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Just writing something for testing really... I just completed Mafia 2 on Hard mode and there was only one or two places that caused any issues, and that was in the large battles at the end when molotovs were flying everywhere.

Overall it's a good game and has taken about 8-9 hours for the story. The main issue is that there is just NOTHING to do except the story. It is a very linear game, cunningly disguised as an open world game. yes, you can move around the open world but there is nothing to do except drive and maybe rob some stores for cash.

Which is where the next issue comes in - at one point I spent 30 minutes going around to make some hard cash, bought a flashy suit and modded my car - only to lose all of it by the next chapter. You will find frequently that you will lose either money or outfits at the end of the majority of missions, giving even less reason to actually go around and collect the stuff.

By the end of the game, I stuck to Vito's default getup, changign it just seemed like a waste of time.

All achievements will take around 12-13 hours at a guess, depending on how quickly you can do collectibles. 159 wanted posters will take a LONG time. Still, not as tedious as GTA, and far more easy to find and collect. Haha.

I'd give it about 6-7 / 10.

could have much better, but the lovely graphics and good story make up for it's lack of, well, everything else.
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