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PermalinkUHH3 - Period 5 - angelsk vs ChinDocta (Kn-UHH-cked Out!)
Link: UHH 3 match up: angelsk vs ChinDocta
Result: 20-20 (loss)
Rank: 10th Top Gamer (92/100 achievements) - Top 256
Playlist: UHH3 Playlist

NOTE: We were featured on Monday once the JFF was sorted out, I saw it around 1:30am Tue. Apparently we are "one to watch" :D

Triad beats me; Chin beats Triad. I have no chance this week. But I'm not going down without a fight! And I'll still go into JFF rounds next week.

Stalking profile: Kirby aka the "ChinDocta" - 23 year old streamer from Darwin NT Australia - my time + 8.5 hours. Serious contender. Doesn't sleep. Does work. Plays offline to be annoying ;)

Already down 0-6 before I've even left work! I think it was 0-10 by the time I got home and got started. By the time they had to leave for work I think I'd got to 9-13 or something like that. I did 11 streams, then switched to the 360. Managed to go to sleep on 14-13 (played until 1:30am to get the LA Noire one and pull ahead). So that was 7.5 hours of gaming.

It was fun to have Chin popping into my stream as well; keeping me on my toes. But also offering encouragement. I managed to catch him on his food break when I got out of work, so didn't get a chance to watch. But hopefully Tuesday will be different.

A little tired in the am, but got sleep. By the time I got to work Chin was back home (and I was down 14-15) and has (apparently) 16 hours straight before he has to work again! He's aiming for 18 (Everything bar FF13 and Bethem). Jeez. I won't be home until like hour 9 of that streak. I don't think my advantage in games will help me.

Good tactics on his part though. He pointed out that I don't like to skip the story. I don't - but I also have backup saves, and I can skip if it'll help me win. Not sure I can win - I need sleep; but I'm going to make him fight for it!

Got a plan for Tuesday and Wednesday, hopefully not underestimating how long it will take me to do things. Nearly end of work day Tue and I'm down 14-16 and he's playing through ACC:I. I love my job, but I am counting down a little until I can legitimately leave.

Tuesday was a 360 day. Wasted some time faffing around on Grey Matter. But made good progress in FF13, so it wasn't a total loss. Went to bed before midnight as I was tired. Score steady at 16-17. Chin did get some sleep after he played ACC:I (which is good), and apparently has plans on Wed evening, so there is a small chance I can make up the time.

Wed is more FF13; with maybe a break for some One streaming later on, depending on how I feel. Will stream as normal on Thu.

Ooof so I may have gotten a little carried away on Wed. But you know how it is, when you know you're close to the end of a game - you just have to finish. And damn! I finally did it, Final Fantasy 13 story complete. Not quite enough CP to level up fully; however, the end game bosses were easy so I'm going to reload a save and farm one of the end game enemies before redoing the end. I reckon 2 more hours and I've got it. I'll also leave that end game save, because I had to skip the cutscenes and I wanna watch them ;) I really wish I'd just farmed that stupid monster - but wasn't really thinking straight at 1:30am!

Yawning on Thursday, not unexpectedly. It's nearly midnight for Chin and he's just cracked 19, with only chapters 12 and 13 of Final Fantasy (and whatever grinding) to go. However, confirmed what is needed for Bethem; it's just down to time now; and I'm not home from work yet!

And I ran out of it. Chin managed to grab the FF13 one just before me; but I was still 3 short. I'm going for the 20 just coz that'll be cool; but no pressure now.

Well ACC:I was as annoying as expected. Took forever on Friday, but finished off Sequence 9 on Sat morning. Then sort of puttered through Bioshock 2. I like this game, but am feeling a little fatigued. Am going to take a break and do something else.

Saw LEGO Ninjango at the cinema for a cool little distraction. It was fun. Plus the walk in the rain cleared my head.

Yeah Bioshock 2 not as good as the first. But I'm finally done - got my first 20! Just in time on Sunday evening.

External image

Great Match Chin! Well played :)

PS: You had better win this thing now ;)
PPS: Sad I didn't get further than last year, but that's what happens in competitions I guess :D

// BREAKDOWN 20/20 (2 new games)

// XBOX ONE 9 13/13 (2 new games)

Earthlock: Festival of MagicSpiritualist of the SandsangelskThe Spiritualist of the Sands achievement in Earthlock: Festival of Magic worth 134 pointsReleased 50 tormented Ghosts

The Plan: I've done the prep for this one; as I'm in the right spot. I'll just need to teleport to the Island, and then back to the desert to go searching for ghosts. I have just less than 25 atm I think. I have the advantage here. So less than an hour.
The Reality: Started with the top ratio first. Because I knew I was in the right place, and I could. Plus easiest one to do whilst eating :) Took around 40 minutes.

Eventide 2: Sorcerer's MirrorSeekerangelskThe Seeker achievement in Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror worth 15 pointsComplete any Hidden Object Puzzle without using Hints

The Plan: First puzzle; should be easy. 5 minutes or so. Restart game when going to stream this.
The Reality: Took 3-4 minutes. Easy

TurnOnIlluminatorangelskThe Illuminator achievement in TurnOn worth 11 pointsGet 3 lamps in "Beware of Dog!"

The Plan: I've just done the first level. Chin is one level ahead I think. This is Level 5 according to Derek. Allow an hour?
The Reality: Nah, took less than 15 minutes. Got 3 stars first time. Not bad.

Serial CleanerNovice CollectorangelskThe Novice Collector achievement in Serial Cleaner worth 33 pointsFind your first secret item

The Plan: Having watched Jesse play this; fairly certain I can get this one without too much hassle. 10 minutes max.
The Reality: So Jesse made this look easy, but thankfully I knew where the item was in the first level so this was an easy 2-3 minute achievement.

Knee DeepNewshoundangelskThe Newshound achievement in Knee Deep worth 17 pointsCollect three arrest reports from Cypress Knee Police Department website.

The Plan: This is in Act 1. I will really need to restart this game at some point and play it properly. I've done it very messed up through UHH. Allow an hour.
The Reality: Took 45 minutes. Skipped through dialogue. This is a weird game.

