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cuddy360Borderlands 3cuddy360 completed the game Borderlands 3 and is the 1,164th gamer on the site to complete it
cuddy360Borderlands 3Bounty of Bloodcuddy360 completed the Bounty of Blood DLC for Borderlands 3
cuddy360Borderlands 3cuddy360 won 3 Achievements in Borderlands 3 for 540 points
Shadow KisuragiMicrosoft Sudoku (JP) (Win 8)Shadow Kisuragi started the game Microsoft Sudoku (JP) (Win 8)
Comment by Mike Pitch at 19:09 on 02 Jul 2020

You hadn't played this before today? I'm surprised!

Comment by Shadow Kisuragi at 19:24 on 02 Jul 2020

Was trying to see if I could pull the Win10 version.

Evilshadow23The MessengerEvilshadow23 started the game The Messenger
WindymillrWin StreakWindymillr is currently on a 2000 day achievement win streak
Comment by cookie2208 at 06:02 on 01 Jul 2020

Unbelievable Windy, congrats and keep on going!!

Comment by He A Good Boy at 07:49 on 01 Jul 2020

good shit

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                Status change by Shadow Kisuragi at 23:00 on 30 Jun 2020Shadow Kisuragi status: Looking to buy JP exclusives to write Walkthroughs/Solutions for and flag for Game Information.
Comment by Slayer Reigning at 23:13 on 30 Jun 2020

You have a list of games you're looking for?

Comment by Shadow Kisuragi at 23:22 on 30 Jun 2020

Nothing off the top of my head. I don't have a ton of stuff, but mostly it's going to be Xbox 360 and early physicals since most of those don't have digital or WTs

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cuddy360Borderlands 3cuddy360 won 2 Achievements in Borderlands 3 for 183 points
Evilshadow23Newt OneEvilshadow23 won 6 Achievements in Newt One for 198 points
Evilshadow23Newt OneEvilshadow23 started the game Newt One
Evilshadow23HITMAN 2Evilshadow23 won 5 Achievements in HITMAN 2 for 147 points
Evilshadow23HITMAN 2Hawke's BayEvilshadow23 started the Hawke's Bay DLC for HITMAN 2
Evilshadow23HITMAN 2Evilshadow23 started the game HITMAN 2
WindymillrWheels of AureliaWindymillr won 2 Achievements in Wheels of Aurelia for 144 points

                Status change by Shadow Kisuragi at 21:16 on 28 Jun 2020Shadow Kisuragi status: Back on the WP grind. Finished PES 2011, now on to Star Wars Hoth before I attempt to flash this phone to W10M and sync them.
Comment by JeffMomm at 03:14 on 29 Jun 2020

Does this mean you're getting achievements to sync on WP8?

Comment by Shadow Kisuragi at 15:17 on 29 Jun 2020

No, would have to update to W10M

Comment by JeffMomm at 15:42 on 29 Jun 2020

Gotcha - I see what you mean now, thanks!

Evilshadow23Eternal Card GameEvilshadow23 won 2 Achievements in Eternal Card Game for 203 points
WindymillrWindymillr has reached a new milestone: 275 Completed Games
WindymillrPac-Man 256Windymillr completed the game Pac-Man 256 and is the 2,491st gamer on the site to complete it
WindymillrPac-Man 256Windymillr won 2 Achievements in Pac-Man 256 for 267 points
WindymillrPac-Man 256Game Over achievementWindymillr won the Game Over achievement in Pac-Man 256 for 208 points
WindymillrAltered BeastWindymillr completed the game Altered Beast and is the 6,024th gamer on the site to complete it

                Status change by Shadow Kisuragi at 22:14 on 23 Jun 2020Shadow Kisuragi status: Updated Minecraft World link for 1.16, since someone deleted the old one. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ao0rPwxKX9yHt9hprDhXaBYQJ7duag?e=HMeH8k
Comment by SKIN RIP at 22:24 on 23 Jun 2020

Cheers mate

Shadow KisuragiMinecraft (WP)Shadow Kisuragi completed the game Minecraft (WP) and is the first gamer on the site to complete it!
Comment by Shadow Kisuragi at 18:16 on 23 Jun 2020

I'll take that.

Comment by JumboWario at 18:17 on 23 Jun 2020

Can’t remember the last time a WP game was on my feed

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Shadow KisuragiMinecraft (WP)Update 1.16.0: Nether UpdateShadow Kisuragi started the Update 1.16.0: Nether Update DLC for Minecraft (WP)
Comment by MrZombieChicken at 17:18 on 23 Jun 2020

Well here we go again. I'm just going to wait for the achievement world to get updated.

Evilshadow23BOMBFESTEvilshadow23 won 4 Achievements in BOMBFEST for 73 points
Evilshadow23BOMBFESTEvilshadow23 started the game BOMBFEST
Evilshadow23Top RunEvilshadow23 won 3 Achievements in Top Run for 252 points
cuddy360cuddy360 has reached a new milestone: 8,750 Achievements Won
Evilshadow23Forza Horizon 4Evilshadow23 won 2 Achievements in Forza Horizon 4 for 36 points
cuddy360Forza Horizon 4Update #23cuddy360 completed the Update #23 DLC for Forza Horizon 4
cuddy360Forza Horizon 4cuddy360 won 2 Achievements in Forza Horizon 4 for 400 points
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