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Xbox E3 2017 Review
I know, I know, I know I said I would have this posted the week of E3 but with huge turnaround at work and being out of town for concerts I finally have time to sit down and go over this years biggest event for Xbox. Well of course besides the launch of the newly called Xbox One X...great name right? That's all besides the point, I'll do a whole separate piece on where I think this new hardware sits within the future of Xbox and who exactly this thing is aimed at.

Jumping into it Microsoft already had announced that this conference would run longer than the usual 90 minutes. Instead we were greeted with a hefty 1:43:39 showcase that featured 42 games. Now many many people were upset that there were no huge AAA exclusives announced for Xbox, this was a slight problem at me for first but they came out with such a diverse games lineup ranging from your typical racing games to beautifully artistic 2D adventure games to open world pirate explorations. There was truly something for everybody featured, sure nothing that screamed "Hey, spend $60 on me!" However that just means that we have up to 40 some games all releasing hopefully within the next year that are all going to be somewhat cheap for your everyday consumer being indie titles. I really like this going into the rest of the year, Microsoft seems to always pick up fantastic smaller Indies that win numerous rewards so with so many of them releasing this year who knows if one of these will ascend to the likes of Ori and the Bling Forest or Limbo and Inside.

Microsoft did strike a few marketing deals with bigger AAA games that they were able to showcase off in-between. The return of Metro series was a welcome surprise and will probably release as a early 2018 game and sell very well in that Spring timeline. Shadow of War looked ok and I'm sure it'll sell just fine just not personally my type of game, played through the first one recently and just sadly didn't click with me. The conference ended with an exclusive gameplay reveal of the new Bioware IP, Anthem. This was easily the game that got me the most excited but also the most skeptical out of everything shown. I want to love this game, I want this game to be my biggest time sink next year but I am beyond worried about what this game will actually be and what it will consist of when it launches. It immediately made me remember my initial excitement for Destiny back before that released and how quickly I was thrown off of Destiny before it even released just from playing the few betas they had for it. Anthem seems like the first truly big game that screams that it's a "next-gen" game. Also let's take a moment and thank the heavens and our lord and savior Phil Spencer that we finally have a release date for Cuphead. I really hope it still manages to sell, I feel like most of the hype and anticipation has died down after being teased with it on and off for 3 years. Cuphead can really be something special for Xbox when it finally comes out in September.

Overall this year I really enjoyed what Microsoft had to show, again sure there wasn't really a big wow moment that can only be found on Xbox what there is a killer lineup of nonstop releases this year that will be able to keep everyone occupied. With the Xbox One X also releasing in November it will be a huge reason for people who can make use of a 4k console to replay games released in years past that will get an added performance boost from it. Also shoutout to Original Xbox backwards compatibility releasing later on as well. There are so many reasons to play on Xbox coming up that I really feel like they can start gaining ground and really get back into the competition with Sony this year. Will this happen with the help of new hardware or just with the nonstop pressure Microsoft keeps trying to put into everything from releases to marketing we will have to wait and find out. Until then what did you think of this years conference? Let me know in the comments below and until next time, happy gaming!
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Why we need to be critical with Microsoft going into E3.
Now before I start this I'll preface this by saying I love everything that is E3 and Xbox. I've been purely with Xbox since the early days of 360 and have backed them through all the highs and lows. Caring about the future of something you cherish and hope to succeed shouldn't be something that comes off as hateful but more of a source of concern. So why now with only 10 days to go until the 2017 Xbox E3 Media Breifing am I more than worried... well let's narrow it down.

First and foremost the most anticipated thing is Scorpio, the new iteration of the Xbox One for people with high end 4k resolution TV's. We all know this is what the show is going to open with and primarily focus on, but how many people watching actually have a compatible TV? For everybody watching the conference streamed in 4K how many will actually get the full experience? Pushing a new piece of hardware like this will be dificult because you are essentially trying to sell a new piece of hardware along with a new television. How will they be able to show off enough to warrant what will be well over $1000 worth of purchases in the coming months.,games,games. Where do I begin with this without everybody being upset. I've talked about this many times and this is probably where I'll be my most critical. Going into the show we have out new console announced time to show off games that will take the full power of the machine, right? Well sort of, we can almost be sure of seeing Forza Motorsport being shown as a flagship game as racing sims take pride in being jaw dropingly gorgeous. Crackdown 3 will be shown running at it's fullest potential on Scorpio even though it was originally shown as an original Xbox One game. Sea of Thieves will for sure make a comeback but if that's partnered with a release date or any sort of window is anyones guess. With Shadow of War literally just being delayed to October and being marketed as a Scorpio game I could see it showing on Microsoft's stage, but is it really something that can help carry the weight of a console with an exclusive marketing deal in a year where so many other multiplatform games are getting the good ol' Sony push? These few games along with another Indie montage will more than likely be the bulk of their showing. In a year where the only 2 big hitters Halo and Gears respectively won't be present is it enough to launch a new console off of?

Sadly with this you still have to look at the competition in Sony and now Nintendo with their out of nowhere comeback. Sony alone having the exclusive Spider-Man game, The Last of Us 2, and God of War, all of which potentially are system sellers Sony also has pretty much every exclusive marketing deal this fall in Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront and Far Cry 5, can Crackdown or Sea of Thieves really compare? Nintendo riding the success of the Switch and a plethora of exclusive IP that would cause anyone on the edge to pick up a Switch. Could this help them begin to gain ground or even surpass Xbox at this point?.

Again I love my Xbox and really hope they blow everyone away this year with new exclusive IP, partnerships and studios in their pocket to announce. But now more than ever I feel like we all have the right to be a little skeptical on the future of our brand. What are your thoughts? What would you like to see? As always happy gaming and see you online.
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Says coming soon for me.

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Should work if you pre-ordered. Otherwise, 7/25.

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