South Carolina

Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein youngblood, Metro 2033,and forza are the ones I have been playing recently.


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KURSED SOULSLanterniumKURSED SOULS started the game Lanternium
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MrGompersRobozarroMrGompers started the game Robozarro
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One Apex ViperWWE 2K17One Apex Viper completed the game WWE 2K17 and is the 87th gamer on the site to complete it
One Apex ViperWWE 2K17One Apex Viper won 3 Achievements in WWE 2K17 for 307 points
AngelusTony Hawk's American WastelandAngelus won 23 Achievements in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland for 681 points
AngelusAngelus has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 65%
AngelusTony Hawk's American WastelandAngelus won 16 Achievements in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland for 401 points
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