Damn. Having a 9-5 at age 20 doesn't help when you need to do Overwatch Sessions. *__*


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Comment by AHGreg at 04:29 on 12 Apr 2021

This one is an emotional rollercoaster

Comment by MC PHILABUSTA at 07:35 on 12 Apr 2021

Lol ...how so lol

...there are 2 other comments

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Comment by Cr4ck Sh0t23 at 03:10 on 12 Apr 2021

Fucking battle royale for borderlands, but for single player. I dont know what's worse, this or forza BR.

Comment by xHappy Munkeyx at 03:23 on 12 Apr 2021

far cry 2.

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Comment by Cr4ck Sh0t23 at 01:31 on 12 Apr 2021

Nice, keep it going!

Comment by fabian907 at 01:58 on 12 Apr 2021

Been on it. Even with my 9-5 job limiting my time, I'll make it through! Thanks man!

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