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PermalinkA letter to @TrueAchievement on the subject of harassment and mental health
Dear TrueAchievement,

I love this site, I've met some of the bestest people on here and it's truly helped me; especially with the struggle I've had with my mental health over the last 2+ years.

But I've seen more and more people posting blogs sharing their struggles with mental health and talking about the hateful messages they've received; the bullying that's happened on site; accounts created purely in bad taste; and various other situations. This isn't a new thing either. This has been going on a while; but I'm hoping that with all these posts bringing it into the light we can maybe push to get better control over our experience on the site.
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I recently had the privilege of listening to a talk by Alex Chan at the Wellcome Trust about Designing for the Abusive Ex. It was a preview of a talk he was planning for Pycon 2018; and an adaption of a talk he'd done previously at Bournemouth University. You can find the slides and a summary of the previous talk on Anti-Social Media on their blog (and I hope to share the video from Pycon once it's been uploaded).
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Firstly I'd like to say that although this is a criticism of the current level of control over reporting and blocking users on site (because I know it does exist); I know how hard and complex it is to maintain a site of this size, especially considering how small the team is.

Secondly, I want to shout out to Rich and Jack for being super quick about implementing a delete blog comment feature (and not allowing blocked users to post on my blog) last year!!!!!

And also a shoutout for the awesome moderators on site!
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This is not just me; the topic has come up many times in the Site Wishlist forum:
* Hide posts by blocked users
* Is there/could there be an ignore users posts option?
* Privacy in messages - Block Messages from people not on your Friends List
* Blocking gamers, a more thorough way of doing it..
* Blocking Gamers
* Chat Room Mute button.
* Forum ignore feature
* Can we talk about anonymous solution downvoting again? (tangentially related)

Oh and I also found this awesome suggestion whilst searching:
* Community support
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I would like to ask TrueAchievement to consider implementing a more thorough blocking, reporting and muting system on the site.

I think the main problems for me are:
* Block should actually block/ hide/ mute
-- I don't want to see them anywhere on the site, not on my friends feed (comments on other friend's items), in the forums, in competitions, etc - it should be like they don't exist.
-- I don't care about holes in the timeline or anything; I just need not to flashback every time I see their picture/ name
-- The holes in the timeline would only affect me - and this is the desired effect!
-- NOTE: It would also be awesome if you never got matched with them in competitions, but I can see how people would take advantage of this situation - so maybe it could flag to staff before the round started and potentially be dealt with on a case by case basis
* Move the block list to a separate page (rather than the bottom of the edit friends page)
-- I really don't need to see the list every time I edit my friends list cry

Additional useful features could be:
* Give users more granular control over who can see/ do what (like Facebook do)
-- e.g: sending friend requests, sending DMs, posting on friend feed, posting on blog, seeing posts on the site, seeing personal information
* Allow reporting of a specific user
-- e.g: For bullying/ harassment/ inappropriate comments/ usernames/ etc not just for cheating or a specific message on site.
-- Saying that we can contact a moderator is ok, but there's a huge list, and I have no clue who I should be "bothering" or who is online, or who is best placed to help
-- A common inbox for such reports would reduce the anxiety and feel like issues could actually be addressed
* Add a mute option (functions the same as block, but without stopping them from connecting)
-- This would allow you to mute a user if they are causing mental distress, but may not be doing anything wrong/ bad
-- For example, they are being argumentative, and you want to help stop yourself from jumping in
* Allow us to delete comments on our feed items
-- Gives the added benefit of being able to correct that typo ;)
* Restrict or remove site usage for habitual harassers
-- I believe this does exist in some form, with people's forum posting being restricted for repeated reports (not sure how fully formed this is)
-- Imposes consequences for poor behaviour
-- This shouldn't be automatic, and should have a committee (like with the cheat reports)

I think that these solutions would help people's mental happiness and health improve smile And hopefully (not holding out hope though) make people realise that their actions have consequences.
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Thank you for reading.