Assassin's Creed The Ezio CollectionACII | Choir BoyangelskThe ACII | Choir Boy achievement in Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection worth 24 pointsDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside Santa Maria del Fiore (The Duomo).

The Plan: I have already unlocked this Tomb as I've completed DNA Sequence 4. Chin hasn't started AC2, so I do have an advantage here. Woot (small mercies). I think this will probably take about half an hour, depending on where I left it.
The Reality: Took just under 20 minutes due to dying on some poor leaps. Luckily loading times aren't as bad as before.

Broken AgeShe's Doomed Us AllangelskThe She's Doomed Us All achievement in Broken Age worth 18 pointsEscape the Maidens Feast

The Plan: No advantage, except I've played the PC version. Start a new game as Vella and just escape the feast. Maybe 20 minutes. Will have to restart this and stream it properly at some point.
The Reality: Easy. Took just over 10 minutes, and that was mainly coz I was skipping dialogue a bit too excitedly and missed a few prompts.

Wheels of AureliaENDING MangelskThe ENDING M achievement in Wheels of Aurelia worth 42 pointsUnlock Ending M

The Plan: Shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. Remember the cn_LT will accelerate. Start at Chapter 2, and follow the guide.
The Reality: This is an odd game. Took just over 10 minutes.

MonochromaBurn YourselfangelskThe Burn Yourself achievement in Monochroma worth 0 pointsThis has something to do with fire

The Plan: Not much further from where I left this one. Maybe 15 mins.
The Reality: Timing was about right; just plodded through the level - setting myself on fire was funny ;)

AnodeSpace CadetangelskThe Space Cadet achievement in Anode worth 13 pointsComplete 10 missions in a single game.

The Plan: Chin got this one fairly quickly. Play Missions mode and try not to die I guess. Allow an hour.
The Reality: Took half an hour. Not as easy as I first thought, needed to get into a rhythm. Appreciated the support from the stream. Final One stream of the night.

Stories of Bethem: Full MoonBethem Guardian StatueangelskThe Bethem Guardian Statue achievement in Stories of Bethem: Full Moon worth 47 pointsUnlock the Bethem Guardian statue at the museum.

The Plan: I have 4 portals unlocked, Chin confirmed that you need 5 portals unlocked for the achievement (not just have talked to 5 Guardians). So I need the ground spell from Dungeon 5 to get enough feathers to unlock number 5 (need to check how many I need - and which portal I need to do). I'm halfway through Dungeon 4. If I get lucky, this could be done in 2 hours.
The Reality: Farted around a little. Collected a bunch of stuff; but finally unlocked this after 2.5 hours. I had 4 unlocked, and needed to find like 4 feathers. The rest of the fairy dungeon was easy, once I'd gotten myself re-orientated - aside from those pesky flying things!
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: IndiaSharp ShooterangelskThe Sharp Shooter achievement in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India worth 118 pointsClear the Mortar Guards in Memory Sequence 8 without taking any damage.

The Plan: No idea what sequence I'm on in this game. I imagine this will take several hours. I think I'm just sequence 1, as is Chin. Need to get to 8. Nearish the end (I think 9/10 in total). Just get through the levels as quick (and as stealthy as possible). 1.5-2 hours for a perfect run; so more like 4-5 hours for me; and then depends on how many attempts it takes to get the achievement in sequence 8. At least I know I can replay/ restart as needed. Hopefully there's a good guide and it's not as bad as the train stealth one from the other ACC game. Okay, just looked at the video and this one looks fairly doable; or at least easy to restart! Just have to get there first.
The Reality: This took a while, as I expected - I think about 4-5 hours was a good estimate. Sequence 2 was tricky; but the rest just required time. Jeez these games are complicated. Only took two attempts to do the mortar sequence, so that wasn't too bad.

BioShock 2Secret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in BioShock 2 worth 25 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Plan: I'm somewhere at the end of Part 2 (in the walkthrough), but before the boss (though I think I just need a key and there's no fight); and this is the end of Part 3. Chin is right before this achievement, dammit. Allow a couple of hours. However, if I just power through I could probably do this quicker.
The Reality: Well, as I'd already lost I didn't just fast track. I was further back than I thought, but managed to take a couple of hours just to finish Chapter 2, as I couldn't remember the controls etc. Taking a break before Chapter 3, but feel a little back in the swing. Eck, this took most of the weekend, but I wasn't exactly rushing. Probably took about 5 hours in all - though I did collect everything along the way (and died too many times to count).
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

// XBOX 360 BC 2/2

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. ChaosBack for SecondsangelskThe Back for Seconds achievement in Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos worth 17 pointsComplete Mission 6 and capture The Hammer

The Plan: Complete up to Moscow. Don't worry about using hints. Done one mission, 5 more to go.
The Reality: Took nearly an hour. Thanks to the stream for the help! Potato graphics and some kind of story, but not too hard.

L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)HollywoodlandangelskThe Hollywoodland achievement in L.A. Noire (Xbox 360) worth 68 pointsFind and inspect all gold film reels.

The Plan: Found 19/50 -; can't see what Chin has found; assume more! Couple of hours.
The Reality: I think this took just over an hour and a half. Decided to knock out this final one before getting some sleep, and glad I did. Chin started from 0 so I had a small advantage.

// XBOX 360 5/5

LEGO Jurassic World (Xbox 360)Full Jurassic World ExperienceangelskThe Full Jurassic World Experience achievement in LEGO Jurassic World (Xbox 360) worth 25 pointsComplete Gyrosphere Valley

The Plan: Second level from the 4th film; I've done level 1, so this is the next one.
The Reality: This took around 40 minutes. Fairly easy.

Bionicle Heroes50 victories with Nuparu.angelskThe 50 victories with Nuparu. achievement in Bionicle Heroes worth 24 points50 victories with Nuparu.

