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                Status change by spankyNspronkle at 01:09 on 09 Jul 2020spankyNspronkle status: The biggest WoT grind is on the shittiest tanks. These Tier 5 tanks are trash... the M4... the KV1... no firepower and can't take a hit.
eohjayVambrace: Cold Souleohjay has rated the game Vambrace: Cold Soul 4 out of 5
Comment by eohjay at 01:04 on 09 Jul 2020

Really enjoyed my first playthrough of this!

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Comment by Shinnizle at 05:06 on 08 Jul 2020

Planning to play with CrackdownKing?

Comment by Sir Paulygon at 17:29 on 08 Jul 2020

Already am, lol! He lives fairly close to me too. Roughly two hours or so.

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A1exRDBean DiveBean Dive 2020A1exRD has finished their Bean Dive as part of the Bean Dive 2020 event - 28 games dived for a completion %age drop of 9.76
Comment by VanGeko at 02:15 on 08 Jul 2020

wow thats a lot :D

Comment by Icefiretn at 02:45 on 08 Jul 2020

Woo, nice one!

Comment by PhillipWendell at 03:24 on 08 Jul 2020

Better man than me!

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