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The Age old issue.
One again today I was doing what I do regularly hitting the sales in my local Game store. What I saw saddened me, thirteen year olds clutching copies of Black Ops 2 to their chests, an Eight year old crying because his mother would not get him Far Cry 3. Now we are all irritated by little kids playing adult games but this could have a greater repercussion on the hobby as a whole.

The media already hate gaming and will use it as a handy scapegoat for all of the worlds ills, what makes this worse is Mrs Jane Housewife buying the darling fruit of her loins Chainsaw Gore Hookers 4 The slashening and then being quite perplexed why its crammed with F words mammaries and gratuitous violence enough to make Sam Peckinpah hard for a month.

So what I suggest is if the shops are not doing it perhaps we should, point out to them they are breaking the law by buying it, if they do and their child is traumatised by it its their own fault and not to write to the Tabloids with their "won't anyone think of the children" nonsense.

It could lead to greater censorship, having our hobby cast further into disrepute and lets face it more kids making popping noises down the mike whilst your trying to get that elusive kill streak.

I don't want my ability to play what I want when I want destroyed by poor parenting!

Bah Humbug and a Merry Christmas to you all

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