The Plan: Naparu is the Bionicle with the black helmet. May as well just continue the game and make sure I play as them. I remember this being really weird (and I liked playing as the Gold guy), so maybe an hour or two? Chin has more progress; but I think I have this guy unlocked.
The Reality: It's really hard to tell which one is which, but I managed to stick with the black Bionicle for most of the level I played, aside from the special abilities I needed. This popped on the end of the level, with the level completion achievement. So obviously I got the right one. Still have no clue what this game is about! Took about half an hour.

Gray MatterSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Gray Matter worth 27 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Plan: Chin is ahead here (end of Chapter 2 I think). I've only done a minimal amount on this game. This is in Chapter 4, halfway through the game! I could do the speed walkthrough, and it'll be 1.5 hours - I should do that. But he's still got the advantage.
The Reality: Urgh, this took twice as long as it should have (3 hours). Took me until Chapter 3 to realise I could skip the video cutscenes. Also mucked up a bit on Chapter 2 and spent ages trying to figure out why it wasn't continuing (I'd missed a newspaper). I honestly have no idea what this game is about.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestAttacks EvasionangelskThe Attacks Evasion achievement in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West worth 25 pointsPerform 20 Evade Attacks that hit an enemy.

The Plan: Hopefully I have enough tech to buy this if I haven't; load up a chapter and see. Find one with a good mech, and shouldn't be too hard - hopefully 15 mins max. Check out the guide for hints. Chapter 8 seems good.
The Reality: I think I spent about half an hour on this, because there was some prep to get to the enemies in Chapter 8. But it was fine, got back to the controls. Once I'd gotten the enemies out, it didn't take long for this to pop - which was great. I already had most abilities unlocked thankfully, as I'd completed the game.

Final Fantasy XIIICommando's SealangelskThe Commando's Seal achievement in Final Fantasy XIII worth 31 pointsMastered the Commando role.

The Plan: Hello achievement! I know I'm slightly ahead on this; and although I backtracked I left a save point. Possibility I can power through and complete the game, upgrade a Commando and get this; but it's going to be a slog. Make sure I make a copy of the save games! Just in case. I think I'm at the end of Chapter 11 (I am - literally right before Chapter 12 having already fought the boss), Chin is further back - but has played before.
I think I should be able to exit where I am and get back to Oerba without taking too much extra time - as I've got a decent amount of CP levelled. Really wish I'd unlocked more teleporters. I have plenty of saves if I can't.
The Reality: Tue evening I picked up where I left off a few weeks ago. Backtracked back to Oerba and along the bridge to complete Chapter 11. Started off with Chapter 12, but only ended up playing a couple of hours in all because I was getting tired. Made good progress though (and left saves).
Wednesday I powered through, played about 7 hours in total I think and completed the game. Need another 1-2 hours to grind out CP and re-fight the end boss (due to where the spawn point is for the best CP farming) - but this one is finally in the bag! So glad I made the progress in the first week!
2-ish more hours, some grinding, and then the final boss again. Why oh why did I not just grind out the CP the previous night, I must have know that 740k CP was the target; and I only had 400k. Either way, this is now done and I'm really proud. Rounded off by getting all the role achievements - because why not!


20 for UHH
47 Tag-UHH-longs (3 extras in Interpol, 8 in LetterQuest)
20 games played
2 new games started
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PermalinkUHH3 - Period 4 - angelsk vs Samarin6 (Fin-UHH-l Showdown)
Link: UHH 3 match up: angelsk vs Samarin6
Result: 16-0 (win)
Rank: 27th with 102 points (72 achievements and 3 wins); 14th Top Gamer
Playlist: UHH3 Playlist

Oh well, my opponent is a self-proclaimed pudding. Sadly, life has gotten in the way of the competition for them. But I appreciated them letting me know, because it meant I could enjoy my holiday more - rather than rushing for points. Plus I didn't really feel my list this week.

I've been having much more fun playing with the kittens, now they are feeling better; and watching all kinds of weird stuff on Netflix :D

Honestly, I haven't really planned this week. I've just played some of the games, taken it easy - enjoyed my week off. And done some croaky streaming, as I appear to have "the lurgy". Making good progress, but less stressful.

I called it on Saturday night; as much as I'd love to try and get the full 20 - I a. don't need the points; b. 6-1 in Overcooked was kicking my ass ;)

Either way, built my new tv stand on Sunday (sacrificed a chunk of finger to the DIY gods) and streamed some REUS, as Life is Strange: BTS wouldn't stream again!

Bring on the knockouts.

// BREAKDOWN 16/20 (3 new games)

// XBOX ONE 9 9/11 (3 new games)

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey RemasteredCrystal ConquerorangelskThe Crystal Conqueror achievement in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered worth 12 pointsSpell a word containing two or more crystals.

The Reality: Just played some more rounds, trying not to use the crystal tiles until I had two on screen. I think this was maybe an hour.

REUSToolshopangelskThe Toolshop achievement in REUS worth 9 pointsHave humans complete a Toolshop Project.

The Reality: Wasn't really sure what triggered this or how long it would take. Completed the tutorial and just played the half hour games; I think this was in the swamp and I had tech. Either way played for a couple of hours.

I, ZombieGetting startedangelskThe Getting started achievement in I, Zombie worth 112 pointsCollect 20 stars

The Reality: I thought I wasn't going to be able to get this because I got stuck on like the 3rd/4th level. But I found a video guide that helped, and then went back and 3 starred some levels. Took a couple of hours.

Yooka-LayleeThe adventure beginsangelskThe The adventure begins achievement in Yooka-Laylee worth 10 pointsUnlock the first Grand Tome world

The Reality: Literally the next achievement. Grabbed my power from Trowser and rolled up the hill. All I had to do was stand on a pedestal. I will stream the worlds if I get further achievements, but for 3 minutes, it wasn't worth it.

Brothers - A Tale of Two SonsBunny BuddiesangelskThe Bunny Buddies achievement in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons worth 53 pointsMake the bunnies play nice.

The Reality: Played this one whilst waiting for my parents to arrive for lunch. I wasn't going to start any new games, but I figured that it wouldn't actually take long to complete and I enjoyed it on the 360.

