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ParticleDualityCupheadParticleDuality completed the game Cuphead and is the 1,723rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by ParticleDuality at 17:03 on 28 Sep 2022

DLC character feels like what the game should have been from the start.

ParticleDualityCupheadHearty achievementParticleDuality won the Hearty achievement in Cuphead for 171 points
ParticleDualityCupheadDecadent achievementParticleDuality won the Decadent achievement in Cuphead for 156 points
PlayUltimate711OutlandPlayUltimate711 completed the game Outland and is the 2,184th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by PlayUltimate711 at 04:47 on 27 Sep 2022

What a horrible final achievement.

Comment by HarrySon9 at 13:03 on 27 Sep 2022

I don't let achievements change my opinion of a game because I'm the one choosing to do the arbitrary goal but I big time agree with you. Really boring and pointless.

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PlayUltimate711OutlandPlayUltimate711 has rated the game Outland 3.5 out of 5
Comment by PlayUltimate711 at 13:50 on 26 Sep 2022

It actually had some cute mechanics and I genuinely enjoyed some parts, but I also found some parts kinda silly. Very little challenge.

Comment by PlayUltimate711 at 13:51 on 26 Sep 2022

You do get more abilities, but there’s very little to backtrack for and you can just play it as a linear platformer moving through the levels.

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Sol Invictus XISol Invictus XI has reached a new milestone: 125,000 GamerScore
PlayUltimate711PlayUltimate711 has reached a new milestone: 335 Completed Games
PlayUltimate711Rise of the SlimePlayUltimate711 completed the game Rise of the Slime and is the 41st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by PlayUltimate711 at 03:02 on 25 Sep 2022

I had a deck that was absolutely stomping every fight with no effort within maybe 30 minutes. Then I spent the next couple hours just playing out two loops for the

Comment by PlayUltimate711 at 03:03 on 25 Sep 2022

two different endings. Then I needed a couple more hours of rolling card rewards over and over to finally get an execution card and rolling the beginning rooms

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PlayUltimate711Rise of the SlimePlayUltimate711 has rated the game Rise of the Slime 2.5 out of 5
Comment by PlayUltimate711 at 23:10 on 24 Sep 2022

Spire is of course my favorite game of all time. It’s beautiful. I love this genre. But this is so incredibly simple. I was bored within a couple battles.

Comment by PlayUltimate711 at 23:11 on 24 Sep 2022

It’s just easy to the point where I just sit and play defend cards and never even come close to losing. Like I don’t think I ever dropped below 90% of max health.

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