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Will E3 2017 finally be a changeup to the formula?
E3 the magical time that every gamer and their mother looks forward to, the moment every gamer no matter what you play comes together to look in awe at the upcoming titles we will be graced with on our consoles. It's quite a spectacle no other media form really has a celebration of all thing pertaining to that with announcements followed by announcement. But has this celebration become something of a let down or false hopes for many? Will Microsofts push to having their conference on Sunday instead of Monday lead towards a huge rumble of excitement this year? Well let's delve into the previous years showing with Xbox and what this move to Sunday will mean, also why so many announcements falling short of release dates.

E3 for the past few years as far as the big announcement day goes has always been with Microsoft opening the day and Sony closing it out at night with the usual game announcements and the occasional talk about new consoles every few years as expected. Neither big company has steered away from this formula until this past week when Microsoft comes out with a Sunday afternoon timeslot. This immediately sent gaming group and pages across the web to explode in speculation on what this means. The most obvious thing I can see them doing is taking over the 24hr time period of full media coverage only on them (apart from Bethesda later that same evening) by doing a full blown announcement of the next gen console Project Scorpio. This is just my speculation of course but I don't think Microsoft wants to mess around with another mid-tier console and instead try and regain ground by having the next generation of stuff releasing this year. I do believe that Microsoft will hold their promise of all Xbox One/S games being backwards compatible on whatever Project Scorpio turns out to be.

Now for announcements this year what could we possibly expect to see from Microsoft with it's dwindling number of studios making AAA first party content? Personally I still enjoy the new games being shown but every year the amount of games that actually release in the following calendar year is starting to become less and less, so why should we continue to be excited for it all. Anyways I digress, upcoming down the pipeline from previous E3's we are still waiting on Crackdown 3 which I expect to be re-revealed as a Scorpio launch game using the upgraded tech for the destructible environments. My most anticipated game on this list is Sea of Thieves, hopefully this still releases this year maybe right before Scorpio launches to get the community built up to transfer over to Scorpio, Phantom Dust is still supposedly coming out before E3 this year after being cancelled and then showing back up and I just don't know anymore. Countless ID@xbox games that just kind of trickle out whenever they feel like it.

Along with the previous years titles still hoping to see the light of day we can obviously expect Forza Motorsport 7 to be announced. I would absolutely be ecstatic if this year however was focused on new IP being delivered of games that you wouldn't expect a sequel for, come on I can't be the only person who would be down with Sunset Overdrive 2. Halo 6 will probably end up being the game to end off the conference give a slight teaser trailer no gameplay or anything but just enough to hold everyone over till next year for a more open announcement of it.

What about you? What do you all hope to see at this years conference and what are your ideas on the thought behind moving the Xbox conference up a day. Any big announcement? Just a way to get out of the Monday media storm? No change at all? Leave your opinions below and as always stay happy gaming !
Posted by amillent on 20 February 17 at 04:29 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.
My quest to complete 50 games in 2017 4/50
Starting out this year and looking at my ever growing game collection and seeing the numerous franchises I have yet to beat or even play I made it a goal to complete at least 50 games this year. I thought it'd be a good idea to not only attempt to continue writing but to chronicle my thoughts on each game throughout the year to do a quick piece on each one every now and then. Now I'm just counting story here so main story done no 1000/1000G or anything like that unless the game really grabs me and I want to continue on with it.

Final Fantasy XV 100%
FFXV is a great game for fans of old and new gamers checking the series out for the first time. It takes away the turn based combat of old that let you plan your next move beforehand and replaces it with a open real-time combat system in the fashion of games like Kingdom Hearts, or Bayonetta. Throwing you into control of Noctis and his 3 friends as they travel to a wedding to bind 2 separate kingdoms together. The story that unfolds is enough to keep even a casual player interested while having enough side quest fill-in for people who really want to put as much time into the world as they can.

The Cave 100%
Very rarely do I really stick with Games with Gold Titles that I've never had interest in beforehand but going into The Cave something about its humor and charm had me hooked for quite awhile. The Cave is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle game that has you literally going deeper into a cave that is somehow filled with a nuclear silo, an Egyptian Pyramid and somehow a deserted island, each offering different style puzzles depending on your character choice. Picking 3 of 7 different "heroes" for each play-through each equipped with a special ability that opens up specific story paths or alternate ways to get through puzzles offers at least a couple playthroughs just to see each characters special story.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 100%
Now for some of you reading this you may be like "Hey why has he not finished an 11 year old game at this point?" Honestly I don't have an answer. I didn't even realize I never got around to beating this game until I was looking back at old achievements and noticed the main story was not complete. Not much really needs to be said about Oblivion it was an absolute hit and many people have already put 100's of countless hours into it. I still enjoyed jumping back into my old save file after all this time exploring the world for the last bit I had left. Oblivion was easily one of my favorite 360 games and still sits above Skyrim for me, if you have yet to pick it up it is definitely worth your time especially since it is now backwards compatible on Xbox One

Dead Rising 2
Dead Rising 2 was another 360 game I managed to skip and decided to beat it after playing through the remake of the first game a little bit ago. Dead Rising 2 offers more of the same that was in the first game all while not really adding anything new into it. The core of Dead Rising returns with a strange cast of civilians,the series staple psychopaths alike, and more crazy weapons than I knew what to do with. If you were interested in picking up DR4 I'd almost recommend to go back and play through 1-3 again just to see how the series has evolved and where its gotten to throughout the years.
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