MonochromaFallangelskThe Fall achievement in Monochroma worth 0 pointsTry to fly and fail

The Reality: Same as Brothers. Didn't take long. Controls are a little weird, but easy enough game by the looks of it.

Layers of FearThe artist's impressionangelskThe The artist's impression achievement in Layers of Fear worth 27 pointsCollect a rat sketch

The Reality: Okay so I'm a wuss, I streamed the whole 8 minutes! Fairly simple, but so creepy!

BioShockMaxed One TrackangelskThe Maxed One Track achievement in BioShock worth 27 pointsPurchased every slot in one of the Plasmid or Tonic tracks.

The Reality: Played a couple of hours. Got a bit lost in the garden, nearly died - but managed to find all the audio diaries and stuff so I have a good save near the bees.

BioShock InfiniteVigorous OppositionangelskThe Vigorous Opposition achievement in BioShock Infinite worth 12 pointsIn the Main Campaign, killed 75 enemies either with a Vigor or while the enemy is under the effects

The Reality: Played a little longer than I thought it would take but finally got this in the Hall of Heroes. Weirdly the achievement tracker seemed stuck, but luckily it popped when the in game tracker reached 75.

OvercookedAll the TrimmingsangelskThe All the Trimmings achievement in Overcooked worth 605 pointsBe awarded three stars in every kitchen

The Reality: Working my way through this one. Over 2 streams and a non-streamed session I managed to 3 star worlds 1 to 4. Probably 4-5 hours or so put into it before the weekend. Played another 2 hours ish on Sat in a co-stream; but couldn't get past 6-1. All the other are 3 stars; 83% complete.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided worth 23 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Reality: I'm not starting this, and I don't have to. I don't need my completion percentage tanking more ;) Plus it'll be a long completion and I don't want to rush the story. I only added the game to try and get under the 10% - I will start it if I need to in the knockouts ;)

// XBOX 360 BC 4/5

BraidTraversed World 6angelskThe Traversed World 6 achievement in Braid worth 12 pointsTravel all the way across World 6.

The Reality: Just ran through the 2 worlds I needed to, to get this. Got like 2 jigsaw pieces; and only really had trouble with the one boss. Dreading having to collect all the jigsaw pieces and no way I can do the speedrun!

Hexic HDMarathon MogulangelskThe Marathon Mogul achievement in Hexic HD worth 58 pointsEarn 150,000 points in a single Marathon game.

The Reality: I spent a good few hours playing this, and watching Suits on Netflix. I found some good tips re: combining 3 silver stars (once past level 4) to get a decent amount of points. Also got a black pearl. Managed to get about 250k in the final round I played, more than enough for the achievement.

L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)The Long Arm Of The LawangelskThe The Long Arm Of The Law achievement in L.A. Noire (Xbox 360) worth 59 pointsComplete all street crime cases.

The Reality: I had 6 street crimes left. 2 per area (Vice, Traffic and the other one). They were really easy, compared to some of the previous ones I've done. So it didn't take long to finish them up.

Alan Wake's American NightmareSplit Splat!angelskThe Split Splat! achievement in Alan Wake's American Nightmare worth 19 pointsTake out two Splitter spawns with a single shot.

The Reality: Didn't take too long. I just checked the walkthrough as to when I could get this, and followed the stars. Took a few goes and checking how to change my gun (up on the d-pad) but I finally managed to make this one pop.

DuckTales Remastered (Arcade)The Duck Who Would Be KingangelskThe The Duck Who Would Be King achievement in DuckTales Remastered (Arcade) worth 25 pointsCollect $10,000,000

The Reality: Eh; couldn't be bothered.

// XBOX 360 3/4

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (Xbox 360)Secret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (Xbox 360) worth 34 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Reality: I wrote the walkthrough, so I knew this would be easy - just a bit time consuming. I split it over two days once I got back to my 360 and appreciated the ability to skip the dialogue :)

The Reality: I wish you could skip the dialogue, but at least this wasn't far into the game. Didn't take too long.

Axel & PixelAutumnangelskThe Autumn achievement in Axel & Pixel worth 12 pointsComplete autumn season.

The Reality: God I was dreading this as I left it on the end of summer having been unable to figure out the driving mini-game. Luckily I figure out the trick with balancing the wheels out with the cn_LS and after many many attempts I got through it. Was easy to blast through the Autumn levels and only took two attempts to do the sailing. Left it in Winter for next time - will try and finish it up soon.

Anna - Extended EditionOnce Upon a TimeangelskThe Once Upon a Time achievement in Anna - Extended Edition worth 13 pointsRead all fables in a single playthrough.

The Reality: It was unclear what the fables were, and the controls on this game are janky; decided to pass this time.


16 for UHH
37 Tag-UHH-longs (Woah!)
17 games played
2 new games started
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PermalinkUHH3 - Period 3 - angelsk vs tackleglass54 (Complet-UHH-n-tastic)
Link: UHH 3 match up: angelsk vs tackleglass54
Result: 18-11 (win)
Rank: 39th with 76 points (56 achievements and 2 wins); 15th Top Gamer
Playlist: UHH3 Playlist

NOTE: Featured matchup on Wed :D

Okay - so not a pudding, good start. I like the competition. But woah, harder list. Hopefully I can get it all done; I mean I do have some travelling to do on the Friday evening, but am on holiday after that. Will need to knock out the 360 achievements first (the non-BC ones anyway) - mostly easy, except for Charlie Murder - jeez, not just complete the game, but complete it 3 times ;)

A good start, went to bed on 10-0, woke up on 10-8. Sadly my opponent got hit with an offline one on Borderlands so that sucks big time. I hope it won't discourage them. I just knocked out as many easy ones as I could. I think I'll stream Little Acre and Voodoo Vince on Tue.

Had a fun Tuesday stream, unlocked one more achievement for UHH and made significant progress in Voodoo Vince. My opponent popped in for a little bit, and amusingly Jam tried to intimidate him about my prowess, as I proceeded to die (repeatedly) ;) Ended the night on 11-8, and woke up on 11-9.

