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PermalinkThe Joy of Starting a New Game
It's been quite a while since I've actually started a game that I really enjoyed.

For the longest time, I was merely grinding out achievements and playing the same games over and over until I finally upped my completion percentage over 99%... and then I started a handful of games from my backlog for a bean dive and immediately I was burned out. I just wasn't having fun playing video games anymore. So, I took a break for a while. Living out in BFE helped me kick my Live habit as well. And since then, once in a while, I would turn on the console and play for a bit, then manage to focus on something else for a while.

The thrill of hearing achievements pop was so great that I purchased a Windows Phone 8, thinking I'd be playing games on it all the time. The joke was on me. I barely played any games on it. Until recently, I finally replaced it and wouldn't you know, I randomly received a Microsoft email stating my games credit was about to expire, so it was finally time to spend it on something. Might as well get a game or two that I'd actually enjoy, right?

I've been a long-time fan of superhero games, the NCAA franchise, as well as the Gears of War and Halo franchises. Each one definitely had their moments, along with quite a few irritating achievements. Those were games I enjoyed playing. There's been some hidden gems here and there, but for the most part, I did not enjoy the rest.

Finally, today, I started up Halo: Spartan Assault on my old Windows Phone (when I tried upgrading it, I was actually told the phone had NO VALUE, so I kept it) and I actually **spoiler alert** had fun. After all this time, why hadn't I started up this game? I've got no clue. Maybe I was just really focused on wrapping up the previously started games. Or maybe I just didn't care anymore. Regardless, I'm glad I finally sat down and started the game... and then heard the joyous sound of an achievement popping.

Maybe I'm not so burned out anymore. Or maybe, I just needed to play a fun game once again. Either way, there's a decent chance I'll purchase the arcade sequel. Can anyone give me their thoughts on Halo: Spartan Strike? How do the controls and the gameplay compare to Spartan Assault? Is it worth it?
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