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Emily Wants To Play Give Away!!!!
This week I am offering two lucky winners a chance to win Emily Wants to Play Achievements

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If you are not lucky enough to win a copy this time, keep an eye out on twitter ...
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                  Status change by Shiney Cheese at 18:35 on 04 Dec 2016Shiney Cheese status: I am a free agent for next years Team GTASC. Whatever team Protium is on, I am more than willing to replace him.
SILVERsifDURFERGears of War 4
SILVERsifDURFER won 2 Achievements in Gears of War 4 for 16 points

                  Status change by Vitiated1 at 18:18 on 04 Dec 2016Vitiated1 status: If anyone can spare a moment to help me with the Tomahawk achievement in Red Dead, please comment or PM me. Thanks!
Chugsy 667Ben-Hur
Chugsy 667 won 4 Achievements in Ben-Hur for 477 points
evil terrorrFirewatch
evil terrorr won 5 Achievements in Firewatch for 591 points
Relentless879Relentless879 has reached a new milestone: 195,000 GamerScore
CyanideJayFinal Fantasy XV
CyanideJay won 2 Achievements in Final Fantasy XV for 28 points
MADeyePadEYEColor Symphony 2MADeyePadEYE completed the game Color Symphony 2 and is the 16th gamer on the site to complete it
MADeyePadEYEColor Symphony 2MADeyePadEYE has rated the game Color Symphony 2 4 out of 5
MADeyePadEYEColor Symphony 2
These items contain commentsMADeyePadEYE won 8 Achievements in Color Symphony 2 for 1823 points
MADeyePadEYEColor Symphony 2Scholarship Student achievementMADeyePadEYE won the Scholarship Student achievement in Color Symphony 2 for 308 points
Comment by c1w at 17:24 on 04 Dec 2016

*quickly writes down games to do next year*

Comment by MADeyePadEYE at 17:26 on 04 Dec 2016

next year is gonna a completely different type of comp with the stacking bounses.

Comment by c1w at 17:28 on 04 Dec 2016

Oh I know, I've been working on some calculations for that. It's gonna be fun to see you action with them too!

evil terrorrevil terrorr has reached a new milestone: 780,000 TrueAchievement Score
MADeyePadEYEFirewatchMADeyePadEYE completed the game Firewatch and is the 1,367th gamer on the site to complete it
FiatimWatch_Dogs 2
Fiatim won 4 Achievements in Watch_Dogs 2 for 125 points
MADeyePadEYE won 6 Achievements in Firewatch for 756 points
evil terrorrFirewatchevil terrorr started the game Firewatch

                  Status change by Stealth David at 16:13 on 04 Dec 2016Stealth David status: GTASC 2016 Team & Solo Finalist I only wanted top 10 laugh Good job to everyone on our team! clap
Comment by scotwolf2 at 17:18 on 04 Dec 2016

brilliant job well done to you and your team

Comment by Vitiated1 at 18:17 on 04 Dec 2016

Especially Alpha!!!!

...there are 3 other comments

FiatimFiatim has reached a new milestone: 8,250 Achievements Won
evil terrorrevil terrorr has just linked their TrueAchievements account to their TrueSteamAchievements account
evil terrorrThe Bunkerevil terrorr completed the game The Bunker and is the 559th gamer on the site to complete it
evil terrorrThe Bunker
evil terrorr won 28 Achievements in The Bunker for 1236 points
evil terrorrThe BunkerFriends achievementevil terrorr won the Friends achievement in The Bunker for 140 points
evil terrorrThe BunkerNurse achievementevil terrorr won the Nurse achievement in The Bunker for 14 points
evil terrorrThe BunkerDoctor achievementevil terrorr won the Doctor achievement in The Bunker for 11 points
evil terrorrThe BunkerSam achievementevil terrorr won the Sam achievement in The Bunker for 11 points
evil terrorrThe BunkerMother achievementevil terrorr won the Mother achievement in The Bunker for 10 points
MADeyePadEYEHueMADeyePadEYE completed the game Hue and is the 227th gamer on the site to complete it
MADeyePadEYE won 3 Achievements in Hue for 670 points
cptn cookie 1LA Cops
cptn cookie 1 won 3 Achievements in LA Cops for 278 points
cptn cookie 1LA CopsNo Hits achievementcptn cookie 1 won the No Hits achievement in LA Cops for 112 points
cptn cookie 1LA Copscptn cookie 1 started the game LA Cops
Comment by PhonySpoon at 18:10 on 04 Dec 2016

shit game.