Wednesday was a bit of a bust. Got hit with a cold and felt rather crappy, wondered if it was maybe flu. Managed to grab the ending achievement in Charlie Murder thanks to BuckMarley155 but sadly he didn't have a Total Anarchy save. Spent a tiny bit of time in Kings Tale and then I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to play, so I went to bed and read. I was considering playing Sherlock, as that's what my opponent was doing, but no energy.

OMG OMG OMG!! On the off chance I contacted DANIELJJ14 of previous UHH fame to see if there was any chance he had the save game and the time to help with Charlie Murder. Thankfully both things were true and on Thu he carried me through the end game (on the good ending, which is super hard) and after a few false starts, lots of dying on my part we did it!!! I then managed to kick some ass on Voodoo Vince and get one more achievement for the night, meaning that 20 is possible, depending on how much time I have. I finished off with some Saints Row after packing for my holiday!

Okay, so after a bit of a kerfuffle getting to the Cotswolds I arrived on Friday and have spent my time since then trying to get the kittens to eat/ drink something, buying way too much kitten food at the supermarket (to get variety) and gaming. I knocked out all but 2 achievements, giving me, what I feel is, a solid 18-11 lead. I may play some Thief Sunday after recording the second episode of the podcast for this weekend; but I may play something different.

Eh, I was all gamed out. Ended up watching a sad film with the kittens. Looking forward to a break on Monday to go for a walk before starting in again. Especially as the kittens are eating again, and full of beans. I'm currently getting meowed at because I closed the kitchen door (the catflap is open), so they don't track mud all over the house!

Good luck with the next round tackleglass! And well played :)

// BREAKDOWN 18/20 (2 new games)

// XBOX ONE 9 12/13 (1 new game)

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey RemasteredSir Punch A LotangelskThe Sir Punch A Lot achievement in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered worth 12 pointsDeal 10000 damage.

The Plan: Across all games it accumulates, check the stats to see progress. Allow a couple of hours and try and make big words? Just work my way through the levels.
The Reality: Honestly, I didn't expect this to come so quickly, even though my progress was 10% when I started. This took around an hour, whilst I was watching a TV show. Managed to get some good progress in the game, a couple of achievements, defeated a boss and got a crystal star :)

Layers of FearIt's covered up for a reasonangelskThe It's covered up for a reason achievement in Layers of Fear worth 25 pointsGet working on your Magnum Opus

The Plan: New game. Literally the first achievement in the game. A couple of minutes max.
The Reality: Figured I would get this one out of the way. Didn't see the point in streaming as it was the first achievement. But jeez this game is creepy, I was freaked out just trying to find a key. And I basically ran when I could and quit out before I could even see what the painting was. Will definitely have to stream this in future, for the lolz.

Her Majesty's SPIFFINGDon't show me this tip againangelskThe Don't show me this tip again achievement in Her Majesty's SPIFFING worth 26 pointsLocate the paperclip

The Plan: Apparently this is story related, though I haven't gotten it yet - I think it's misflagged; however it's real close to the start of the game so 5-10 minutes.
The Reality: Nah, this is defo missable - but easy enough to get, took barely 5 minutes.

The BunkerMotherangelskThe Mother achievement in The Bunker worth 10 pointsFind toy: Mother

The Plan: SB. In the next chapter to the one from last week, need to pick up a document - shouldn't take long. 5-10 minutes, allowing for slow game!
The Reality: 5 minutes, the solution said bottom drawer which threw me as it's a cupboard. But even so, story related so not missable.

Wheels of AureliaENDING FangelskThe ENDING F achievement in Wheels of Aurelia worth 19 pointsUnlock Ending F

The Plan: SB. Another run through of the game, will have to actually use the controls! Shouldn't take more than half an hour. Good guide.
The Reality: I'm fairly certain I was not driving correctly, but hey I managed this in one go - started in part 2 and didn't switch cars. Managed to get the sub-15 minute completion achievement too.

Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games SeriesOut of the Frying Pan...angelskThe Out of the Frying Pan... achievement in Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series worth 33 pointsComplete Chapter 4 of Episode 1

The Plan: Ah, the first game. I've done Episode 2 of Chapter 1, this is for Episode 4 - max half an hour I expect.
The Reality: Took slightly longer than half an hour. But an easy achievement. Fairly certain they significantly improved the graphics in the second season.

The Little AcreSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Little Acre worth 22 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Plan: Maybe an hour. Follow the walkthrough, skip the missables for now maybe? Or should I restart the game (haven't gotten far) and just play through properly?
The Reality: Just started from the start, streamed it and got most of the missables. Took half an hour.

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XVGroup DiscountangelskThe Group Discount achievement in A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV worth 43 pointsKill 5 or more enemies with one spell.

The Plan: Earliest I can get this is Chapter 2, I did a part of the first chapter on the bean dive. Allow an hour.
The Reality: Yeah this took 10-15 minutes, once I'd unlocked magic it was so simple to get on the screen with the millions of Flans!

Voodoo Vince: RemasteredOne Head Is Better Than TwoangelskThe One Head Is Better Than Two achievement in Voodoo Vince: Remastered worth 48 pointsDefeat Janice in the Central Arena.

The Plan: Second/Third boss, 1/3 of the way through the game. Will stream this as I've barely started. Probably 4-5 hours realistically. Nothing missable, so don't worry too much and just play. No advantage to either of us here.
The Reality: Played 2.5 hours on Tuesday and streamed it; got to the part before the boss where you have to construct the balloon; bailed out about halfway through the mission so I'll go back to it on Thursday. Took around 50 minutes and more frustration on Thursday, but I did it! I was kinda impressed with myself :)

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s DaughterPhantasmagorical JourneyangelskThe Phantasmagorical Journey achievement in Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter worth 38 pointsEscape the perils of your imagination

The Plan: End of Case 2, missable. I've just started the game and opponent has completed Case 1. No walkthrough. Watch out for the Mayan Temple. Allow 3-4 hours I think.
The Reality: I played this over 2 days, Friday night and Saturday morning. I think it took around 3 hours but I really wasn't paying attention.