Credit for the prompt to write this, the blog posts and the images used in this blog post:

Alex Chan:
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PermalinkUHH4 - Period 3 (Group) - angelsk vs KenH2k4 (Ti-UHH-red)
Link: UHH 4 match up: angelsk vs KenH2k4
Result: 17-11 (win!)
Rank: 13th on the group leaderboard with 72 points (3 wins, ratio: max 3.66, total 79.81)
Playlist: UHH4 Playlist
Time taken: Approx 19 hours

Opponent: Playing through to the JFF rounds only, seems nice :)

Contrast of short ones, long/ end game ones, and evil ones. I don't think I'll be getting 20 this round! I don't think I want to go for the 20; I need my energy to go back up. Running low on spoons.

More bean dive recovery. So far I think I've had 46 unique games, and 32 of those were bean dive games :) Still good progress on recovery though! May even hit 25% recovered during the competition, possibly even next week.

Should be good on points to get through the knockouts. But not expecting to get past the first round again.


Spiral SplatterSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Spiral Splatter worth 45 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Load up level and hold thumbstick. Bah.

DexSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dex worth 13 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Just had to buy a few more of these, and then find bad guys to hurt the character so I could heal. Easy

MonochromaGet CaughtangelskThe Get Caught achievement in Monochroma worth 0 pointsThis has something to do with the big guy

This was the achievement after the one I got last UHH, barely took any time.

The StationSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Station worth 78 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

This one will be good to get round to. Did some exploring, found some things, am intrigued.

Q.U.B.E. Director's CutSector 4, CompletedangelskThe Sector 4, Completed achievement in Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut worth 57 pointsComplete Sector 4

I like this game. But it melts your mind sometimes :)

Adventures of PipPower UpangelskThe Power Up achievement in Adventures of Pip worth 34 pointsPurchased an Upgrade in the Weapon Shop.

I was panicking when I saw this game. Then I thought, well I have the shop unlocked. But no, you need your 16-bit form for the weapons, so I had to go through all of world 1. Luckily I managed it, and finally beat the first boss.

The Walking Dead Collection - The Telltale SeriesIt's Not Stealing If You Need ItangelskThe It's Not Stealing If You Need It achievement in The Walking Dead Collection - The Telltale Series worth 29 pointsComplete Episode 2: "Starved For Help"

Continuation from last week. Finishing the chapter.

Typoman: RevisedDon't Shoot MeangelskThe Don't Shoot Me achievement in Typoman: Revised worth 50 pointsCraft a TARGET for the SHOOT Machine.

Because I got so far in Typoman in the previous round, I just needed to load up a bit I'd already done and create the appropriate word to get another quick one.

Ken Follett's The Pillars of the EarthYet another secretangelskThe Yet another secret achievement in Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth worth 58 pointsUnlock a secret room in Kingsbridge.

I already had the key, just had to find the mill.

Subject 13Secret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Subject 13 worth 79 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

This one took longer than I'd like. Good concept, terrible controls at times. Turning things was not intuitive and the dude kept getting stuck on the environment. After some puzzling things out, I ended the stream with #10.

Headache-y and tired. I could have possibly gone longer, but I got a neat 10. Sunday is out, so I'll be picking this up again on Monday.



I got in an hour of Adventure Pals before family things.



Sooooo tired! Managed to knock out some easy ones (just needed a second controller); and then got an early night.

CastlesDuelangelskThe Duel achievement in Castles worth 18 pointsPlay a game on VS Mode

Just needed two controllers.

AereADa CapoangelskThe Da Capo achievement in AereA worth 59 pointsRevive a party member

Just needed two controllers, then got the other character killed and revived them.

Watch_Dogs 2Third Time's the CharmangelskThe Third Time's the Charm achievement in Watch_Dogs 2 worth 10 pointsMake 3 jumps in a row aboard a vehicle

Just called in a lovely pink bike and went for a ride in the park.

The Adventure PalsBark Worse Than BiteangelskThe Bark Worse Than Bite achievement in The Adventure Pals worth 37 pointsDefeat Treefist

Made some progress on this one on Sunday. It's an awesome game, very forgiving. This was the end boss on the first island, after getting 5 gems.

Loaded up Alan Wake, no stats. Tried an arcade level, 14 kills, no stars, 5 minutes. Doh! Gave up.

