavesMomie completed the game One Leaves and is the 2,739th gamer on the site to complete it
alreadycrownedSuper Wiloo Demakealreadycrowned completed the game Super Wiloo Demake and is the 2,115th gamer on the site to complete it
K4rn4geFive Nights at Freddy'sK4rn4ge completed the game Five Nights at Freddy's and is the 65th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by K4rn4ge at 10:52 on 07 Dec 2019

Completion # 96 of 2019

Comment by K4rn4ge at 10:53 on 07 Dec 2019

Thanks to Kikoo123 for finding a glitch which makes this game an easy 1k in about an hour or so and thanks Billz for his video guide showing it in action

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K4rn4geXenon RacerK4rn4ge won 2 Achievements in Xenon Racer for 43 points
K4rn4geXenon RacerSWAG! achievementK4rn4ge won the SWAG! achievement in Xenon Racer for 22 points
K4rn4geXenon RacerK4rn4ge started the game Xenon Racer
Comment by M I K 3 ID v at 15:37 on 07 Dec 2019

Nabbed this one up on the sale. Heard it wasn't great but can't knock it at that price!

Stallion83Dead by DaylightStallion83 won 2 Achievements in Dead by Daylight for 129 points
King of FoolHero ExpressKing of Fool won 2 Achievements in Hero Express for 95 points
Maka91Halo: The Master Chief Collection4Maka91 has rated the Halo Reach: Campaign DLC in Halo: The Master Chief Collection 4 out of 5
Comment by deluxnugs at 01:38 on 07 Dec 2019

This and ODST are some of the best games of all time.

xSup3rM4ri0xSea of ThievesxSup3rM4ri0x has rated the game Sea of Thieves 5 out of 5
K4rn4geCold SilenceK4rn4ge won 3 Achievements in Cold Silence for 75 points

                Status change by Stallion83 at 23:16 on 06 Dec 2019Stallion83 status: Friday Night Fright! Live now playing Five Nights at Freddy's 2 & then DBD
K4rn4geDemon's TiltK4rn4ge won 3 Achievements in Demon's Tilt for 200 points
K4rn4geDemon's TiltK4rn4ge started the game Demon's Tilt
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K4rn4geWandersongK4rn4ge started the game Wandersong
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