The EscapistsFavour FaveangelskThe Favour Fave achievement in The Escapists worth 309 pointsComplete 100 favours successfully across any of the prisons.

The Plan: Urgh, I don't like this game. But thought I would be safe leaving it in. This one seems grindy. Luckily no advantage on either side and I do have my stats up. I imagine a few hours of boredom, so I'll probably leave this til last.
The Reality: Honestly, although I don't like this game, the achievement wasn't really that hard. I watched some Netflix on Saturday evening and spent about 2 hours grinding this out - mostly beating up people along the way :)

Earthlock: Festival of MagicSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Earthlock: Festival of Magic worth 25 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Plan: I have a few hours advantage on this one. I'm glad to be returning to this game. Looks like 2-3 hours from the walkthrough, it's 2 bosses away.
The Reality: I spent Sunday morning catching up with this game, I think it took around 3-4 hours, but I wasn't really rushing.

THIEFSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in THIEF worth 38 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Plan: Chapter 8. I've done Chapter 1. Not much of an advantage on my opponent who's done the Prologue. Oh wait, Chapter 8 is the final chapter. So complete the game! Jeez! Probably 10+ hours.
The Reality: I could have, I didn't - probably will bite me later on; but hey.

// XBOX 360 BC 2/3

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. ChaosQuick on the DrawangelskThe Quick on the Draw achievement in Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos worth 10 pointsFind 3 items within 5 seconds

The Plan: Load next scene, find 3 items without clicking on them, click on them all quickly. Shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes.
The Reality: It took 5 minutes to get the achievement and then another 5 just to finish that puzzle collection so it saved ;)

Saints Row IVImperatorangelskThe Imperator achievement in Saints Row IV worth 60 pointsComplete 'Grand Finale'.

The Plan: Complete the game. LOL. However, I got quite far in this last UHH and made some saves before I got betrayed. I think I haves 4-5 quests for the main story left and hopefully I can complete it without having to level up too much; I've not done much of the optional stuff. Allow 3-4 hours though, and leave more safety saves! I think I have the advantage here by an hour or so.
The Reality: Played around an hour/ hour and a half on Thursday night doing about 1 and a half quests. I think I've got to finish my current quest and then will have the finale. Should be ok now I've almost got the controls back - though should probably restock my ammo! I have no idea how much extra time I put in, maybe 2 hours, died a lot but finally managed to get the end game achievement. Left some saves so I can go back and fill in the rest later.

Alan Wake's American NightmareOne Day I’ll Buy a StaplerangelskThe One Day I’ll Buy a Stapler achievement in Alan Wake's American Nightmare worth 34 pointsFind all of the manuscript pages.

The Plan: Jeez, complete another Alan Wake game. At least this one is shorter, however I've barely started. 4-5 hours. Could be up to 8! At least it's BC.
The Reality: Couldn't face it. Probably could have done it in time. But didn't want to :)

// XBOX 360 4/4 (1 new game)

Tales from the Borderlands (Xbox 360)Partners In CrimeangelskThe Partners In Crime achievement in Tales from the Borderlands (Xbox 360) worth 22 pointsComplete Chapter 3 of Episode 1

The Plan: Chapter 3 of Episode 1. I've done the first chapter, so I guess it'll be around half an hour.
The Reality: Grabbed this one whilst cooking and eating dinner, most of the time it can play itself :) Took around half an hour, but I wasn't rushing. Sadly my opponent unlocked this one offline :(

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (Xbox 360)Master MechanicangelskThe Master Mechanic achievement in The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (Xbox 360) worth 16 pointsFinish the tutorial

The Plan: New game. I think I had the equivalent in last year's UHH for the One version. So easy, 5 minutes max.
The Reality: Took around 5 minutes, easy.

Goosebumps: The Game (Xbox 360)An Old Story's EndangelskThe An Old Story's End achievement in Goosebumps: The Game (Xbox 360) worth 16 pointsEvict an elderly intruder.

The Plan: I'm already in the house, just need to grab the poison and talk to Aunt whats-her-face. 5-10 minutes, don't even need to make a save.
The Reality: Yup, again, only 5 minutes.

Charlie MurderI'm All Sorts of FamousangelskThe I'm All Sorts of Famous achievement in Charlie Murder worth 72 pointsGet the good ending (Total Anarchy playthrough)

The Plan: Complete the game, on Anarchy mode. Gah! And to unlock Anarchy mode you need to beat the game on Chaos mode, which you get by beating it the first time. I haven't completed my first playthrough and that took hours. However, you can load into a friend's game and get it - so this'll be my only hope.
The Reality: OMG OMG OMG!!! The amazing DANIELJJ14 happened to have a save game and was absolutely amazing and carried me through this. It took just under an hour and lots of frustration and I am SOOOOOOO grateful!


18 for UHH
40 Tag-UHH-longs
18 games played
2 new games started
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PermalinkUHH3 - Period 2 - angelsk vs Triple Triad777 (Comp-UHH-tition!)
Link: UHH 3 match up: angelsk vs Triple Triad777
Result: 19-20 (loss)
Rank: 87th with 48 points (38 achievements and 1 win); 9th Top Gamer
Playlist: UHH3 Playlist

Woo a friend! And an active one..... oh no, I have a feeling the win will be hard hard hard this week! But 20 is doable, what's with the incredibly easy lists this time? And so we have another week and another rambling non-sensical blog post :)

Triad got an early start (US-based, 5 hours behind of me timezone-wise), before/between classes. Either way this is a time-based matchup, not a great deal of "skill" required (no offence to either of us!). On that note, I've already lost, bar extenuating circumstances; but I'll get the 20. I was excited, then I remembered that Triad is a UHH pro! I have a slight advantage on progress on a couple of games, but not much, and most of the ones I've only dived :)

I was already down 0-6 before I even got home from work, so I knew I had a bit to catch up. I managed to squeeze out 10, heading to bed on 10-10 to me on ratio, but knowing that Triad had time on their side. They gamed til 1am their time, and left it on 10-16. I was going to do a Telltale Game in the am before work, but being as I went to sleep with the Sherlock theme tune and woke up with Final Fantasy stuck in my head, I decided I should probably take a screen break (or at least as much as I could given I work on computers).