Did a bit of Shiness til I got stuck on a puzzle, so went to bed.



RAGE!!!!! Gah, stoopid platformers. Stoopid mechanics.

So Many MeVengeanceangelskThe Vengeance achievement in So Many Me worth 178 pointsDefeat the rival

Needed to play the Mine level, I'd done a couple of them. Got a decent number of Me's. Got very frustrated. The boss level wasn't as bad as the damn Duffon. But jeez, so many bloody me.

Also played a bit of Shiness. Love the game. Hate the damn parry mechanic with cn_Y; just can't get it down :( The boss requires it, so I'm very stuck atm :'( RAGEQUIT! This is a problem.



THIEFHealth HazardangelskThe Health Hazard achievement in THIEF worth 72 pointsKill or knockout 10 people using the environment

Chapter 2 wasn't too bad. Took way too long to find the pub with the trader to get wire cutters. Then way too long to get to Chapter 3. Then I almost missed the bit where I could get this one, but luckily could reload checkpoint. Really wanted to alter the contrast, but doesn't offer that in game :(



Ori and the Blind ForestRun for your LifeangelskThe Run for your Life achievement in Ori and the Blind Forest worth 79 pointsCleanse the Ginso Tree's Heart

I have to say, if I'd not been streaming this one I probably would have quit about an hour before I finished. My right thumb is killing me, and I'm fairly certain I didn't need to do actually escape the waters (but glad I did coz I would have forgotten the controls). I know I didn't get all the collectibles, but I'm honestly okay with that - never going to 100% this game, but I'd love to be able to finish the story. It became a lot nicer with double jump and then bash; looking forward to going back and exploring some of the bits I was locked out of. Then I can level up a bit before tackling the next area.



Decided that I needed to get past Meos in Shiness. The stupid parry boss fight. And I managed it!! I honestly didn't think I could, I was down to 1 character, barely any health or items left; and I got lucky on the 4th parry volley. Phew!! There's like a whole other chapter (10 hours or so) to get through to the next boss fight (the one I needed for this); but I was so glad to have made progress.



Really lost out on playtime this week due to Sunday being a write off gaming-wise; but I'm glad I got the break rather than burning out trying to get the extra 20-30 hours of achievements I didn't manage to earn this week.

This week was certainly a harder list that the previous two; but I'm very happy with my 17!!! Thanks to my friends, and my opponent, for keeping me honest :D


Shiness: The Lightning KingdomSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom worth 114 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

I completed the first chapter and beat the first boss. Set up for this coming up in the next round ;)

Alan Wake's American NightmarePile 'Em HighangelskThe Pile 'Em High achievement in Alan Wake's American Nightmare worth 59 pointsDefeat 2,000 Taken.

Not finished the story. No stats in game. Woefully out of practise, decided to leave this one altogether.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided worth 49 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Beat the game.... the game that I just started! And there are 20 minutes of unskippable credits. Decided to not load up this one, though it would probably have been good to make some story progression.



17 for UHH
22 Tag-UHH-longs
19 games played


260,000 GamerScore (8th September 2018)

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PermalinkUHH4 - Period 2 (Group) - angelsk vs Shinnizle (On UHH roll)
Link: UHH 4 match up: angelsk vs Shinnizle
Result: 20-10 (win!)
Rank: 8th on the group leaderboard with 50 points (2 wins, ratio: max 3.66, total 53.65)
Playlist: UHH4 Playlist
Time taken: Approx 30.5 hours

Opponent: Shinnizle (Canada) - friend of a friend :D Good friendly competition.

Ah! After last week's great list I did expect to see some less agreeable ones this week. I drew Child of Eden, so that's that. Others don't seem too bad, just some may be long. Lots of story ones here.

More bean dive recovery. Though a few repeat games, and some from last year's UHH too. I think so far I've had 37 unique games, and 31 of those were bean dive games :) Good progress on recovery though! May even hit 25% recovered during the competition.

PS: Apologies for the potato quality of the VODs; was kitten sitting, so potato upload for streaming.


