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Hey guys! I got something real interesting for you. It’s a score made by my soon to be wife made to objectively score games using true achievement star score/gamer score and Xbox gamerscore.

This calculation sets out to identify what games are objectively the MOST FUN and LEAST FRUSTRATING. I’ve been using it to dial back on game buying and it really helps bring a level headed view on achievement hunting madness.

The calculation is as follows:

TA star score multiplied by total ACTUAL gamerscore (the Xbox given) divided by the TA gamerscore.

This will give you a number around 0.8 to 2.9

To give you guys some examples, some of my most horrible completions were injustice and Spartacus legends, and they scored 0.75 and 0.37, respectively. On the other hand, we have child of light 360 with 3.4, assassins creed 2 with 3.7 and bio shock with 3.

Now if you were to take the upper third (2.2 and up) it would immensely decrease your spending on what could be potentially a frustrating experience.

I suggest you guys take the scores of your best and worst games and try it out for yourself, for me it has been very interesting and helpful in organizing what games I actually want to get in order to maximize my awesome time gaming.

This formula may not work for ALL games (I have personally enjoyed some bad scoring games and did not have too much frustration factor), but in today’s world dedicated to overload our storage devices with games I believe it’s a good tool to have and to not feel like you’re missing out (that blasted FOMO).

Share your thoughts, I am very interested in what you guys have to say.


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Comment by rob25X at 12:16 on 25 May 2020

Possibly the worst written 'article' on TA ever.

Comment by romisthebest at 12:48 on 25 May 2020


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