I'm pleased with my progress, but I'm not going to ruin my sleeping patterns in the group stage :). I'll be extremely happy with my first 20, and very glad I didn't meet Triad in the KO rounds! If it's not enough to get through to the KO round in the end, then I'll enjoy the just for fun stuff. I have no illusions of winning, it's just a great opportunity to clear some of my backlog.... or recover more of my bean dive!

I had a good streaming session on Tuesday night, and I think it was 14-17 when I went to bed Tuesday night, and as I got to work Wednesday morning it was 14-19. I was exhausted, I think I overdid it a bit on Tuesday night #mentallyexhausted. I'd already decided that the 20 was achievable but not the win; I was just hopeful to have been able to get more achievements Tuesday night than I did. I was aiming for 2-3 more, but hey I got some longer ones done.

It was weirder intentionally missing missables, but I only have a 3-game buffer on the 10% rule so I need to be careful not to finish anything unintentionally (and it gives me some easier ones for next rounds possibly :). I still should have enough points to make the first round of the knockouts - but feeling less competitive this year ;)

So Wed was a bit of a bust for me, feeling so exhausted and some work stuff sapped the rest of my energy. I finished off Guardians and did Batman, but then I just went to bed. Was awesome to wake up on Thu am and see Triad had hit the 20! I did let them know they could sleep as I was not going to be anywhere near 20 until the weekend, but hey :) Would like to know how long Alan Wake took them, because I'm very tempted at this point to stop at 19 and just sleep this weekend. It took 8 hours from the start of Episode 3. Ouch!

I'm also considering purposefully going over the 10% removal by completing some games to skip the knockouts and just go into the just for fun rounds. We shall see. For some reason this week hit me hard and I'm rather exhausted. I know I've been looking forward to participating in UHH, so much, but not at the expense of my health. It's the concept of the game I love, not the stress ;)

I've played some really nice games so far in UHH - luckily streamed most of them, so I have a record. What Remains of Edith Finch and Blackwood Crossing being two that stood out the most from this week. Hue and Voodoo Vince - although I didn't play much last week, they were also awesome. Streaming BC on Thu took me up to 9th place for a moment on the leaderboard as well.

I played Minecraft Season 2 on Friday, whilst watching Titanic. Then I finished off the week with Bioshock on Saturday. Already decided I'm not playing 10 hours of Alan Wake, even though I feasibly could, I physically and mentally can't :)

Played the heck out of Lego Worlds this weekend and had a ton of fun :)

Still, a good week and I feel I have enough points. I'm satisfied I could have gotten the 20 if I wanted to, and if it would have guaranteed me the win. Plus a great opponent is a bonus :D

// BREAKDOWN 19/20

// XBOX ONE 9 18/18 (4 new games)

HuePigment of Your ImaginationangelskThe Pigment of Your Imagination achievement in Hue worth 140 pointsMake 5000 obstacles disappear

The Plan: Find a screen with objects and keep changing colours until it pops, currently at 16%. Seems a shame to spam, but would waste other achievements not to. 15 minutes maybe.
The Reality: 15-20 minutes of wiggling the right stick! I got a good rhythm about halfway through.

Adventures of PipGet A LifeangelskThe Get A Life achievement in Adventures of Pip worth 63 pointsPurchased a Heart Container in the Item Shop.

The Plan: Ok, this game. Apparently I can grind for pixels, and I need 2500 of them for a heart. Depending on whether it auto-saved when I bought the item for the last achievement I either need around 1700 or 2500 :) Based off played two levels, probably allow a couple of hours.
The Reality: It had saved on purchase, so I needed to get the full amount. Took about 20 minutes of repeating level 1-1; then I got to the shop and found I only need 2000 pixels! LOL.

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey RemasteredSee You In 'Sept'emberangelskThe See You In 'Sept'ember achievement in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered worth 12 pointsSpell 10 seven-letter words.

The Plan: 7 letter words only, check stats in-game, but I imagine I can probably get this quite easily.
The Reality: I had one to start. This took less than 10 minutes and I have to admit I used a solver to ensure I got words of exactly 7 letters long. Just did two rounds and got some more stars.

The Little AcreSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Little Acre worth 21 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Plan: This is the next achievement in story progression, will restart the game and stream. Shouldn't take more than half an hour.
The Reality: Took just about 10 minutes. I will have to restart and play this game properly for a stream sometime.

AnodeDeca-angelskThe Deca- achievement in Anode worth 12 pointsReach a sequence of 10 or more.

The Plan: SB. Sequence multiplier. Be quick, keep triggering explosions, use items. Allow an hour, probably much quicker.
The Reality: Another 10 minute one. Tried a timed mode and it wasn't good enough, so went back to Endless and managed to get a good sequence and multiplier first time.

Gone Home: Console EditionSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Gone Home: Console Edition worth 61 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Plan: SB. Sounds like it will take about ten minutes, just a case of getting the attic key and taking the duck upstairs.
The Reality: 5 minutes, and most of that was spent trying to find the damn secret door (again!).

The BunkerSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Bunker worth 25 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Plan: SB. This is the next chapter, although it says Chapter 3. Probably 15 minutes.
The Reality: Took 10 minutes, it's a bit of a slow game. Will have to restart and play this one properly at some point.

Late ShiftSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Late Shift worth 32 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Plan: SB. Follow the sequence in the solution for this achievement, shouldn't take more than 1 hour, probably less.
The Reality: Took about 50 minutes as it was most of the way through the game. Luckily didn't pop any achievements along the way.

Dear Esther: Landmark EditionPaulangelskThe Paul achievement in Dear Esther: Landmark Edition worth 216 pointsFinish Chapter 'The Beacon'

The Plan: This is the endgame achievement. Don't worry about collecting stuff, just finish the game (can't 100% any games by accident this competition else I'll de-qualify!). 2-3 hours.
The Reality: Took around an hour and most of that was because it's sooooooo slow to walk! I think it restarted me at the beginning, which was fine coz I got stuck in a cave last time.