Got in a good stream, even though it's potato quality. Currently typing this watching a cat nap on the window seat. Got a bit cranky with the Pie Guy at the end of the stream, but managed to pop it before bed; leaving a nice half of my list done.

Spiral SplatterUnlock Stage 4angelskThe Unlock Stage 4 achievement in Spiral Splatter worth 55 pointsUnlock stage 4

Got this right off the block; figured I'd get it out of the way; it wasn't too bad.

Rise of the Tomb RaiderRapid RecoveryangelskThe Rapid Recovery achievement in Rise of the Tomb Raider worth 5 pointsHeal yourself in combat 3 times

Thought I'd have to get to the bear for this one. But managed to get it earlier, whilst "sneaking" with "great skill" past Trinity ;)

The Walking Dead Collection - The Telltale SeriesTaking CharlotteangelskThe Taking Charlotte achievement in The Walking Dead Collection - The Telltale Series worth 23 pointsComplete Chapter 6 of Episode 2 of Season 1

This particular episode makes me shudder. Quick-ish storyline one. Glad to get past that bit of the story to be honest.

Bard's GoldCloudy with a chance of HadoukenangelskThe Cloudy with a chance of Hadouken achievement in Bard's Gold worth 6 pointsRan out of time

This one took a whole 3 minutes of doing nothing ;)

Serial CleanerNow You See Me...angelskThe Now You See Me... achievement in Serial Cleaner worth 34 pointsEscape capture five times in any single contract

I honestly thought I'd have more issues. But I managed to get past the first story mission and into the second, where this one was possible. Then I just hid in a box 5 times. LOL.

Soul AxiomMonkeying AroundangelskThe Monkeying Around achievement in Soul Axiom worth 22 pointsComplete the Jungle

This is such an odd game; but intriguing. Decent controls, aside from the stupid push LS to run :( (ouch). This one was a good way through the story, but the story is thankfully short.

Decay - The MareRed ButterflyangelskThe Red Butterfly achievement in Decay - The Mare worth 5 pointsMeet the red butterfly.

Got a little lost in this one, but found the butterfly in the end.

The BridgeAftermath-InverterangelskThe Aftermath-Inverter achievement in The Bridge worth 54 pointsComplete The Aftermath with 2 inversions.

Nice, completed Chapter 2 in the last round, now this one was 3-3, and a nice simple challenge.

The Little AcreSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Little Acre worth 22 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Meeerrrrr? LOL. This one is such a cute game. I need to play it properly.

The Misadventures of P.B. WinterbottomBurnt BottomangelskThe Burnt Bottom achievement in The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom worth 15 pointsComplete the "Dangerously Delicious!" movie level.

Gah! This one caused me a lot of trouble. The walkthrough needs a lot of work, mostly coz all 10 parts of a chapter are smooshed into one (reminder: tell Jesse). In the end I managed to figure it out and kicked many clones into fire and pie. Glad it's over for now, glad I got it before the end of the first day.

Ended the day on 10-4.


Not going to be streaming everything this week. Got some frustrating ones, and also I think I streamed myself out last week. Plus, potato internet whilst kitten sitting, means that stream quality is lowwwwwww.

Child of EdenSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Child of Eden worth 51 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Decided to tackle what I considered the hardest one of the list. The ratio doesn't do it justice. This is a cool game, but oh so difficult to master. Spent about 5 hours repeating archives, to get enough collectibles. No way I'll be able to master to 100%, but it was nice to at least have them all unlocked.

Syberia 3Secret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Syberia 3 worth 33 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Glad I drew Syberia 3 this round. Another one I kept meaning to get back to. Controls are still a teensy bit clunky, but am very intrigued by the story here.

The CouncilQuickangelskThe Quick achievement in The Council worth 26 pointsIn the same game, choose 20 answers before the time is up

Wanted to just play this naturally so I streamed it. Achievement still came too quick though! Wanna find out more of this story!

Tomb Raider - Definitive EditionPredatorangelskThe Predator achievement in Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition worth 11 pointsKill 50 enemies with the bow.

