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Greetings from Derbyshire it's been a few months so whilst I'm waiting for Sharon's birthday present to arrive this lunch time and because I HATE the flying elements in Battlefield 1 I decided to do this instead.

Work has been hectic, I've done a big remodel at Brighton marina, remodel at Crewe. Got involved in a first phase of a new rollout putting monitors on the selfscans and hybrid tills. Plus my usual stuff as well. Which is why I've hardly gamed and probably the reason why I'm getting bored with gaming.
The only thing I want to gripe about with work is this; the new roll out mentioned above is in 3 phases, the first consisted of approx 35 stores, I got 5, each store takes around 2/3 days and/or nights to complete, on a few I paid someone to give me a lift, on 3 of them I did them by myself. 3 of the stores that some one else did got rightly slammed for being installed shit etc. I do have pictures but don't know how to input them here but believe the teams that's did them got lazy and did a poor job. Because of this the project managers have postponed the next phase to come up with a better way of doing them. So far it seems that they will make us put up our own tray and poles etc which means a job I could do by myself I now won't be able too. So pissed off with the other teams. To top it off it has come apparent that they got paid around £300 more per store.

Started BATTLEFIELD 1 not done any multiplayer yet but I liked the story elements of the 5 characters but HATE the flying stuff, checkpoints are a joke. Really struggling with one of the challenges. Currently on my 2nd story on hard mode(the flying one) and I'm struggling to get it done. I think I'm on the 4th part of the 2nd story but having to survive on the hardest without checkpoints is very frustrating. You seem to only get checkpoints after you complete the objective.
Played THE CAVE I enjoyed this but got bored as you need to play it 5 times to get ALL endings. I would of preferred that the game makes you do something completely different but to get the 2nd ending is just either keep or give back a trophy. The rest is the same.
I completed SNIPER ELITE 4 and enjoyed it, did the free Hitler DLC but have no intentions of doing the other stuff.
Went back to the first DEUS EX and did the DLC for that and enjoyed that as well.
Played LAYERS of FEAR and enjoyed it too.
Played BEYOND GOOD and EVIL and it was good as well.
Saw ALIEN COVENANT and liked it. We saw the THE MUMMY and it was just watchable to be honest, we saw POTC SALAZARS REVENGE and we both liked it a lot. We have tickets for DUNKIRK
I had to sit through a NASHVILLE concert as sharon is a fan of the TV show, she bought 2 tickets hoping she could get someone to go with her but sadly not so I had to go. We bought tickets to see QUEEN, MISS SAIGON.
My bowls has been very good this season, there's a new website where you have to put the results in, a lot of other counties/bowls associations use it, the blessing is it tells you what your average is in relation to your team and the division.
My stats are as follows:
Saturday A team
Played 14 won 11 with a +84 difference, I'm 2nd in the team averages and 7th in the division. The team are 2nd in the league with 2 matches to go.
Derby league
Played 12 won 6 with a +5 difference, I'm 8th in the team averages and 87th in the division. The team are 6th with 4 to go.

Derby league is a much harder league plus due to work being busy I'm unable to play much during the week unless I'm working at a commutable store.

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