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PermalinkHow to do just enough to stay employed and get promoted.
Haven’t updated this blog in over 4 years. Not much has changed other than I am working more and getting paid more.

It’s kinda surreal knowing I’ve been at my job for 18 years and I am fully vested in retiring from there. Assuming that’s if I choose to. I can’t collect my pension until I am 67, but it’s nice to know I already have that banked upon.

These days, I just game when I can. Don’t do much multiplayer these days, nor do I even get on the mic and chat. Although it would be nice to be online at the same time and long enough to at least say hi.

I’ve noticed that I buy games way more often that I start them. For awhile I was hooked on Cities: Skyline for SimCity nostalgia, but after getting most of the achievements, it started to get tedious.

Welll, I think that’s all for now. Have a great summer everyone and game on!
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