Knee DeepBlogged DownangelskThe Blogged Down achievement in Knee Deep worth 19 pointsRomana Teague faces an uncertain future.

The Plan: Act 2, near-ish the beginning. Need to complete Act 1. Probably restart the game again and stream; maybe 1.5-2 hours. Don't worry too much about conversation choices.
The Reality: Ha! I totally cheesed this one, you can actually start on Act 2 without having to have finished Act 1 :) This took about half an hour to get to the point where she gets the call and I got a few extras along the way.

What Remains of Edith FinchThanks, Johann!angelskThe Thanks, Johann! achievement in What Remains of Edith Finch worth 103 pointsSee Johann's name in the ending credits

The Plan: New game. Complete the game and watch the credits. Stream this, just play through, anything missed can be mopped up in chapter select. 2-3 hours.
The Reality: This is a rather awesome game, was enjoyable playing through, managed to miss all the missables (intentionally) so my first achievement was for finishing all the stories :) Then the credits popped soon after. Sadly not possible just watching the credits from the menu, so took about an hour and 3/4 all in all.

Adam's Venture: OriginsAll roads lead to LuzangelskThe All roads lead to Luz achievement in Adam's Venture: Origins worth 52 pointsCompleted the Oxford Dungeon episode.

The Plan: This is for completing the second episode, I've done nothing in this game so far aside from idle, so easy to restart. Doubt this will take longer than an hour (30 mins based on Triad).
The Reality: Took about half an hour, some overthinking on my part - but interesting game. More adventure than point and click.

TacomaARdcoreangelskThe ARdcore achievement in Tacoma worth 231 pointsEscaped Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma having recovered every AR Crew Record and AR Desktop item.

The Plan: New game. Short game, has chapter select, so I'll stream a playthrough and do a full exploration without trying to get too many of the other achievements and specifically looking for the AR. 1-2 hours.
The Reality: Was a good game, was easier than expected to find the AR desktops as they were on the timeline, and after that it was just a case of making sure I didn't miss the single AR recordings. Game was a bit laggy and crashed near the end, but only took just over an hour and a half and did it all in one run (again missing the other missables intentionally)

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale SeriesGoodbye Yellow Brick RoadangelskThe Goodbye Yellow Brick Road achievement in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series worth 21 pointsComplete Chapter 3 of Episode 1

The Plan: I've done the first chapter of the episode, so it's just two more to take me halfway through the first Chapter. Probably around half an hour.
The Reality: I did about 20 minutes before my stream on Tuesday and got one more episode down. The second chapter only took 10 minutes, so that was an easy finished. Half an hour in all.

Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale SeriesNew Game in TownangelskThe New Game in Town achievement in Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series worth 20 pointsComplete Chapter 2 of Episode 1

The Plan: New game. Story walkthrough, probably less than half an hour to get this, it'll be fairly close to the start, 1/3 of the way through the first episode.
The Reality: Took about half an hour I think. I reset lots of the fight scenes because I was paying more attention to Derek's stream than the game and died too many times. Probably restart this if I go back to it. Only bought the first episode for the competition as I needed the extra games :)

Blackwood CrossingYou spin me right roundangelskThe You spin me right round achievement in Blackwood Crossing worth 26 pointsInspect this moment in space

The Plan: Probably half an hour in (maybe only ten minutes). It's a missable, so once in the treehouse, don't forget to stop and check!
The Reality: Honestly I think this one didn't take long, but I wanted to play more of the game so I continued playing (and streaming) after getting it, for an hour. I really like this game, it's novel.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season TwoOpen SesameangelskThe Open Sesame achievement in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two worth 21 pointsComplete Chapter 4 of Episode 1

The Plan: New game. 2/3 of the way through the first episode. Story walkthrough, no more than 1 hour. Shame I haven't really touched the first game ;)
The Reality: Took about an hour, though I was not paying full attention as I was watching Titanic for the podcast.

BioShockBasic InventorangelskThe Basic Inventor achievement in BioShock worth 6 pointsSuccessfully invent at least one item.

The Plan: Disc. I'm on Neptune's Bounty, which is not far from Arcadia which is where I can invent something - probably looking at 2-3 hours. I actually didn't realise I had an advantage here, Triad hadn't started the game yet!
The Reality: I think I spent 2 hours tootling around Rapture, I was also doing other things so I didn't really time it. Either way I got into Arcadia Glen and just used the first machine I saw, but didn't save, so I can resume a proper walkthrough next time I pick this up. I do like Bioshock.

// XBOX 360 BC 0/1

Alan WakeDepartureangelskThe Departure achievement in Alan Wake worth 50 pointsComplete the game on Normal difficulty.

The Plan: Ah complete the game, I just so love these! I played through to... Episode 3 I think in the last UHH. Possibly 1/3 to 1/2 way through Episode 3. There are 6 Episodes. I don't have much advantage progress-wise as my opponent finished Episode 2 in the last round; but that gives them an advantage as they'll remember the controls ;) Guessing 8-10 hours min as it took me 6 to get to this point, and I'm a slow gamer! Tempted to not worry about collectibles for this run.
The Reality: I didn't want to spent 10 hours playing this for 1 single point. So I didn't :) Am satisfied enough to know I could have.

// XBOX 360 1/1

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Xbox 360)Don't Let These Dogs Scare YouangelskThe Don't Let These Dogs Scare You achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Xbox 360) worth 26 pointsComplete TFA Chapter 6 - Battle of Takodana

The Plan: Disc. I completed Level 4 last (glad I decided to go back to some LEGO games), so this is just two more levels. Should be done in an hour. Probably knock this one out first. I have a little bit of an advantage as my opponent has only done Chapter 1 (but not much)
The Reality: Took about an hour, with some finagling for food :) Nice and simple, and a good one to start with.


19 for UHH
31 Tag-UHH-longs (23 extras)
19 games played (1 extra)
4 new games started
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