Streamed this one, because Lara games are best enjoyed together. It was fun going through the story, and I swear my aim improved. Got this one just after I'd gotten to the radio tower, after the control panel and before the climb.

Called it an early-ish night due to playing all day. Was 14-7 when I went to bed.


Deus Ex: Mankind DividedSingh No Swan SongangelskThe Singh No Swan Song achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided worth 17 pointsHave Singh's back when it matters most.

End of tutorial mission, didn't do the most elegant run through of it. But managed to grab this one before starting work. The benefits of working remotely :)

BioShock InfiniteKitted OutangelskThe Kitted Out achievement in BioShock Infinite worth 14 pointsIn the Main Campaign, fully upgraded one weapon and one Vigor.

This took 4 hours of slogging through the campaign. Made marginally better by party chat with Ross and Jesse. Left it just before the fight in the factory (mainly coz I got squashed by the handyman and thought I'd call it a night).

16-7. Oh so sleepy.


Luckily I managed to avoid the Xbox live and Mixer issues today. Everything popped as expected, even if TA hadn't scanned them in.

Song of the DeepSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Song of the Deep worth 104 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

This was the next main story beat after the boss I defeated. Thankfully, once I'd figured out I had torpedoes (Doh!) I made good progress through this. Met the mer person, collected the orbs, activated the Deeplight. Some good puzzles with light there. Will need to go back and get some collectibles, but good progress through the game.

Dishonored 2Morbid TheftangelskThe Morbid Theft achievement in Dishonored 2 worth 21 pointsSteal a corpse for Mindy Blanchard

Made some progress completing the first Quest before streaming Song of the Deep. Managed to do it on Low Chaos without alerting anyone ;) Picked up the second Quest after the stream, made a bunch of saves so I can go back for the missables, and with only a few mess ups where I wasn't sure which direction to go, I managed to get the lady her body. LOL.



I'm totally getting story fatigue.

Dishonored: Death of the OutsiderSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider worth 29 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The walkthrough on this one is not as explicit as I would like, it doesn't add vital information about how to get to a place/ offer suggestions - it just says "go to x"; which is great except when there's not really a good map for this game! Either way, took me about 2 and a half hours of farting around and reloading to get to the point where I could get the keys. I didn't finish the mission as I'm hoping I can still get the contracts without having to backtrack too much.

Picked up TF2. Figured I'd knock out a quick win in MP just in case the servers ever went down. Only took 3 matches to get back in the groove :)



Titanfall 2Secret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Titanfall 2 worth 19 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

This was fun to play. Many potato jumps and deaths; but I managed to get to the achievement within a couple of hours. Then it was just a case of killing everything and trying not to die too much; then I got myself out of the simulation and into the next chapter so that when I come back to it I won't be confused :)


List was both harder and easier than last week. Definitely more challenging achievements, and some stealth story slogs, but overall quicker.



20 for UHH
67 Tag-UHH-longs
20 games played


410,000 TrueAchievement Score (2nd September 2018)

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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PermalinkUHH4 - Period 1 (Group) - angelsk vs Woodster 86 (UHH-cited!)
Link: UHH 4 match up: angelsk vs Woodster 86
Result: 20-3 (win!)
Rank: 13th on the group leaderboard with 25 points (20 achievements, highest ratio 3.66 + 1 win)
Playlist: UHH4 Playlist
Time taken: Approx 33 hours

Opponent: Woodster 86 - UK. Has bowed out :(

Been looking forward to this competition (thankfully no plastic instruments this time due to the Xbox One restrictions). Looking forward to having fun, making new friends, cleaning up some of my bean dive - and winning some rounds :D I'm not competitive..... honest ;) Very glad I could finally just pick "Games Started" this year. Trying not to kill my completion percentage if I can.

Evaluation of my list: Well this is pretty much a "you bean dived them now play them" kind of list :) Every game aside from Ori I've only bean dived, so 1 achievement (or as close as if multiple unlocked at the same time). So it's pretty much like starting 19 new games. LOL. Lots of collectible ones rather than story progression, which seems odd to me.

