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Yooka-Laylee Review
What happens when you take some of the greatest development team ever to grace our industry and combine that with a game that is so jam packed with nostalgia and love for a genre that has all but gone dark? A nice gem that takes everything from collectathon games of years past and puts them into a nice little present that I think will do a fine job at bringing those old fans back and opening the doors to a whole new audience.

If you grew up with games there is a very very high chance you have played a game that the fine people at the newly founded Playtonic Games has previously had their hands on. Everything from Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and all the way to Killer Instinct these guys have had a hand in. When Rare was bought out by Microsoft most of the core original team slowly departed as years went on but, after seeing the types of games they loved to make all but disappear they decided to take things into their own hands. After getting one of the highest crowdfunded projects ever on Kickstarter it was just a matter of time before Yooka-Laylee was in our hands.

As soon as you begin the game and are in the starting menus you can see the direct reference to their previous work (most notably Banjo-Kazooie) from the reminiscent but yet new tunes from Grant Kirkhope,to the google eyes put on absolutely everything they could. I was hit with a wave of emotion and instantly brought back to my childhood exploring these big open worlds and being introduced to some of the most memorable moments I still hold dear. Before digging into this game I should probably note here that I will probably be extremely biased towards this game and Playtonic in general just from the younger years they gave to me.

Yooka-Laylee follows the story of a chameleon and a bat named rightfully Yooka and Laylee respectfully. The duo ventures from the safety of their home, Shipwreck Creek and into the corporate building of Hivory Towers ran by Capital B who is out to collect all of the worlds books for himself to turn into profit. Our heroic duo search throughout the towers to find things called Grand Tomes, your entry-point into the 5 worlds of the game to collect Pagies. Pagies allow you to open up future Grand Tomes to learn new moves that let you traverse farther towards Capital B. Each world you come across features a plethora of activities and characters to meet in their beautifully crafted worlds. After you collect enough Pagies you are able to expand the worlds often doubling their size and opening up whole new sections full of collectables, thats not saying you will be able to 100% a world as parts are still often inaccessible without later moves and abilities you will purchase will Quills from your good ol' pal Trowzer the Snake.

The actual gameplay of Yooka-Laylee has you using the duo to traverse the world by rolling around on-top of Yooka like a ball or floating around through the air holding onto Laylee for dear life. You will come across many characters that force you to use a mix of all of your abilities to earn a pagie from them, even the indie hero Shovel Knight makes a couple brief cameos where he needs your help to find lost treasure. Oh by the way you remember those good old mine cart levels from Donkey Kong Country back in the day? Good, because they make a return here where you take a trip throughout the levels riding your new friend Kartos collecting gems and maybe even fighting a boss here or there.

Overall Yooka-Laylee is one of the greatest experiences and frankly the offspring of something I never thought we'd see again. Packed to them brim with charm and a loving cast of iconic characters you can't help but to stop and awe at this game when you see it. When Playtonic promised to bring back the N64 era platformer they did it with the utmost respect. I strongly urge everybody to at least give this game a chance. Who knows this could be just the thing we needed to start a surge of N64 style platformers from indie devs.
Posted by amillent on 02 May 17 at 01:44 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.
Will E3 2017 finally be a changeup to the formula?
E3 the magical time that every gamer and their mother looks forward to, the moment every gamer no matter what you play comes together to look in awe at the upcoming titles we will be graced with on our consoles. It's quite a spectacle no other media form really has a celebration of all thing pertaining to that with announcements followed by announcement. But has this celebration become something of a let down or false hopes for many? Will Microsofts push to having their conference on Sunday instead of Monday lead towards a huge rumble of excitement this year? Well let's delve into the previous years showing with Xbox and what this move to Sunday will mean, also why so many announcements falling short of release dates.

E3 for the past few years as far as the big announcement day goes has always been with Microsoft opening the day and Sony closing it out at night with the usual game announcements and the occasional talk about new consoles every few years as expected. Neither big company has steered away from this formula until this past week when Microsoft comes out with a Sunday afternoon timeslot. This immediately sent gaming group and pages across the web to explode in speculation on what this means. The most obvious thing I can see them doing is taking over the 24hr time period of full media coverage only on them (apart from Bethesda later that same evening) by doing a full blown announcement of the next gen console Project Scorpio. This is just my speculation of course but I don't think Microsoft wants to mess around with another mid-tier console and instead try and regain ground by having the next generation of stuff releasing this year. I do believe that Microsoft will hold their promise of all Xbox One/S games being backwards compatible on whatever Project Scorpio turns out to be.

Now for announcements this year what could we possibly expect to see from Microsoft with it's dwindling number of studios making AAA first party content? Personally I still enjoy the new games being shown but every year the amount of games that actually release in the following calendar year is starting to become less and less, so why should we continue to be excited for it all. Anyways I digress, upcoming down the pipeline from previous E3's we are still waiting on Crackdown 3 which I expect to be re-revealed as a Scorpio launch game using the upgraded tech for the destructible environments. My most anticipated game on this list is Sea of Thieves, hopefully this still releases this year maybe right before Scorpio launches to get the community built up to transfer over to Scorpio, Phantom Dust is still supposedly coming out before E3 this year after being cancelled and then showing back up and I just don't know anymore. Countless ID@xbox games that just kind of trickle out whenever they feel like it.

Along with the previous years titles still hoping to see the light of day we can obviously expect Forza Motorsport 7 to be announced. I would absolutely be ecstatic if this year however was focused on new IP being delivered of games that you wouldn't expect a sequel for, come on I can't be the only person who would be down with Sunset Overdrive 2. Halo 6 will probably end up being the game to end off the conference give a slight teaser trailer no gameplay or anything but just enough to hold everyone over till next year for a more open announcement of it.

What about you? What do you all hope to see at this years conference and what are your ideas on the thought behind moving the Xbox conference up a day. Any big announcement? Just a way to get out of the Monday media storm? No change at all? Leave your opinions below and as always stay happy gaming !
Posted by amillent on 20 February 17 at 04:29 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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