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Goat Simulator
Just recently got Goat Simulator and its a weird one, pointless yet fun all the same. Its as if Asylum Films started making games. Hmm MegaShark simulator would be interesting...

Any feedback would be good on this game

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Comment by Sera Di Siah at 22:48 on 28 Mar 2020

You don't need to overcome countries when you already conquered my heart <3

Comment by Punk Nine at 23:03 on 28 Mar 2020

I'm not as easy as this person ^. You want my heart you bring at least 3 civilizations to their knees.

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Comment by Sashamorning at 18:43 on 28 Mar 2020

I was really digging the whole Cthulhu vibe through this whole DLC. I'd have to give it 20 tentacles up.

Comment by RuneSlayer4421 at 19:05 on 28 Mar 2020

Definitely was a great playthrough. This one has me fully sucked back into BL3 for the foreseeable future

Comment by Sashamorning at 20:47 on 28 Mar 2020

I also think it was a great layout for a Borderlands DLC. The mop up wasn't so grindy, and with only one exception, it was easy to backtrack.

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Comment by Sashamorning at 22:10 on 27 Mar 2020

I love how "Claire" is the one in these stories, but the only workers you ever see in the game are men, except for the occasional sorceress.

Comment by Sashamorning at 22:13 on 27 Mar 2020

Also, this one doesn't have an easy mode.

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Comment by Darth Maul FTS at 13:41 on 27 Mar 2020


Comment by Sashamorning at 18:22 on 27 Mar 2020

Yeah, my console got a workout this week

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Comment by Falensarano at 09:59 on 27 Mar 2020

Was this good in a horrific kind of way?

Comment by Darth Maul FTS at 13:41 on 27 Mar 2020

Survival horror? Color me intrigued

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