I really do hope I can hit 20. That would be a promising start to the competition. I shall be streaming as much of, if not all, of my progress :D


Got a good start on Saturday. Did a tri-stream with Jesse (RadicalSniper99) and Paul (failurewarning). Knocked out 10 achievements off the bat. Made good progress towards number 11; but then decided I should prolly sleep. It is only round 1 after all; though I do already have my community badge for those that care about these things.

A Hat in TimeLet there be lightangelskThe Let there be light achievement in A Hat in Time worth 20 pointsLight up the spaceship!

An easy one to start with, was the first story based achievement. An easy boss fight and some jumping around.

Agatha KnifeSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Agatha Knife worth 25 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Such a disturbing game really. I wasn't quite sure when this would happen in the game, but figured if I just played through I should pop it fairly easily.

Ori and the Blind ForestGet back here!angelskThe Get back here! achievement in Ori and the Blind Forest worth 24 pointsDiscover the character in the shadows

This game. Such a beautiful game. But I got myself stuck; and then I figured I'd never get past it. Thankfully I streamed a bit of it a while ago and with the wonderful encouragement and support of my friends I got past the sticking bit!!!! (And saved). Which meant that when this one came up I wasn't too worried; but I reckoned I should probably tackle it sooner rather than later.

The BridgeAcademicangelskThe Academic achievement in The Bridge worth 61 pointsFinish Chapter II.

Intriguing little puzzle game. Very Escher-esque. Getting through the second chapter wasn't too bad.

Q.U.B.E. Director's CutSector 2, CompletedangelskThe Sector 2, Completed achievement in Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut worth 53 pointsComplete Sector 2

I thought this one would take longer than it did. Took a few to remember the controls, but one I had (with a little help) I got through the next sector easily. Was quite pleased with myself figuring out the final puzzle.

Subject 13So, what is it?angelskThe So, what is it? achievement in Subject 13 worth 63 pointsYou have to find a testimony... Will you read it?

I am intrigued as to where this game is going, but sadly didn't get enough time with it. Found the first collectible testimony and was done.

SilenceFire in the...nevermindangelskThe Fire in the...nevermind achievement in Silence worth 22 pointsDrop the Noiseball

It's always helpful when the achievement is the next after the bit you got to in the bean dive. I did have to repeat the story bit as obviously it saves at the beginning of a section; but it wasn't long, and I got 2 other achievements as well whilst I was at it. Luckily I hadn't gone past it, and when I got control of my character again this was easy. Really want to go back to this game!

DexSniperangelskThe Sniper achievement in Dex worth 12 pointsPerform a headshot

Oh god. I suck at headshots where you have to do the weird lining up thing. Luckily once I'd found some people, I already had a gun and I totally cheesed this one before I died ;)

SubmergedSightseerangelskThe Sightseer achievement in Submerged worth 115 pointsVisit all landmarks

Such a pretty game. Mostly I just sailed around the map to pick up what I could. Got a couple of bits of progress towards other achievements, but it didn't take long.

AereASecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in AereA worth 31 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Oh god this game. I love the premise, but annoyingly the chat window was covering the button I needed to press to upgrade my skills so I got stuck repeating the same area over and over again. Eventually I did manage to upgrade, and get through to the boss again. And boom!


Lots of Earthlock today!!!!! Loving the remaster for various reasons. Managed to knock out a couple of easy ones too and left it on 13 for the night.

EarthlockSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in Earthlock worth 17 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Started this game on the Saturday stream, I wanted something a bit more substantial than all the quick ones I'd gotten. I must say the remastered version has so much more to it than the original.

KITTY TREEE!!!!!!!!!!KITTY TREEE!!!!!!!!!!

Also - long game is long ;) Hit my 10,000th achievement during this play through! And finally after nearly 12 hours I got the one I needed!

Ken Follett's The Pillars of the EarthTattletaleangelskThe Tattletale achievement in Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth worth 29 pointsReport a crime to the monks in Kingsbridge.

Thankfully I was exactly where I needed to be in the story and location-wise to pick this one up, so it was an easy point.

The CouncilSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Council worth 22 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Such an intriguing game!!!! Can't wait to get back to it. For now, got a tiny bit further and got this one easily too.


