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Blog 6: It's been a long week....
As the title says for me its been a very long week i have been in a slump when it comes to gaming, earning achievements and in real life i just find myself cramming in some revision whenever i can i just can't wait for my exams to be finished on the 15th of June. In gaming i just don't know what to play anymore cry

From what i have played i haven't earned very much at all. I did pick up the walking dead game and even though it took only an hour or so it was a pretty decent game for a point and click game i haven't really enjoyed that genre much but now its kind of growing on me. I also earned a few more in Sonic generations but that game is becoming a chore now and isn't fun to me anymore sonic never used to feel like that for me. Am i growing out of those kinds of games??? Finally the other game i played was minecraft and i completed it rather quickly i was 49th on the site to complete this game and since i did complete it, it has almost halved in points. But even though its points are low its an amazing game i really would recommend it to anybody i love it, while playing i just feel relaxed and don't have to worry about anything just creating whatever i imagine.

thanks for reading sorry its a bit short as i said previously im in a bit of a slump wave

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Comment by adiash73 at 15:02 on 28 Nov 2021

573/578, always happy to get this done early

Comment by IanK1987 at 18:28 on 28 Nov 2021

I wasn't so happy to get mine, I was going to leave a road to get my gamepass achievement for next week then it popped at the 573 for me too.

adiash73Forza Horizon 5 adiash73 won 5 Achievements in Forza Horizon 5 for 55 points
adiash73Forza Horizon 5Welcome to Mexico achievementadiash73 won the Welcome to Mexico achievement in Forza Horizon 5 for 10 points
Comment by adiash73 at 15:42 on 27 Nov 2021

Seemed apt to hit 15,000 achievements with something from the Forza family, I always try to hit milestones with them

adiash73adiash73 has reached a new milestone: 15,000 Achievements Won
Comment by DownInFlames85 at 01:02 on 28 Nov 2021

'Grats Ash! toast

Comment by adiash73 at 07:45 on 28 Nov 2021

Thanks :)

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Comment by xinixb at 06:37 on 27 Nov 2021

If nobody responds who need the achievement I can help. Just let me know

Comment by adiash73 at 07:52 on 27 Nov 2021

Thanks, appreciate the offer and will let you know

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