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25 games maxed 24/03/2017
25.000G 27/03/2017
50 games maxed 16/04/2017
50.000G 26/07/2017

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vSullySlayaway Camp: Butcher's CutvSully won 25 Achievements in Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut for 343 points
SiegfriedXConariumSiegfriedX won 2 Achievements in Conarium for 80 points
SiegfriedXConariumSiegfriedX started the game Conarium

                Status change by Kitty Skies at 17:25 on 15 Dec 2019Kitty Skies status: A big advantage to beating Eliminator is knowing the vast terrain of the land, what's impassable and what you can fly straight across w/o no issue.
Comment by Gutsy Goddess at 17:32 on 15 Dec 2019

My only problem is driving a lvl 10 car. Its impossible with ny connection

rafaelgrnUltimate Racing 2Drafaelgrn won 2 Achievements in Ultimate Racing 2D for 177 points
vSullyvSully has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 99%
IrishWarrior022IrishWarrior022 has reached a new milestone: 1,440,000 TrueAchievement Score
IrishWarrior022Demon's Tilt IrishWarrior022 won 3 Achievements in Demon's Tilt for 2042 points
Kitty Skies shared  a clip of Forza Horizon 4 at 14:33 on 15 Dec 2019Forza Horizon 4TrueAchievements TVKitty Skies shared a clip of Forza Horizon 4 recorded by Kitty Skies
Comment by Kitty Skies at 14:35 on 15 Dec 2019

The money shot

Comment by KabuKiArcade at 16:07 on 15 Dec 2019

Nicely done! I can't seem to get the level 1 until showdown achievement to pop... done it a few times.

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Sky360KorganSky360 has rated the game Korgan 3.5 out of 5
Sky360Sky360 has reached a new milestone: 830,000 GamerScore
Sky360KorganSky360 completed the game Korgan and is the 7,430th gamer on the site to complete it
Sky360Plague RoadSky360 completed the game Plague Road and is the 29th gamer on the site to complete it
Sky360KorganSky360 won 11 Achievements in Korgan for 1147 points
Sky360KorganThe Journey Begins achievementSky360 won the The Journey Begins achievement in Korgan for 121 points
Sky360KorganQuest for glory achievementSky360 won the Quest for glory achievement in Korgan for 125 points
Sky360KorganDefeat Treant achievementSky360 won the Defeat Treant achievement in Korgan for 121 points
Sky360KorganDeath's Lover achievementSky360 won the Death's Lover achievement in Korgan for 111 points
Sky360KorganDefeat Leviathan achievementSky360 won the Defeat Leviathan achievement in Korgan for 119 points
Sky360KorganThe economist achievementSky360 won the The economist achievement in Korgan for 105 points
Sky360KorganIt's Cold Here achievementSky360 won the It's Cold Here achievement in Korgan for 106 points
            Secret AchievementSky360 won the Secret Achievement in Korgan for 0 points
pTartTXpTartTX has reached a new milestone: 13,500 Achievements Won
Comment by Enigma Gamer 77 at 17:18 on 15 Dec 2019


pTartTXWandersongpTartTX started the game Wandersong
Sky360KorganSky360 started the game Korgan
LordoftheIslesDemon's TiltLordoftheIsles started the game Demon's Tilt
mamaanimamaani has reached a new milestone: 675 Completed Games
mamaaniRiverbondmamaani completed the game Riverbond and is the 871st gamer on the site to complete it
mamaaniRiverbondCrystalwatchmamaani completed the Crystalwatch DLC for Riverbond
mamaaniRiverbondmamaani won 5 Achievements in Riverbond for 394 points
mamaaniRiverbondPoint Taken achievementmamaani won the Point Taken achievement in Riverbond for 100 points
mamaaniRiverbondDon't Care achievementmamaani won the Don't Care achievement in Riverbond for 20 points
mamaaniRiverbondSlime Slayer achievementmamaani won the Slime Slayer achievement in Riverbond for 137 points
Sky360Plague RoadSky360 won 2 Achievements in Plague Road for 502 points
Sky360Plague RoadAll the Way achievementSky360 won the All the Way achievement in Plague Road for 309 points
Sky360Plague RoadAdventurer achievementSky360 won the Adventurer achievement in Plague Road for 193 points
mamaaniRiverbondCrystalwatchmamaani started the Crystalwatch DLC for Riverbond
K4rn4geR.B.I. Baseball 19K4rn4ge started the game R.B.I. Baseball 19
K4rn4geSeek HeartsK4rn4ge started the game Seek Hearts
K4rn4geAntiquia LostK4rn4ge started the game Antiquia Lost
K4rn4gePolice ChaseK4rn4ge won 2 Achievements in Police Chase for 32 points
K4rn4gePolice ChaseStarter achievementK4rn4ge won the Starter achievement in Police Chase for 10 points
K4rn4gePolice ChaseBad Cop achievementK4rn4ge won the Bad Cop achievement in Police Chase for 22 points
K4rn4gePolice ChaseK4rn4ge started the game Police Chase
Fire Hawk DCars 2Fire Hawk D won 3 Achievements in Cars 2 for 239 points
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