Bank holiday mondays are a good thing and good timing for getting a head start on points. Finally managed to wrangle FF Type-0 (pro tip: cn_RB to lock on!). Cleared quite a few achievements (up to 18), and did my annoying chores ;) Quite surprised/ impressed/ pleased with my progress today. I feel like the contest is going tons better this year. Maybe my head, maybe Xbox games, maybe just the awesome support of my friends; or all 3? ;)

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (AU/EU)Miraculous MissionangelskThe Miraculous Mission achievement in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (AU/EU) worth 37 pointsComplete a mission without allowing any casualties.

Have to say, I didn't expect to be able to get this one. Not played the game in 2 years (since dive) and completely forgot all the controls. Ended up re-started on a lower difficulty just to be able to progress, though I probably would have been able to defeat the boss on the difficulty I was on had I remembered the controls. Either way, the achievement didn't care about difficulty level (would be good if the WT said that!), and I finally got it!

Rise of the Tomb RaiderOne-Sided ConversationangelskThe One-Sided Conversation achievement in Rise of the Tomb Raider worth 10 pointsStealth kill an enemy while he is having a conversation

Love the rebooted Tomb Raider games, but not really had the chance to play them. Was glad to be able to get a bit further in this one. With a little help from the stream, some deaths, and some hilariously bad arrow shooting I made it through the story to the point where I could get this. And I didn't screw it up!

ReCoreMatched!angelskThe Matched! achievement in ReCore worth 34 pointsKill an enemy by Color Matching

This one was surprisingly easy, and basically took place in the first cave area. So still not really had a chance to play much of this game.

Masquerada: Songs and ShadowsCuratorangelskThe Curator achievement in Masquerada: Songs and Shadows worth 34 pointsDefeat the Antiquarian.

The prelude to this game (which was the bit I did in the bean dive) was really pants and I was not looking forward to picking up the game again. But I figured this would at least be short. However, once I started the proper story - it was much more engaging and intriguing.

Typoman: RevisedStorytellerangelskThe Storyteller achievement in Typoman: Revised worth 157 pointsCollect all Quotations.

Many thanks again to my stream watchers for the assistance and support here. This one was a tough one. Mostly due to my sub par platforming performance. But I muddled through and only died like 100 times ;)


Woah, so Little Nightmares, not so scary and not as hard as I thought. 19 in the bag. Can I get the full 20? Depends on what a recipe is in Shiness ;) Stay tuned.

Little NightmaresLight Up Your lifeangelskThe Light Up Your life achievement in Little Nightmares worth 78 pointsNot all lights can be trusted, but these should be quite safe!

LOL, I estimated this would take two sessions/ 5 hours. But managed it in 2. Must remember to let the WT owner know that they missed 4 lanterns, this popped for me just after the chef's bedroom in Chapter 3. Cute game, not as scary as I believed - jump scare or two, but mostly a little creepy.

Also thank god for Ulkesh and his cn_A trick, coz otherwise it could have bugged out on me (progress stopped at 45%).

Played about an hour of Shiness on the Tuesday. Either 1/10 or 3/10 progress for recipes, depending on whether any barter counts; or just the ???. Sadly the achievement doesn't track progress, boo hiss.


Played another 3 hours of Shiness; got 1 more ??? recipe (2/10). Sadly just bartering for 10 recipes didn't work; have 4/10 on unique ones - so we'll see. Slow going, but I'm making progress.


Shiness: The Lightning KingdomPicturesqueangelskThe Picturesque achievement in Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom worth 55 pointsCreate 10 Recipes

Ya ha!!!!! It's 10 unique recipes (including named and ???), so I've created an achievement solution for it, in case anyone else gets the same one come up. Took about 6.5 hours in the end, though I was not terribly efficient about it. I did make sure I got as much as I could to not screw up the story; though I did KO several times ;)

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! (Start as I mean to go on!)

I was realllllly happy with this list. A good balance of challenge, length and easy ones.

Bring on round 2!


20 for UHH
42 Tag-UHH-longs
20 games played


10,000 Achievements Won (26th August 2018)

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