Phil Spencer just confirmed Series X will not be backwards compatible with Xbox One Kinect games. So much for "preserving games". Pff.


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Annual List of the Best Xbox One Games
A list of the best Xbox One or Windows 10 games I played, by year, which is why the number of titles listed will vary by year. This list consists only of games I own, which is why some excellent titles (e.g. Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Horizon 2) aren't on the list. I consider any game listed to be games that are worth a purchase if you like that genre, but I'll include grades for greater clarity:
cn_A = Groundbreaking
cn_B = Excellent
cn_X = Great
cn_Y = Good

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Comment by SPECTRUMISGREEN at 00:33 on 18 Oct 2021

Birthday greetings 🎂🎈

Comment by ShadyShall at 01:55 on 18 Oct 2021

happy Birthday!

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