MusquitoBattle Islands
Musquito won 4 Achievements in Battle Islands for 400 points

                  Status change by BeSlayed at 14:42 on 04 Dec 2016BeSlayed status: 6th Prestige Infinite Warfare, Assault Rifles, Subs & LMG Diamond
evil terrorrThe Bunkerevil terrorr started the game The Bunker
Captain RedeyeFinal Fantasy XV
Captain Redeye won 2 Achievements in Final Fantasy XV for 86 points
Stealth DavidActive Soccer 2 DXStealth David has rated the game Active Soccer 2 DX 2.5 out of 5
SOULcr3wdYomamTitanfall 2
SOULcr3wdYomam won 3 Achievements in Titanfall 2 for 65 points

                  Status change by evil terrorr at 13:03 on 04 Dec 2016evil terrorr status: Dead rising 4 is awesome. Was worried that it would disappoint but I'm pleasantly surprised
Comment by RzrsS at 14:20 on 04 Dec 2016

What!!!!! Game is not even out

Comment by evil terrorr at 14:29 on 04 Dec 2016

They were already being sold in certain shops

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MADeyePadEYEMADeyePadEYE has reached a new milestone: 250 Completed Games
Comment by MADeyePadEYE at 12:27 on 04 Dec 2016


Comment by SCOTTISH F0RCE at 12:28 on 04 Dec 2016

oh gawd

MADeyePadEYEHAWKENMADeyePadEYE completed the game HAWKEN and is the 859th gamer on the site to complete it
MADeyePadEYE won 4 Achievements in HAWKEN for 1506 points
Chugsy 667Chugsy 667 has reached a new milestone: 5,500 Achievements Won
Razza69Razza69 has reached a new milestone: 410,000 GamerScore
Stealth DavidMimic ArenaStealth David completed the game Mimic Arena and is the 129th gamer on the site to complete it
Shiney CheeseGTASC 2016Shiney Cheese has been eliminated from GTASC 2016 - Individual
Comment by Protium at 17:06 on 04 Dec 2016

Oh no...

Comment by Shiney Cheese at 18:34 on 04 Dec 2016

I lasted 6 months longer than you! DX suck it.

                  Status change by MADeyePadEYE at 11:59 on 04 Dec 2016MADeyePadEYE status: WOW
Comment by DAZTK at 12:00 on 04 Dec 2016

I genuinely didn't see that coming!

Comment by MADeyePadEYE at 12:01 on 04 Dec 2016

We did one guy had jumped 3k on his xbox.com profile.... We be watching

Comment by jimzy26 at 12:02 on 04 Dec 2016


                  Status change by Chugsy 667 at 11:18 on 04 Dec 2016Chugsy 667 status: Currently working on: WRC 5 and Quantum Break
MusquitoBattle IslandsMusquito started the game Battle Islands
The Fury I84IThe Fury I84I has reached a new milestone: 25,750 Achievements Won
MusquitoBattle IslandsComplete Specific GameMusquito created a new Goal - Complete Battle Islands by 05 Dec 2017
Stealth DavidVIDEOBALLVIDEOBALLNIGHT achievementStealth David won the VIDEOBALLNIGHT achievement in VIDEOBALL for 146 points
Comment by III Torpedo III at 11:30 on 04 Dec 2016

I think you will do the 2 hours in the next period, but psssst ;)

Comment by III Torpedo III at 11:30 on 04 Dec 2016


MusquitoMusquito has reached a new milestone: 365 Completed Games
Comment by Allgorhythm at 14:59 on 04 Dec 2016

Awesome! toast

MusquitoAmong the SleepMusquito completed the game Among the Sleep and is the 991st gamer on the site to complete it
MusquitoAmong the SleepComplete Specific GameMusquito achieved their Goal - Complete Among the Sleep by 17 Nov 2017
DallasthedudeWrestle KingdomDallasthedude completed the game Wrestle Kingdom and is the 205th gamer on the site to complete it
The Fury I84IWRC 6
The Fury I84I won 2 Achievements in WRC 6 for 200 points
The Fury I84IWRC 6Talent achievementThe Fury I84I won the Talent achievement in WRC 6 for 136 points
The Fury I84IWRC 6Poser achievementThe Fury I84I won the Poser achievement in WRC 6 for 64 points
Mr RodsterMr Rodster has reached a new milestone: 715 Completed Games
Mr RodsterI, ZombieMr Rodster completed the game I, Zombie and is the 588th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Mr Rodster at 09:33 on 04 Dec 2016

Pretty fun little puzzle game. Fairly quick.

Mr RodsterI, Zombie
Mr Rodster won 3 Achievements in I, Zombie for 493 points
cptn cookie 1Coffin Dodgerscptn cookie 1 completed the game Coffin Dodgers and is the 1,183rd gamer on the site to complete it
MusquitoTiny Troopers Joint OpsMusquito has rated the game Tiny Troopers Joint Ops 4 out of 5
MusquitoCrimsonlandMusquito has rated the game Crimsonland 3 out of 5
MusquitoRISK (Xbox 360)Complete Specific GameMusquito created a new Goal - Complete RISK (Xbox 360) by 05 Dec 2017
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